Products to Sell on eBay: What Works

You’ve probably heard all the hype about people making a small fortune by selling products on eBay. Well, there is no doubt that you can make a good living by finding products to sell on eBay and placing them up for auction. What are the eBay power-seller strategies for finding the right products to sell?

Figure Out What’s Trending Before You Sell On eBay

First off, before finding a supplier, you must research what is hot. There are a variety of resources to do this. eBay itself publishes various resources such as its “what’s hot” section and its categories section, which each has “what’s hot” sections. In addition, eBay magazine and eBay pulse can be excellent places to find products to sell.

If you want to go deeper than just eBay, take a look at the home pages of major online retailers. For instance,, always place some of the hottest items on their homepage. This can give you a great indication of what is currently trending.

Another great source that many people do not consider is to look at search trends on the internet which can give you an idea of how hot a product is. You can bet if google is getting lots of searches for a product, it will likely be a hot item on eBay. Search online for tools that can help you find the trending keywords.

Recent trends seem to show that the women’s market is growing faster online than the men’s market. Therefore, when doing your product research, you may want to consider this as a critical segment to focus on. Women represent more and more of the online dollars spent, which can mean money in your pocket for your eBay business if you pick the right products to sell.

Internet Auction Sites Like Ebay Facilitate Customer To Customer Marketing

Ok, now that you know the hottest products to sell on eBay, where do you find them? Here are some tips.

  • Your home can be a great initial source: Clean out your attic, garage, and closet. You will be surprised how much of that old stuff will get a reasonable price on eBay.
  • Garage sales: You will be surprised about the memorabilia and other items you can find at garage sales that can make you a pretty penny on eBay.
  • Your local .99 cent store: We’ve seen people who purchased several Backstreet Boys calendars at a local store for around a dollar and sold several of them on eBay for $15 to $40.
  • Local liquidators and auctions house: The classified section of your local Newspapers’ can provide a great place to look for estate auctions or local office sales. Also, the recycler or penny saver in your local community can be a great source to find products to sell on eBay.
  • Craigslist is a huge online classified ads website. Many times you can find great products to sell on eBay, which are very profitable. Also, they have a whole section dedicated to bartering, which can offer some good value.
  • Drop shippers are companies that allow you to sell the product for them, and they will ship it for you. You keep all the profit for yourself above their wholesale cost. This is very popular on eBay, and many eBay power-sellers are using drop shippers to find products to sell on eBay every day.
  • eBay itself can be a great source to find bulk wholesale products. For instance, there is an entire wholesalers section on eBay where people sell in lots. You can often buy the lots and break them out to make a significant profit.

Overall, finding products to sell on eBay does not have to be complicated. By using the techniques of eBay power-sellers, you can join the massive market of people making a living by selling with online eBay auctions.

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