Promote Products and Services at a Trade Show Without Exhibiting

Exhibiting at a trade show can be quite costly when considering the expenses associated with hiring booth personnel, the costs associated with constructing and renting a booth, and the cost with paying for incidental costs of promotional materials and purchasing a trade show display for set up. 

If you, as a business owner, are looking for other ways to promote your business products and services at a trade show, and you wish to forego the costs of actually exhibiting at the event, you may want to consider other ways in which to market your business.

In most trade show halls, there are large billboards and signs that adorn the hall, inviting guests into the exhibitor’s area. Contact the trade show coordinator to determine if there will be the same large signs or billboards displayed throughout the trade show and, if so, how much it would cost to sponsor one of those boards or signs with your company’s logo. Often, you can pay to sponsor a billboard and this will display your products and services nicely for the show attendees without having to incur the cost of renting a booth or purchasing a trade show display.

In addition, you may also want to provide information to trade show attendees in the form of magazines or newsletters that can be used as stuffers inside the trade show attendee gift bags or giveaways. 

Be sure to send out press releases about what you plan to do to market your products and services at the event. While you may not be exhibiting, you can provide information in the press release that will indicate that you are offering some type of sponsorship through magazines, newsletters, or billboards so your branding and company information will, at least, reach some of the attendees who will be present or plan to attend the seminars and the exhibit hall.

And, finally, you may want to offer to speak at the trade show or offer to facilitate a seminar to trade show attendees on a particular topic that is related to the industry. 

Often, trade show exhibitors or trade show coordinators will allow other companies to come in and provide seminars or informational tutorials on topics related to the industry but may not allow you to promote your products and services. Even still, by speaking at the sessions at the trade show, you are able to get your company name, your name, and some reference to your knowledge and products and services to the attendees without paying for the exhibiting fee and the rental of a booth space.

In the coming year, if you are looking to save money on your marketing dollars, but you do not want to incur the cost for a trade show exhibition booth, you may want to consider these alternatives to promote your branding, your personal name, and, possibly, to showcase your products and services.

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