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StormLikes Review: Read This Before You Buy

There are only a few social media marketing companies delivering as they promise. In fact, people have reported some of these companies as fraudsters and scammers. So it is crucial that you read reviews about some of these social media marketing companies before you patronize them. This article will cover everything you need to know about StormLikes.

We have tested and used this service, and here’s what we have to say about the company. Trust us, we have done justice to this topic, and you won’t find such detailed reviews about Storm Likes anywhere else. 

What is StormLikes?

Strom Likes is a third-party social media marketing company that provides followers, views, and likes to Instagram content creators. The company says they provide these services using only real Instagram profiles, unlike many other companies offering such services, but using fake profiles. 

This company has become a household name, thanks to their moderately fair prices on the services they offer. According to this social media store, Storm Likes works with the community of its users to help them exchange engagement with each other. This is a tried and tested model which seems to be legitimate. Also, it doesn’t violate Instagram’s rules.

StormLikes Features:

Storm Likes  offers the following features to its clients;

County Targeting

The fact remains that geographical location plays an important role in content ROI. As a content creator, county targeting will help you get more conversions than general targeting. And if you are wondering what country targeting means, here’s a simple definition. 

Country targeting is a content-focused approach toward a specific country or geographical location. For example, if your content centers around Africans, you should target only African countries like Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, etc. 

County targeting brings more results, and the good news is that Storm Likes has this feature on their services. The company can help you get likes, views, and followers from your targeted country. 

Gender Targeting

Like the country targeting feature, Storm Likes also has a gender targeting feature that allows you to target a specific gender. As an Instagram content creator, this would benefit you in many ways as you would get likes and followers from your targeted audience. 

Speed Adjustment

This is another feature from Strom Likes that allows you to modify the speed of their services. For example, if you feel engagement is too slow, you can adjust its speed to suit your needs. The same goes for when you feel the speed is too fast. 

Automatic Post Detection

When using Storm Likes, every one of your posts is automatically detected, and engagement is sent to it. You don’t have to contact anyone for engagements when you upload new content. The company’s system will detect it and do the needful till the number of views, likes, or followers bought is completed. 

StormLikes Services:

Here are the services that Storm Likes offers. 

Instagram Likes

Storm Likes provide Instagram likes with instant delivery. This service is safe and efficient with just a few clicks. The Instagram like comes in two packages; High-quality Instagram likes and Premium Instagram likes. Also, you can choose the number of likes you want to purchase. The number ranges from 50 likes to 100, 500, 750, and 1000. 

The company says that likes will start rolling as long as your payment was approved.

Instagram Followers

You can buy Instagram followers at Storm Likes with just a few clicks. This service also comes in two packages; high-quality Instagram followers and premium Instagram followers. The service order also comes in 100 followers, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 15000, and 25000 followers. Note that the prices of these orders differ from each other. 

Instagram Views

The company also provides Instagram views to Instagram content creators. You can buy from 500 views to 10000 views, depending on your budget and needs. 

How to use StormLikes:

Storm Likes has a great user interface and navigational. The set-up procedure is easy and saves time. Check out how to use Storm Likes.

  • Select a service: Visit their official website to select a service, Instagram likes, views, or followers. 
  • Fill out your details: Next is to fill out the information needed on the website. 
  • Order your service: Then order and wait for results. You will start to see results within a few minutes. Yes, it’s that simple. 

What do we like about StormLikes:

Verified Payment Methods

You can pay for Storm Likes services using a debit card or PayPal. Your credit card details are not at risk, and the website itself is secured. 


The company allows for flexibility using the features highlighted above. You can as well customize your orders to suit your needs.


Buying likes, views, and followers from Storm Likes comes with zero hassle. The process is easy and fast. Check the section above where we talked about how to use Storm Likes.

What do we not like:

A bit Pricey

Storm Likes services are a bit Pricey compared to other competitors. For example, a 1000 High-quality Instagram likes order attracts a fee of $11.99 on Storm Likes. Likes are the cheapest service that StormLikes sell. The starting price is $1.39, while the highest is $249.99. Views follow, with costs ranging from $1.99 to $399.99. Followers have the highest starting price – $2.89 – and their most expensive package is $279.99 for 25K followers.

Poor customer service support

Although you can contact Storm Likes customer service via a live chat on their website or via email, many people have reported their customer service to be slow. This is a huge turn-off for a company offering social media growth support to creators and influencers. 

No Free Trial and no retention Guarantee

Storm Likes do not offer free trials on any of its services. There are also no retention guarantees in case you do not find their services satisfactory. 

What People Say About StormLikes

Gagan Surt Says;

VIP follower packages are adorable. I bought a 1000 VIP followers package as a trial for my business page. Most of the accounts have profile pictures and posts. So thankful to for your service and support.

Liz US Says; 

So here’s my honest review after trying out their Instagram service. Very low-quality accounts liking/comment on your post. Have to delete everything since the accounts look very fake and scammy. Waste my money, writing this review so you don’t need to.


Q. How long does it take Storm Likes to deliver the order?

A. Once you decide to kick-start your Instagram account and buy followers, we start immediately. Unlike other platforms, which can take days to get started, their system is designed to work for you, with followers appearing in as little as 10 minutes. All you have to do is order your followers and make sure that your account is public. 

Q. What is a high-quality follower on Storm Likes?

Quality is perhaps an essential attribute for any follower, large numbers may impress, but if those followers are not active, it is pointless. When we say that followers are high-quality, they behave in a realistic, natural manner and remain followers for an extended period.

There are many claims made about followers by our competitors, claims that often fail to deliver, but as an honest company, will say that they offer high-quality followers at great prices, and deliver quickly with excellent support and customer service.


To an extent, Storm Likes is a great choice to get Instagram likes, views, and followers. The platform has so far gained recognition for its reliable service. The company has existed for a long, and its services have proven to be useful for Instagram influencers.


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