Social Media Marketing Tools for Your Small Business

This article is worth reading if you have a business or you want to start selling a product or service and you want to know how to get more potential clients from social media and make a decent revenue for your company in the next few months. There are so many articles out there that talk about social media marketing for small companies, but they are vague! Moreover, they don’t tell you what social media marketing tools you need or how to use them in order to improve your social media and convert a visitor to your client!

These days, social media marketing is a powerful strategy for businesses of any size to get more leads and potentials clients. However, social media marketing for small businesses is different compared to the large businesses, especially when it comes to the budget.

Many business owners may not know about the social media marketingtools and strategies they can take advantage of to generate more money for their businesses by using social media marketing!

Don’t waste your money—you don’t need to hire anyone at first.

You can do it yourself at the beginning, and once you get bigger, you can hire a person or a professional company to handle your social media marketing strategies to generate more leads!

Here we explain all you need to know to get more leads for your business!

This strategy can work for any type of businesses anywhere in the world if you know what tools to use and how to use them! First, we start with a brief look at the social media marketing advantages, and then we introduce you to the best available tools to get the most leads from your social media to boost your brand.

In recent years there have been so many businesses that have leveraged their social media and now they are multi-million dollar companies.

Why should I use Social Media?

You can use social media to:

  • Generate higher converting leads
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Increase website traffic and search ranking
  • Build relationships with your clients

Which social media platform should I use and why?

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There are so many social media platforms nowadays, which can confuse business owners when it comes to choosing the right platforms for their business. Based on our research, participating on two social media platforms is perfect for small size companies and startups if they want to do professional marketing on their social media.

There are so many debates about what social media platforms are the best for businesses, but we recommend these two platforms:

Facebook – Facebook with 1.8 billion active users is the biggest social network on the web. It’s a great platform to start your social media journey! According to new research, people spend 35 minutes daily on Facebook.

Instagram – Instagram is a visual social media site that is one of the most interesting platforms for users who enjoy looking at photos and videos. Instagram benefits from being user-friendly, and it has helped so many companies promote their product and service. On average, people spend 20 minutes on Instagram daily.

How can I grow my social media account with more clients and followers?

Great content always wins! Keep in mind that posting quality content on your social media can make you bolder compared to your competitors. Content is the key to growing and getting clients from social media.

On the other hand, once you post decent content on your social media platforms, it could take days to get a decent number of followers for your business. Thankfully, there are some safe ways to accelerate this process by engaging with your potential clients.

Social Tradia

If you don’t want to start your social media from scratch and would like to lead your social media with a decent number of followers from the beginning, you can get an Instagram account within your niche from Socialtradia.

They are working as the man in the middle for business Instagram account transactions. We couldn’t find any good source for Facebook transactions.
Once you have established your social media account, it’s time to interact with your targeted audience! There are some social media marketing tools you can use in order to engage with your clients and make them your followers.


Boostgram is an alternative to Instagress, which is an intelligent bot for Instagram. You can follow and like your targeted followers on Instagram and interact with them to get them to be your followers. What you need to do is log in there and manage the simple settings to let the Instagram bot go over the targeted crowed and interact with them. Then you can sit back and enjoy the new followers every day! They offer a 3 day trial for their service.

Captivate App

This works just like Boostgram; however, it has some limitations compared to Boostgram, but the advantage is that it is much simpler. You can have it on your phone and access whenever you wish!

Social Blade

If you don’t know about Social Blade, you are missing out on a big free tool for monitoring your social media! Social Blade provides you with a daily growth report and a chart about social media sites such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. You can trace all your growing actions, such as how many followers you gained or lost daily, and the overall performance of your social media.

What are the best automation tools to manage social media and avoid wasting time?

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There are so many social media management tools you can use to automate your posts, which will allow you to schedule your posts on different platforms. The major benefit of using these tools is that you don’t need to worry about posting on your social media platforms daily. You can set up the content once in awhile and the management tool will do the rest.


If you need an all-in-one solution to handling all your social media platforms, Hootsuite is a great choice! They have a simple user interface that enables you to post on all the platforms, and you can schedule your posts there ahead of time. They also have an app for iPhone and Android, which makes it even easier to access their platform.

The only issue with HootSuite is they don’t post fully automatically to Instagram. Once you schedule your Instagram post, the app shows a notification, and then when it’s approved by you, it takes you to Instagram with the ready content. Remember, one user with three platforms is free on HootSuite.


No doubt Onlypult is one of the greatest auto post tools for Instagram! It’s cheaper than other platforms that offer the same service. It gives you a decent user interface to schedule all your photos and videos with your captions, and you can repost from other accounts.

What are the best influencer marketing tools for my business on social media?

Influencer marketing is one of the smart ways to introduce your product/service to the people that you don’t have access to! Moreover, it can potentially increase your website traffic and bring more leads for your business. There is a psychological trust behind this method, and buyers tend to buy more through recommendations.


It’s one of the most well-known influencer marketing tools. You can find many influencers among different types of niches and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


A good alternative toFamebit is Hashtagpaid. They offer the same services, but they have fewer influencers compared to Famebit.

Shout Cart

If you are looking for an affordable influencer marketing tool within your niche on Instagram and Twitter, Shoutcart can help you! You can get shout-outs for your business and product with small influencers within your business field!

What are the best paid social media campaigns to get more leads?

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If you feel like a Google AdWords campaign is expensive and you don’t generate a decent number of leads because of the big competitors, you need to start your own social media campaigns. You can target a specific group of users that is more likely to be a client of your business!

Facebook advertising campaign

This is the greatest social media marketing tool! You can target your audience and promote your product or service. It can be based on age, sex or location of the users, and your ad will only be shown to the selected users. Your promotion can appear in visual content or text format.

Instagram promoting campaign

You can easily promote one of your posts on Instagram for the targeted crowd just like on Facebook. If you are selling a product, Instagram promoting campaigns can be very useful in order to grab the attention of thousands of users in your niche.

How can I measure the traffic that comes from my social media to my website?

As we know, Google Analytics is the best tool to track the users and their activities on your website. However, tracking the users that come from your social media platforms to your website is a great action to take in order to see how active your social media is and which social media you need to invest in!


You can shorten your URL for your profile. The biggest advantage of using Bitly is you can track the traffic from your social media to your website by placing that short URL in your social media profile. It shows you the daily analytics such as where the users are from and when they open your website from your social media.

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