The 31 Best Small Business Blogs in 2022 for Stellar Advice

Have you ever needed some advice or an answer to a very specific question? Before, it would have been difficult to get multiple opinions in a short amount of time—you either had to call or email trusted associates and friends to get their thoughts. Now, with the advent of blogs, you can find a range of opinions to help you make your business decision in just a few seconds.

There are a ton of bloggers out there who are more than happy to share their knowledge with you—and they would like nothing better than to talk you through whatever questions you might have. No matter your line of work, there’s a business blog out there for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best small business blogs on the internet.

Best Small Business Blogs for Financial Advice

1. Evergreen Small Business

Money, money, money. You want to make and keep more of it and Stephen L. Nelson, a Seattle-based CPA, wants to help you achieve that goal. Evergreen Small Business blog is all about the technical and financial aspects of your business with blog posts on everything from Obamacare, payroll taxes, and QuickBooks troubleshooting. Check out his advice on how to breathe new life into a small business whose growth has stagnated.

2. Patriot Software: Payroll Blog

Patriot Software, started way back in 1988 by Mike Kappel, provides accounting and payroll services to small business owners. They also have a super informative blog on accounting, payroll, and tax topics. Popular topics include taxable wages, employee paychecks, deductions, and payroll regulations. The Patriot Software Payroll blog gives concise answers to difficult questions like how to fight (and avoid) payroll fraud.

3. Business Credit Blogger

Started in 2005 by Marco Carbajo, Business Credit Blogger aims to share with small business owners the way to build business credit (check out his recent article on the FICO SBSS for more info) without jeopardizing their personal assets. The blog was so successful it inspired the Business Credit Building System, a nationally recognized program aimed at providing step-by-step instruction to entrepreneurs and business owners. Have questions about anything to do with business credit? Business Credit Blogger has the answers you need.

Best Small Business Blogs for Blogging and Marketing Advice

4. Smart Passive Income Blog

Pat Flynn considers himself to be the crash test dummy of online business. His blog Smart Passive Income details his successes and failures in different online businesses since being laid off back in 2008. Check out his post on Passive Income 101 or read through his more specific articles on topics ranging from starting a podcast to getting subscribers to open your emails.

5. Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks wants to change the way you think about marketing your business, and believe us when We say, they have done their research. Categories on their website include Native Advertising, Video Marketing, SEO for Small Business, and Display Advertising among many others. This recent article, on optimizing your website for voice search is a must-read for all small business owners who sell online.

6. ProBlogger

Want to build a better blog or a better social media presence? ProBlogger, founded by Darren Rowse, has the knowledge you’re looking for with articles on design and content. Plus, they mine other websites for news and articles to share, as well as promote case studies and research. Check out their step-by-step guide on what newbies need to know about blogging.

7. Get Busy Media

Ever struggled with your marketing plan, or felt like you just couldn’t get a handle on everything? GetBusyMedia knows where you’re coming from and, to that end, has created a small business blog, written by entrepreneurs, for you. It covers new media, and ways to digitally market your business in an easy-to-follow format. Plus, they have other helpful articles like this one on saving money on your insurance.

8. Mighty Bytes

Website design, plugins, SEO, metadata. Most of the time those words induce yawns and make eyes glaze over. Not at MightyBytes, though, the blog is devoted to helping you discover the best version of your business’s online presence. They also tackle difficult subjects like how to avoid having your website hacked and making unsexy businesses sexy through great design. They also have several articles on how a green new deal might affect the internet. Funny, well-written articles from a team that also loves the environment? Count us in!

9. Marketing Sherpa

The fact that they aren’t out to sell you anything makes MarketingSherpa refreshing. Take that and add in their own research on social media, marketing, and brand strategy, and they become invaluable. Plus, they have a great sense of humor and their articles are fun to read. Just check out Marketing Management: 6 Lessons from The Walking Dead for your team and marketing efforts.

