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SMM Laboratory Review: Products, Perks, Cons

What is SMM Laboratory and how can it help your online campaigns? Everyone wants more engagements on their Social media accounts because the number of people who engage with their posts is an important metric that can affect their overall performance.

Most social media platforms use the number of engagements to assess the importance of your posts. This can affect both the level of reach and the amount of visibility you are given. For brands, post likes, in particular, are very valuable as they help to indicate audience response.  In addition, they serve as a form of social proof. Social proof is something that has been proven to increase conversions.

Unfortunately, getting engagements on social media is fiercely competitive. It’s becoming increasingly a “pay to play” arena. Today, businesses that are not spending money on their social media marketing are disappearing from view.

To stay at the top of the feeds, you need engagement and lots of it. Getting this organically takes a lot of time and effort. This is why you should consider buying engagements from social media growth companies. Before this, we checked out SMM Laboratory, a growth company for major social media platforms. Below is a detailed review of SMM Laboratory. 

What is  SMM Laboratory?

SMM Laboratory is a team with more than 7 years of experience in social media marketing. The company says they have helped thousands of customers boost likes and followers on popular social networks. As social media professionals, they use high-quality and completely safe techniques for their services so that you will be able to increase the indicators in your profile across all social networks. 

SMM Laboratory also helps content creators increase the number of users registered in their communities and achieve many likes and views.

They also have an automatic social media promotion service that allows customers to quickly achieve the desired result, significantly increasing activity on their desired account or in their community. It is not uncommon for such professional promotion to cause a snowball effect, attracting real users of social networks who, having noticed activity on your profile, begin to come themselves and increase your popularity. 

The Services 

SMM Laboratory offers a wide range of services, from Instagram to TikTok, Facebook, Telegram, Spotify, website traffic, Crypto, etc. However, let’s review their most popular services. 

Instagram Like

You can get Instagram likes at cheap rates on SMM Laboratory. They even offer bulk discounts to their customers, helping them to turn likers into fans and encouraging them to engage with the content. SMM Laboratory also says that they can help turn your fans into customers, and multiply your earnings on Instagram with this service. 

YouTube Views

At SMM Laboratory, you can buy cheap YouTube views to get your channel off the ground. Their YouTube views can act as a boost to attract organic viewers and keep them engaged with your content. Their views come from real users and make the YouTube algorithm work in their customers’ favor. 

YouTube Subscribers

You can also get as many YouTube subscribers as you want from SMM Laboratory to help you gain visibility.  According to them, many YouTubers have benefited from using this service.

Twitter Followers

SMM Laboratory offers 100% real Twitter users cheap packages with fast delivery. The company will help you create your network of followers and fans on Twitter. They promise their customers thousands of Twitter followers in no time.

Facebook Likes

You would also save money and get results when you buy Facebook Likes from SMM Laboratory. This service will push your organic audience to start interacting with your posts more often. 

What SMM Laboratory Offers:

Best price

SMM Laboratory claims they have the best prices for the highest quality services.


They also say they have full automation of launching to deliver their services at the most secure speed.

24/7 Support

There are tickets and chats to quickly help their customers at any time of the day.


The company boasts of more than 13 million completed orders for social media users in the past seven years. 

What Do We Like:

  • Flexible payment methods
  • Affiliate Program 

What Do We Not Like:

  • No Free Trial
  • The website is not professional
  • No about us page
  • The site is not secured
  • No email and phone support
  • Pricing can’t be viewed right away
  • The company is not popular 

Customers Feedback

Kraftwerk Says:

This site offers a service that violates the terms and conditions of Facebook, Twitter, and so on. When creating an account on those platforms you agree to these Terms of Service. This is a legal contract. When violating these Terms of Service, you commit a statutory violation that can be avenged juridically and may result in your account being deleted, including everything you have achieved.

Myxt Says:

Provides fake promotion using fake web traffic from fake audiences, and/or link farming. Expect to lose effort, money, time, and reputation.

A440 Says: 

This site traffics in fake Twitter accounts and should not be trusted with credit information. 


Q. What are the packages and prices for SMM Laboratory services?

A. The company does not provide any information about its plans or pricing on its website. Perhaps, this information will be presented after you sign up for their services. 

Q. Is SMM Laboratory safe?

A. SMM Laboratory is not safe. The company website is not secure and they do not talk about their pricing anywhere. 

The Verdict 

To start with, the company’s website is of poor quality, and there is no visible pricing nor a free trial on the website. This is a red flag, and we strongly advise against using this company for your social media growth. We also analyzed SMM Laboratory reviews from different sources and found that the company is not effective and efficient. We do not recommend their services. You should seek other credible and reputable social media growth and engagement companies.


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