Prospecting for Your Network Marketing Business

The enthusiasm you have for your network marketing or multi-level marketing business will often tempt you to pitch your opportunity to everyone with a pulse. And you’ll probably pitch it with such great zeal and relentlessness, because of your excitement, that your prospects will automatically start backing away instead of listening with an open mind.

While you don’t want to do a lot of pre-judging as to who might do well with direct sales, because there are always surprises as to who is doing what in your organization, you do want to qualify your prospects before giving them the full force of your presentation.

And if you have been in network marketing for any length of time, you have probably signed up someone who you thought would be a real fireball and would be tearing up the town sharing products and your opportunity, and then they failed to do the first thing needed to succeed. You can’t get them to trainings or meetings and they don’t follow the established success system. Regardless of how much encouragement you send their way, they just fail to plug in.

Get to know people before you hose them down with your opportunity. 

Even then, don’t hose them down. Get to know about their lives. What are their interests? What do they like to do with their family? Network marketing is a people business. If you don’t know and care about the lives of your prospects and know what is important to them, then they are not likely to sign up to be on your team. And if you don’t know them well enough, how will you know if they are someone you want to work with?

Do you like and respect your prospect and their work ethic? 

Are they hard workers who do whatever it takes to get the job done or are they someone who is constantly behind and without? If your prospects are always broke, there is probably a reason behind it. They don’t handle their affairs well, or they don’t work as hard as you are going to need them to in order to help them make some money.

Are they interested in the possibility of earning supplemental income through your network marketing business? 

Whether or not they need supplemental income is not the issue here. Are they interested in earning it? Will they work to get it? There is that work ethic again. Your network marketing business is just like any other business. Work must be done to move forward and make money. But unlike working for someone else, here you get to decide who you want to work with.

Are they currently in or have they been in the sales industry before? 

Being a salesman is sometimes a detriment when you get into network marketing, so don’t think the hotshot car salesman you know will do wonders with a network marketing business. Some salesmen are set on doing it their way and do not follow the success system that is working for your company already. They think they know all they need to know about selling and so they should be good prospects.

Network marketing is about telling, not selling. Stories and results of others sell the products, not the slick sales presentation and high pressure tactics. Don’t pass up a salesman just because of that, but make sure they are teachable and trainable and willing to do it the way that has been proven.

Don’t sign up everyone you know regardless of need and want. 

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Sheer numbers don’t guarantee success. Don’t turn away perfectly good people, but don’t just sign up any warm body without gauging their true interest and motivation. Otherwise you may end up with a ton of warm bodies who don’t do anything but cause you stress because you think with as many people as you have sponsored, some of them should be doing something.

Prospect up. 

You want to recruit those who are better than you, more successful than you and on a higher level than you. Go for the corporate job holders, the wealthy and already successful. It further ensures your success to recruit successful people. You do not want to work with those who have less motivation and desire to succeed than you do. Prospect up and it will help pull you up further and keep you motivated as you try to stay steps ahead of your team.

You can’t help those who don’t want to be helped. 

Just because someone you know could use a good opportunity, it doesn’t mean they will take it from you and you can’t want it for them. They will either grab hold of it or they just won’t be ready. Be prepared to hear a no, and then move on.

Don’t keep looking for that golden prospect in the same old faces you keep trying to recruit to your network marketing business

If you have presented the opportunity to them and they have said no, move on. 

Don’t keep sifting the same sand looking for nuggets, move on to a new area. You are just looking for the yes. Don’t take the no personally and don’t keep hounding them. You don’t really want to work with someone who felt coerced and pressured into the opportunity and just said yes to get you off their back.

Remember, success leaves clues. Look for those clues in people, build your relationships and let the opportunity gradually become a solution for your prospects’ life situations. It is then that you will find your champions.

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