10. Eventzilla Blog

Successful events don’t just appear out of thin air. They need meticulous planning, creativity, and marketing, not to mention patience. If your business regularly hosts events or if you’d like to start, the Eventzilla Blog is a great resource. There are tons of articles on every event-related topic imaginable. You can learn more about ticket sales, building a mobile website for your event, or different payment options. Eventzilla lays it out step-by-step on how to plan a successful event.

11. Blog Tyrant

Have you ever come home from work, plopped down on your couch, and thought to yourself, “I am not getting back up”? Did you know that it was possible to create a successful blogging business from that very spot? Ramsay Taplin, the Blog Tyrant, wants to show you the way to create your own money-making blog. In fact, he wrote a 9,000+ word guide on how to start your blog, including the pitfalls to avoid. Whether you are tired of the corporate scramble or want to make a little money on the side, check out Blog Tyrant. Plus, there are some excellent tips for your business’ website and social media strategy.

Best Small Business Blogs for Inspirational Advice

12. Innerpreneur

Tara Joyce, founder of Elastic Mind and Innerpreneur, writes holistically on business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and digital media. Her blog at Innerpreneur is more of a stream-of-consciousness with business and life lessons thrown in. Whether you are in need of a little inspiration or need a reminder of why you do what you do, take some time to read Innerpreneur—you won’t be sorry.

13. Gary Vaynerchuck

#GaryVee is everywhere. He’s all over social media and runs his own show on YouTube (plus Meerkat and Periscope). His website is a great repository of information, motivational stories, and a lot on cutting the BS from your business. He readily admits that he promotes a 24/7 hustle mentality, but sometimes you just need that to get the job done.

14. Location 180

Quitting your job, moving to Thailand, and starting a successful business there—sounds like a fantasy, right? Sean Ogle made it happen though and he wants to tell you how to do it on his site, Location 180. He shares how to make your first dollar online, become a successful self-published Kindle author, and some of the best locations to live as a lifestyle entrepreneur. Location 180 shows you that the life you want can be anywhere you want to be, and we think that’s pretty cool.

15. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is the epitome of the multi-passionate entrepreneur, a term she coined. She’s done just about everything, from writing a bestseller to creating fitness DVDs. She also hosts a weekly show online about running a successful business and becoming the very best version of yourself. People really dig her no BS attitude and helpful advice; she has nearly 300,000 subscribers. Check out her recent episode on feeling behind in life—it’s both funny and on point.

Best Small Business Blogs for Women in Business

16. Women on Business

Ranked as one of the Top 10 Business Blogs for Women, Women on Business regularly posts news, advice, and other articles for female entrepreneurs and executives. Recent articles include SEO strategy, happiest jobs for working moms, and choosing the right IT Help Desk Software. Take a moment to look at their Leadership section for some great advice on leading as a woman.

17. Marketing Eye

Advice from Down Under! Melissah Smith and her team at Marketing Eye run a top-notch blog with topics like business culture, management styles, and, oh yeah, marketing. Not to mention that Melissah (who is instantly relatable) talks candidly about her goals and dreams in business and her personal life.

18. Escape From Corporate America

It’s time to leave. Have you ever thought about that? If so, Escape from Corporate America was created for you. Well, actually it was created for women looking to escape the rat race and get out from under that ceiling, but the advice is spot-on for anyone looking to do their own thing. Created by Laurel Delaney, a duplicate on this list, the site shows why the world needs more entrepreneurs now.

Best Small Business Blogs for Advice on a Little Bit of Everything

19. Blogtrepreneur

This site is a little bit of everything: resources, how-to articles, news, and reviews all for the small business owner. Everything from personal development to brand design is covered on this site, plus articles on working from home or creating the best office space for your business. If you have a question about small businesses, it’s more than likely that Blogtrepreneur has something on it.

20. Young Upstarts

Calling themselves the voice of a new generation, Young Upstarts is all about innovation and ideas in small businesses. Their topics include Gadgets, In the News, Ideaspotting, Books & Reviews, and Events & Happenings. Check out Advice for the Young at Heart for some in-depth entrepreneurial thoughts.

