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Red Social: Review From The Experts

Whenever you need to buy something, it is very important to take the time to review the product and decide if it is worth buying. This is especially true when you buy a social media marketing (SMM) service through a website. You need to be sure that the company or product you are considering has a high rating and a good return on investment (ROI). But we have done the job for you. This is our expert review of Red Social to help you make an easy decision about the company’s SMM products. Check it out. 

What is Red Social 

Red Social is a social media marketing company launched in February 2011. It aims to help people build a social media account that people love. This company calls itself social media growth hackers and TikTok gurus, claiming to have seen every tiny update and algorithm change on every social media platform. 

The company was built on the expertise of advertisers, marketers, developers, salespeople, copywriters, and content creators. And today, they still fit under the definition and even added over a decade of experience. 

Many of their clients are large global brands with 6 and 7-figure follower counts. Red Social has grown, dominating all the most popular social networks with confidence. The company boasts of 130, 000 plus completed orders, a 73% repeat buyer’s rate, and 69 plus different packages. 

Due to the high quality of RedSocial’s tools and services, their products are not cheap. Experienced business owners are the best client base for this company because they can afford their products and they know the worth of this service.

To get started, you need a minimum order of 100 likes. Upon receiving your order, RedSocial will contact you and discuss your needs before delivering your order. During this process, they will offer you some useful tidbits that you might not have considered. They will also tell you about the most effective ways to grow your Instagram account. 

Red Social Services:

Red Social offers its clients a wide range of services, ranging from social media services to streaming, Content, and SEO. We have highlighted a few of these services in this section. Visit its official website to see its full services and pricing. 

  • Facebook services
  • Instagram services
  • TikTok services
  • Pinterest services
  • LinkedIn services
  • Twitter services
  • YouTube services
  • SoundCloud services
  • Vimeo services
  • Content writing services
  • Website traffic services 

What Does Red Social offer

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

Red Social offers a simple and user-friendly interface. The interface has been built specifically to enable users to easily access it. All you need to do when ordering from their website is pick the service you want, fill in the details, and hit submit. It is that simple. 

Custom and flexibility

The packages offered on their website might not suit your project, so there’s the option to place smaller orders through the company’s dashboard. You can precisely order the number of followers, likes, or shares you need, instead of choosing preset packages. You will only pay for what you order and save money for future campaigns.

Quick Delivery

The dashboard is optimized to allow them to process orders much faster, some of the company’s services will even start instantly. You will also save time when you skip the process of having to fill in your billing details for every purchase.

Ease of use

Their dashboard allows you to submit a large number of orders with ease.

Access to Quick & Helpful Support

The company claims to offer reliable support when you contact their support team. You can also submit a ticket with your inquiry.

What Do We Like

  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick order
  • Flexibility
  • Wide range of packages
  • Blog resource
  • Monthly packages
  • Privacy and Safety
  • About us page
  • FAQS page 

What Do We Not Like

  • Zero retention
  • No free trial
  • No phone support
  • Expensive products 

Customer Feedback

Kendra Mcfarland Says:

Since I started using RedSocial my mind has been at ease. For a small business owner like me, social media is an essential tool for reaching more customers. I have tried working with several other social media companies in the past, and I am not sure whether it was just my bad luck, but none were reliable. I would either have a difficult time understanding their poorly written emails or in some cases wait for weeks until I heard back. Since I started using Red Social my mind has been at ease. I can’t say confidently that I have ever encountered issues with their services, but their support is impeccable! They have always been available to address any of my concerns and I cannot recommend them enough! Special thanks to Klaus from the support team!

Robelyn Garcia, Ph.D. Says:

This digital marketing service claims to offer retention, however, retention and or refill options are not completed when requested. I would suggest steering clear of the Red Social Scam!

Clyde Farrington Says:

I use Red Social quite frequently to promote several of my social media pages, and they have always been reliable. I recommend the support should also enable live chat on the website, but other than that I am very satisfied with their services.


Q. What payment methods does Red Social accept?

A. Red Social offer several payment methods. Debit/Credit card payments are processed on-site via, while PayPal payments are available upon request for regular clients. Additionally, they also accept cryptocurrency payments via CoinBase & CoinPayments. The company also says that their payment methods are also available, so feel free to contact their support team anytime for more information

Q. Does Red Social offers country and gender targeting?

A. Some of the packages include targeting options. These services have the locations written on the package title or description. So if you do not see targeting options listed on the service, the service can only be delivered by users from a worldwide audience.

Q. How can I order on Red Social?

A. As a registered user, you can purchase their services directly through their “My Account” dashboard. But if you would like to place an order without creating an account, you can browse through a service page and click the “Add to Cart” button on the package you wish to purchase. You will then be redirected to the cart page, where you can review your order. At this point, you can add more services to your cart or proceed to the checkout page. At the checkout page, fill in your details, select the payment method you wish to use, and place the order.


Red Social has a good online reputation, and delivers exactly what it promises. We highly recommend using Red Social to grow your social media accounts. Feel free to contact their support team if you have enquiries or complaints. Good luck with your social media growth.

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