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SocialsUp Review: A Must-Read Guide

SocialsUp is another marketplace where you can buy Social media likes, views, and followers. And the platform offers a 100% money-back guarantee, SSL secure connection, and a DSS complaint. However, there’s more you should know about this social media marketing company. 

Our team of experts has reviewed this marketplace, and here’s what they have to say about it. Make sure to share this article with other content creators interested in buying social media engagement. Who knows, you might also be helping someone out there. 

What is SocialsUp?

Socials is a team of social media experts dedicated to helping social media creators and influencers promote and expand their social security. The company has a wide range of social media promotional services for individuals and companies alike. 

According to them, they are working ceaselessly to provide a professional service and seamless experience to their customers. Let’s check out some of their services.

The Services:

Socials offers the following services to its customers. 

Instagram Promotion

From likes to auto likes, followers, views, reels, mentions, etc., you will get all the Instagram packages you need to promote your Instagram account. You can even go as far as buying only female likes and geo-targeted Followers. 

YouTube Promotion

YouTube promotion ranges from likes to subscribers, comments, custom comments, comment likes, shares, and live stream views. But that’s not all. This service also has a Geo-targeted view package, which covers views targeted to the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy. 

Socials has established itself as a social media authority selling targeted signals like views and likes. You can buy USA YouTube views at affordable prices on the website with a hundred percent assurance that you will only receive real signals on your channel from the USA. The same applies to other targeted countries.

Twitter Promotion

This service includes Twitter poll votes, Twitter followers, likes, retweets, video views, impressionists, and auto likes. These packages are 100% legit and authentic. You never have to worry about your paid subscribers making your account seem fake or low-quality.

Facebook Promotion

Socials also has a Facebook promotional package. It is totally safe to buy Facebook packages from this company as they have the SSL certificate protecting their system. Facebook Promotion packages available on this platform are Facebook reactions, group members, post shares, comments, video views, page likes, live streams, etc. You can visit their official website to read more about this service.

Spotify Promotion 

Socials up Net is well-thought-out and is a trustworthy Spotify service provider. They send only real social signals, caring about their clients’ comfort. There’s no way you will face some problems because of buying their Spotify Promotion package, as everything is well-thought-out. Their Spotify promotion package includes Spotify followers, playlist followers, and plays. 

TikTok Promotion

The company also offers TikTok Promotion packages with guarantees to ensure that Tiktokers have the best possible experience. They ensure that the followers will be real accounts who will stick around. As such, there are policies in place in the event that they do not come up to their customer’s standards. You can read more about their refund and refill policy later on their website.

SoundCloud Promotion

Each SoundCloud package is designed to send likes to a single track, and you can buy as many packages as you want. There’s also a customized SoundCloud promotion package for artists.

NFT & Crypto Trackers

You will get authentic and reliable OpenSea, Coin market cap, and Coingecko engagements on Socials

What do they offer?

Privacy and Discretion Guaranteed

The company does not collect or store customers’ data, and they do not share it with third parties. Your data’s 100% safe with them whenever you buy any of their services.

100% Risk-Free Guaranteed100%

Socials guarantee ultra-fast delivery through high-security protocols. They employ the best security solutions to ensure their clients enjoy the best possible experience when they choose our services.

24/7 SupportDedicated Customer Support

The customer support staff is always available, so all you have to do is get in touch with them if you have any issues.

Service Guarantee Service 

With every purchase you make, you receive two weeks of guaranteed service. During this time, you can contact them with any questions or issues.

Optimal Results

The platform strives to improve its products and services continuously and relies on customers’ feedback for it as well. You can always reach out to them with your suggestions. They have promised to do their best to provide optimal results every time.

Easy Order System

The ordering process is one of the simplest and fastest out there. It takes less than a minute to purchase a service from socials

What do we like?

Flexible payment 

On Socials, payment is allowed via various methods; visa, Gpay, Apple pay, master card, and Crypto. 

They do not collect customers’ data

There are no login details required when buying any of their services. Customer data are safe with this company, and the system is also completely safe for all accounts. A special algorithm is developed for each social media platform. It determines the optimal number of actions that can be provided on the selected accounts. 

Easy order system

Orders on Socials goes through only 3 processes; check an order and provide the required information. Note: It is necessary to provide the email address for which the order was placed and for which package was purchased. Also, provide information for which publication or account the service was ordered.

What do we not like about SocialsUp?

Only a few influencers know about Socials and even use it. The marketplace is not as popular as other social media marketing companies. Also, there are very few reviews on the internet regarding their services.

Some free trial services are not available

The company says that the number of people who would like to receive a free demo is extremely high, and they cannot always provide it. Therefore, they offer their clients a small quantity of the service, at a low price as a test.

Past customer feedback:

Anonymous J Says

I paid around $200USD for 12,000 Twitter Followers and did not receive any, once I contacted they said because the 30 days have expired they can’t give me a refund and also, get this – CANT provide the service by giving me the followers. Have you ever heard this before? They can’t give the service they charged me for because it’s been past 30 days. It’s a complete scam, I added proof here, they told me “Best regards” and haven’t heard from them since. They take your money, ignore you, and once the time laps they say bye-bye. No service, just stolen money. I will be reporting this company to BBB and Canada Consumer Protection.


Q. Is SocialsUp safe to use?

A. The system is completely safe for all accounts. A special algorithm is developed for each social media platform. It determines the optimal number of actions that can be provided on the selected accounts. Thanks to this system, the platform is completely safe and trustworthy.

Q. What is the quality of the services on SocialsUp?

Their clients are provided with an exceptional quality of services. The description of each package is on the page of the service. The company says it is doing everything it can so that the client remains happy with our company and the product it creates.


Due to the fact that SocialsUp is a highbrow company, it is still okay to try it out. Make sure to commit first a small amount of money you can afford to lose to their services. Then, you can get serious with their services if proven satisfactory. Because the fact remains that there are no 100% risk-free social media promotional services out there.


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