21. Global Small Business Blog

We love the simple, clean design of the Global Small Business Blog. It helps when you are trying to understand a complicated subject (like taking your business global). Started by Laurel Delaney in 2004, this blog is consistently ranked high for companies wishing to take their business international. Some awesome recently shared articles include a lifeline for women entrepreneurs.

22. Barry Moltz’s Blog

Getting your business unstuck is Barry Moltz’s plan, and his blog posts show it. He covers just about every topic, from customer service to current affairs and from social media to business mediation. He also talks about how to bounce back after a failure and what it’s like to hire and fire your employees. The blog isn’t afraid to approach the tough subjects: even in the About section Barry describes getting fired, going out of business, and selling his business.

23. Chris Ducker

Business owners often feel that if they want the job done correctly, they need to do everything themselves. Unfortunately, it’s the little tasks that often take up the most amount of time and distract from the bigger picture of growing a successful business. On Chris Ducker’s blog, he shows the value of virtual assistants to a growing business. If you have been considering expanding or just need some help so that you can focus on development, take a peek at this blog.

24. EO Fire

In addition to a great small business blog for entrepreneurs, John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson run a daily podcast series interviewing successful entrepreneurs and an audio blog full of actionable advice. If you are the type of person that loves to learn, but can’t bear to read page after page—this is the site for you. Check out the interviews with other entrepreneurs from this list including Gary Vaynerchuk.

25. Small Biz Club

Touting itself as “the premier destination for small business owners,” Small Biz Club covers every aspect of a business owner’s world. If you’re just starting out, they have a section for you that includes help with your plan and getting funding. If you’re a veteran of the business world, check out their section on leadership. If you’re struggling with marketing, they can help there too. The website layout is nice too—super easy to find what you need.

26. Funding Gates

Funding Gates has a great collection of contributors, who write about all sorts of topics like receivables, customer service, social media, and marketing.

Best Small Business Blogs for Inventory and Retail Advice

27. inFlow Inventory

Inventory can be such a pain in the pinfeathers. Dealing with issues like shrinkage or barcoding can make business owners want to quit. However, inFlow Inventory is ready to help and they offer a great blog with tons of advice on inventory management, small business issues (like upgrading to Windows 10), and barcoding.

28. Infusionsoft Blog

Does driving sales, staying organized, connecting with customers, and maintaining your online reputation while still having time for vacation seem like an impossibility to you? Perhaps you have just always done it all and aren’t sure how to take a step back. Infusionsoft’s blog might be your ticket to an easier way.

29. Wasp Buzz

Wasp Buzz is more than just inventory management and time clock solutions. They also go in-depth on small business news, education technology, healthcare technology, and can help with retail sales and package tracking. In a way, Wasp Buzz is a one-stop-shop to learn about many issues affecting business owners. Check out their small business magazine.

Best Small Business Blogs for Leadership Advice

30. Gina Abudi

Looking for answers on leadership, project management, or communication? This blog, run by Gina Abudi, has what you need. Abudi has over 25 years of consulting experience in management, strategic planning, and effective leadership and it shows in her posts. Recent posts on how to coach your employees or lead by learning from your mistakes show the depth of her experience. It’s a good blog for those outside of the small business world too.

31. The Resourceful CEO

Leaders often have to deal with unpleasant situations; it’s why they get paid the big bucks. The Resourceful CEO knows this and offers short, concise pieces of advice on topics like wrongful termination suits, getting bank funding, and bad PR. Of course, it isn’t all doom and gloom on their blog: check out their post on innovative business strategies for 2019.

The Best Small Business Blogs in 2022

That’s our handpicked list of the best small business blogs out there, giving the best advice to entrepreneurs just like you. Keep in mind when you’re out there grinding every day that you aren’t alone: there’s a huge community of folks willing to give you a heads-up and a hand.

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