Product Launching With Ease – The Best Time Of Day To Launch Your New Product

In this fast paced business world, new product releases seem to be a constant in any business environment. 

The question is how do you get your company on board with these new product releases? How do you stand the test of time with new product releases?

Writing it down. How to do a new product release is to write it down in a notepad or in a simple handout. Put it on the refrigerator, so that it’s available at a moment’s notice. Brainstorming it from the top down. If you already have product launch plans, make sure you have a “top plan” or a flow chart outlining how you are going to execute the new releases. 

Use social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to circulate the new product releases.

  • Making a follow up plan. Most companies have contacts on social media and in the marketplace, and if you have an idea for a new product release, be sure to make a follow up plan. For example, if you released a new feature for a free download but didn’t specify where in the free download you would distribute, now you have a problem.
  • Contacts and announcements. Your product release email will need to include details about the new feature announcement emails. You may want to set up separate contacts in your autoresponder or marketing list to collect contact information.
  • Distribution. Now that you have the new products, you need to send them to your contacts and prospects. If you’re targeting youth groups, send out separate emails for each one of them. If you’re targeting senior groups, send out separate emails to the groups. This will help you reach each group at the best time.
  • Email subject lines. Make sure you select a subject line that is not only eye-catching, but that also gives people a reason to open and read your emails. Don’t send out emails with boring, generic subject lines.

Lastly, make sure that you have high open rates. Your open rates are critical because this will tell your contacts who the product is meant for and whether or not they will want to open and read it. If you have high open rates, you’ve just sent a lot of people your sales brochure and you’ve lost a potential sale. Also, make sure your email subject line contains a strong call to action statement. This will tell your contacts to contact you.

Do Not Ignore Your Prospects. 

After sending out your sales brochure and launching your new feature announcement email, make sure you follow up on your contacts. If you don’t return their calls in a timely manner, you will lose your prospects. So, even if you send out three new feature announcement emails, don’t forget to follow up on every one of them. You never know until you try.

Get Your Announcement eBook Ready Before Launching 

This is critical. Your product launch emails will go out to your prospects and other interested parties within 24 hours. If you don’t have an e-book ready to go, then you will be losing countless opportunities to capture new prospects.

Use A Teaser Email As Part Of Your Product Launch Campaign. 

Most people won’t read your entire release campaign in one sitting. So, use a teaser email to give your readers something to chew on for just a few minutes. In fact, your first teaser email should give your readers three to five minutes to mull over what you are offering. This will entice them into reading the full release later.

What Is The Best Time Of The Day? 

It all depends upon your target market. Some people are most receptive to promotional emails in the morning, others in the afternoon, and yet others in the evening. You need to determine what times work best for you. Then, schedule your promotional emails accordingly.

Send Out Your New Product Releases Immediately. After you’ve gotten a few feedback cards from your contacts, then it’s time to get started. But, do not send out the entire new product launch announcement email the same day that you send out your brochures or teaser email. You want to allow the contacts enough time to respond to the emails. In addition, if you do send out the emails too soon, you risk losing those contacts because they may have gotten your email but then decided not to follow through with it.

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