Social Media Marketing: Using the Power of Facebook for Your Business

Simply put, online marketing is the use of various digital channels for marketing communication to a target audience. The main difference between traditional marketing and online marketing is the media through which an audience experiences a marketing message. For example, traditional marketing messages are often delivered by television and radio, while online marketing messages are mostly delivered through the Internet via website such as Facebook.

Television and radio adverts typically only feature one or two pictures; whereas, on the Internet, marketers can target their audiences by means of millions of web pages featuring millions of advertisements. In addition to this, many businesses have turned to online marketing by means of television and radio advertisements that are not even placed in a broadcast format. This has made the market more fragmented one as well as giving marketers more options for reaching out to their audiences. However, many of the customers who watch and listen to the traditional methods of marketing do not have computers at home. In this respect, it can be concluded that there is still a need for businesses to resort to more traditional methods of marketing.

The popularity of online marketing can also be attributed to its cheap cost and easy execution. 

Traditional campaigns usually require professional assistance and a large investment in time. Also, unlike traditional campaigns that can be managed from a single computer, Internet-based campaigns can require extensive resources such as staff and software. This has resulted in the growth of various strategies used by marketers for online marketing campaigns. Some of these strategies include email marketing, search engine optimization, telemarketing, direct mail, and online advertising.

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most popular channels that are used by marketers for reaching out to their target audiences. These marketing channels are usually used for promoting sales of products or services. Email marketing starts with the development of a well-designed promotional campaign that would reach out to a wide range of target markets. The key to success in this channel is building a relationship with all the people who will be recipients of the messages.

In terms of search engine optimization, this strategy is considered as one of the most effective methods of reaching out to the target people. 

This is because through search engine optimization, marketers can increase the visibility of their brand or product. SEO is a good alternative for offline marketing methods, as it can reach out to a wider audience and generate more sales leads. In fact, this is one of the most effective ways of generating brand awareness among the target consumers. It can be used by companies as both a means of promoting sales as well as an alternative for traditional marketing.

Telemarketing campaigns are also widely used by marketers these days. These campaigns help companies in reaching out to their potential customers. With the help of telemarketing campaigns, the companies can collect information regarding the shopping habits of their customers. This information is then used to personalize their marketing campaigns. Apart from gathering information about the shopping habits of the customers, it is also used to gain knowledge about their purchasing decisions and preferences. Apart from this, telemarketing campaigns can also help in creating customer acquisition programs, which are designed to help in gaining new customers as well as strengthening existing relationships.

In digital media marketing, the main goal is to create a highly personalized advertisement campaign that will target an appropriate audience. 

Digital media enables the companies to ensure that they reach their audience with the right message at the right time using highly advanced technologies. A good example of a digital media campaign would be a television commercial, Facebook ad, or a corporate video.

Despite the advantages offered by the various digital marketing channels, it must be kept in mind that there are many disadvantages as well. Some of the disadvantages include having to wait for the results, which can take months or years; not being able to target specific keywords and key phrases; and not getting immediate feedback from the audience. This is why companies have started using online communities such as Facebook. With more than a billion people connected to the social network, it is not surprising that online businesses see a huge potential in using Facebook for their advertising needs.

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