Product Launch Timelines: How to Get Started With a Project

What exactly are Product Launch Timelines? Just like any timeline, a product launch timeline outlines what has to be accomplished and when to ensure that the project is done at the right time. It details deadlines, tasks, team members involved and even any other personal aspects you want to include. Here are a few things to consider when planning a product launch timeline.

As with many things in the online marketing world, there are two main camps of thought when it comes to product launch timelines 

One school of thought advocates complete and absolute planning in the early stages, while the other advocates an approach that is less rigid and relies more on good solid common sense planning. In my experience, most people fall somewhere in between the two approaches. Here are some important points to consider in your launch plans:

Determine and confirm product launch timeline goals. 

Before you ever begin, make sure that you have defined clearly what you hope to accomplish through your planned efforts. This includes not only establishing the date of the start date for your marketing efforts but also including a clear description of what you hope to accomplish across all team members. Defining these goals will help you keep everyone on track and the expectations focused.

Determining proper timing. 

The easiest way to determine the best possible timing for your launch is to simply know when it is most likely to take place. You can do this by simply asking yourself when it is most likely you will need to make product updates, taking into account any product marketing launches that have successfully launched in the past. If you’re launching a new product, the timing will obviously be somewhat different, since most product launches take several months to a year. However, many companies have been able to increase sales by creating a series of product updates to launch as the company works to steadily roll out new features and products to all of their retail locations.

Establishing proper product launch timeline goals. 

One of the main purposes of any launch is to establish a clear understanding of how much time you realistically have to spend in order to launch the new product and meet all of the associated milestones. These numbers will vary depending on the nature of your product launches, but establishing a guideline will help you stay on track.

Landing pages. 

Once you’ve established a product launch timeline and goals, the next step is to create a detailed landing page designed to drive traffic to the official launch site. Landing pages are typically very simple, and they may include just a single sentence about your product or service and a short description of why you believe your business is unique. Using social media effectively to promote your landing page will boost its attractiveness to potential customers, and it should be developed in conjunction with your product launch timeline.

Launching across teams. 

This is one of the trickiest parts of a launching plan: coordinating the launch of different teams that will be working on the launch. Sometimes there are only a few people on a team responsible for different steps, and they must be given the specific tasks that they need to accomplish in order to launch on time. A product launch timeline that isn’t broken down by department is likely to result in missed deadlines and mass confusion.

Getting feedback early. 

After you’ve defined your product launches timeline and goals, but before you’re even ready to submit it to publishers, you have to get started to get the feedback from publishers and bloggers who will play an integral role in determining how well your launch goes. This may require setting up polls on your website, or sending out postcards to every major blog in the industry. A good way to get started is by posting to your personal blog first, then getting permission to send them to your personal website.

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