If you work in specialty retail (a store that carries a specific brand or product line), you’re probably in sales. After years of experience in sales and retail management, there are traits I’ve noticed what the best salespeople have in common. Here are a few tips on how to be your store’s top performer.

Companies That Successfully Practice Customer Relationship Management Measure Success by a Variety of Methods

In order to create a better customer relationship, companies focus on enhancing the customer experience. You will be surprised at how much it changes consumer perception of a product. Although there is a variety of ways to measure CRM (customer-relationship management), it ultimately falls into the hands of the retail salesperson. So how can a salesperson enhance the customer experience

Salespeople Should Be Familiar With the Products They Are Selling to Better Assist Customers

Don’t just get familiar with your products; be an expert. Learn all the selling features and benefits and the drawbacks. Read online review sites, know the current buzz, and study up on the leading competitor’s products or pricing. Being knowledgeable will give you and your sales an immediate boost. Your customers will be far more likely to buy from you when you have the facts to persuade them.

Relationship Marketing Is Characterized by Building Trust Between the Customer and the Company 

People want to trust a person they sense is genuine. Conning a customer to make a sale today will backfire tomorrow when they return the item. One way to learn this is to think of each customer as a friend of the family: you’re happy to see them, don’t be pushy, get them what they need, offer them more (if receptive), and welcome them back with a smile.

NLP Is Way Learn How To Read Body Language Signals

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A great salesperson is an observant one. Pay close attention to your customer’s body language to read and respond quickly to their cues. People who walk in distant and unsmiling should be greeted and left with room to shop by themselves. Other shoppers may look up and around curiously; they will usually be wide open to suggestions. Ask discovery questions to learn what they are looking for; use their answers as your guide to developing a rapport that can lead to good sales. Read books on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) if you want to learn more about how to read body language.

Always Be Available For Your Customers

You should be alert from the minute you get on the sales floor and have an acute awareness of what is going on around you. This will help you determine who is looking for help, as well as who isn’t. One of the biggest consumer complaints is not being able to find a salesperson when they need help. Be ready to step in and fill the void.

Be Willing To Go the Extra Mile

The best salespeople I see are the ones that like to help people; they enjoy the challenge of solving their customer’s problems. When you offer to do a little extra for a customer, they don’t forget it. And neither does your supervisor or store manager. You would be amazed at how far a friendly gesture will go with most people when they know it exceeds your job description-even with the most challenging customers.

Have Realistic Expectations: No Salesperson Is Perfect

As Tom Petty once said, “Some days are diamonds. Some days are rocks.” Retail sales are an up and down business. You might have a packed Friday followed by a slump of a Saturday afternoon. Remember to be realistic in what you expect from customers. The last person to leave your store before closing could be the one who buys one of everything or just leaves a mess behind. But by making the most of each customer, you’re leveraging the odds firmly in your favor and setting yourself up to be a success in retail sales.

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