Product Releases – Getting People excited About New Product Releases

You might not necessarily think about new product releases in terms of marketing strategy, but the secret is that new product releases can be a great way to generate interest in your business. After all, most consumers only have a few products they are really passionate about shopping for. You might not even realize it on the surface, but customers that are deeply invested in your company’s brand are always interested in the latest product releases. This is why marketing is important: you can advertise your latest releases directly to bring customers back to your shop and get them excited to look at your new items. Here are some tips to help you promote these new product releases.

One of the easiest ways to market your latest product releases is to put them right next to your other seasonal items. 

Whether you put your newest arrivals range next to sweaters, coats, or just accessories, this is a good way for customers to take a second look at your business. They may also want to make sure they don’t miss your other seasonal items, so placing them near your fall or winter collection will ensure they keep coming back. After all, these items aren’t exactly cheap.

If you are planning to do a webinar on a particular new product release, then consider including a few sentences about it in the release. If you aren’t doing a live event, include an overview of what will be covered in the webinar. Don’t make it too short, though. You want to give potential customers enough information to whet their appetites, as well as enough to pique their curiosity to see if they want to come and shop. If your release has a link to a webinar, make sure you add a short description of the event to the end of the release. This can help people get the full picture as to when the webinar is and what the agenda will be.

Another thing that you can do to encourage first time prospects to sign up for your mailing list is to send out new product launch announcement emails to them about six weeks in advance of any announcements. 

You can also do this in response to any questions that have been raised about your products that weren’t addressed in your initial news releases. By having answers to these questions, you’ll give yourself an opportunity to turn those prospects into real paying customers. In fact, if you send out an update with an answer to a prospect’s question within 24 hours, you’ll have them on your list before they know it.

As mentioned above, part of effective marketing is building a community around your products. One of the best ways to do this is through social media platforms. Social media platforms have dramatically changed the way that many businesses market and sell their products and services, and by taking advantage of these platforms you can significantly increase your chances of turning prospects into loyal customers.

The key to making this work is to consistently engage your followers on a regular basis with content that relates to their interests. For example, if your new product is targeted toward pet owners, you should post content related to pet care to your social media pages, share links to articles you’ve written on the subject, comment on other people’s blogs, and participate in other discussions on various social media platforms.

When it comes to writing product announcements for major releases, you need to take the time to really understand how to write for this medium.

Writing for a webinar is different from writing for a newsletter or even a blog. Webinars are often shorter presentations given live on the Internet, so you need to have a lot of information to get your points across quickly. You also need to keep it concise and to the point, so that viewers won’t get bored and look for another program to listen to.

Another aspect of writing for major releases is to create content that will not turn off your audience.

As mentioned above, you want to drive adoption in this process, but you don’t want to alienate them or turn them off with your messaging. One way to do that is to simply use technical jargon when speaking about the product. You should also avoid using highly technical terms unless the terminology is relevant to the topic. This could get you into trouble down the road, so make sure you do the research required before you start releasing major products.

Finally, you should never forget to use incentives. 

Whether you give a first giveaway away for members signing up for your list or you give out a freebie for offering your customer a compliment, you want to reward your followers or prospects with something that is relevant to them. This way they’ll be motivated to act and sign up. The best incentives are ones that will get people excited, like winning a sweepstakes, drawing a winner, or other great prizes. These can get people excited about new products, as well as provide valuable information that can help your business move forward. Make sure you keep your social media accounts and all promotional materials related to your new products current and clean at all times.

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