Small Business Ideas For Digital Marketers In 2022

With the growing demand in digital marketing it has created a lot of jobs in all fields and new opportunities for everyone to get started. It doesn’t always concentrate on your job, but all new digital marketers should try to create new horizons of opportunities.

One of the best parts of digital marketing is that you can get started with very low investment, where is another business requires quite big or huge investments.

If you are looking to earn some extra income from your free time, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will be looking at 10 small business ideas that will kick start your life as an entrepreneur.

People are not only ready to take up the risk but are also ready to do anything that it takes to make their business successful. We would recommend taking the risk to get started instead of playing safe with your jobs.

Having said that, choosing the right small business can be a daunting task. Below is a recommended list of small business ideas in digital marketing to get you started.


  • List of Awesome Small Business Ideas In Digital Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Web Content Writing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Top 10 Affiliate Marketer In The World 2022
  • Conclusion

List of Awesome Small Business Ideas In Digital Marketing

Blogging for Digital Marketers

In the current scenario, the entire world is suffering from unemployment and recession. Blogging can provide you with real earning and high popularity over the internet, it just requires a good start. By mastering the technique of writing and learning about the audience you can take your business to great heights.

Web Content Writing

One of the in-demand skills in the market today, companies & individuals are now looking for skilled writers who can provide them with quality content for their websites or blogs. Your knowledge & skill in writing can easily set up a business with a little or no investment. The only investment is the hard work that you must be ready to put in.

In order to get started, it is recommended to start your own blog in your preferred niche to showcase your writing skills for companies to get your projects.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is loved by every blogger across the globe. Blogger is affiliated for many digital and physical products that they sell if you have already started blogging Affiliate marketing is best as a small business idea for you to get started.

It’s easy, you don’t need to worry anyone can get started with affiliate marketing, but there are certain things you should learn before you get started with Affiliate Marketing.

Top 10 Affiliate Digital Marketers In The World 2022

Pat Flynn – A blogger and podcaster found his passion for internet marketing and has phenomenal success when it comes to affiliate marketing. One of the best parts is he is very transparent has been sharing his monthly income since 2008.

John Chow – started from nothing and today his estimated monthly income is well over $50,000. His website receives over 200,000 monthly visitors. He is a famous speaker, blogger and of course a writer also the founder of TTZ Media, Inc.

Jeremy Schoemaker – One of know figure on the internet, with his most viewed image holding a Google Adsense check of worth $132,000+. He started his blogging career in 2003 at the age of 28.

Matthew Woodward – A blogger, SEO Expert, and affiliate marketer won many awards for his contributions to internet marketing. He also shares is the overall income report on his blog.

Neil Patel – A Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and the most successful entrepreneur and inspiration for many. He is also the founder of, Crazy Eggs and many other tools like Ubersuggest.

Darren Rowse – started blogging in the year 2002, his blog features 7000 articles and tutorials and receives 30k daily visits.

Rafael Zelik – Founder of affiliaXe, a global market leader and a performance-based company that specializes in lead generation and client acquisition.

Kristy Mccubbin – A Blogger, Digital Marketer, and Affiliate Marketing Queen is the founder and owner of and winner of a4uAwards 2010 for her affiliate marketing skills.

Missy Ward – An iconic woman affiliate marketer started affiliate marketing business in the year 1999. she is also the founder of Affiliate Summit Corporation in 2003.

Shawn Collins – Affiliate marketer, blogger and founder of and Co-Editor-in-Chief at the FeedFront Magazine. He also the co-founder of Affiliate Summit.

Conclusion: Digital Marketers Have Many Opportunities

The above-shared list is some of the small business ideas for new digital marketers to start on a small scale and then later transform them into full-fledged businesses with little or no investment.

According to you which is the most successful small business ideas for digital marketers? Share your views in the comments below.

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