Strong Brand Identity – Creating a successful Project

Strong brand identity has always been important to business since ancient times.

In ancient Rome, people advertised a product through the dissemination of images. Still today, using digital media anywhere in the world, we can provide information to consumers and introduce the benefits of our brand.

Properly managing the brand-building process is a key step towards future success, it is essential to get the right and memorable messages to your target audience and increase engagement. Brand identity is indicated by its visuals, logo, site structure, fonts, and colors. To properly launch the branding process of a losing company, you need to create a brand project.

Branding and marketing are not identical concepts, but they are closely related because branding is the primary marketing tool.

Strong Brand Identity – Components of a Brand Project

There are 5 key components to consider when creating a strong brand identity in your brand project.

These are

  1. brand name
  2. graphic image
  3. brand signature
  4. slogan
  5. brand legend

A brand is not just a nice word. It has to nudge customers to buy a product or service and solve them. When a client recognizes a name associated with their quality, they no longer hesitates to choose, and often this is what determines their loyalty.

Brand name

This is the first piece of information a customer learns about your company. It is important that the name is easy to remember and informative, and emphasizes the company’s strengths and goals. Computer algorithms are often used to create the title. Companies can choose the most effective names from the unique attributes of the brand. Uniqueness is what leaves the brand in the mind of the consumer forever. Without an effective name you cannot create a strong brand identity.

Graphic face

The graphic representation of a brand or its trademark and logo is the language of the international consumer. An efficient graphical appearance allows any client to provide transparent information. Graphic design is quick in words, one of the main criteria is the use of uniqueness and easy-to-remember forms.

Designer team sketching a logo in digital design studio on computer, creative graphic drawing skills for marketing and branding (own design elements on the computer screen) Image Source: Google Images

Brand author

It is a lettering or phrase used in conjunction with a brand name. This is a short description of what the brand does or what its purpose is.


A motto or slogan can establish an emotional connection with a customer. It highlights brand values and indicates a competitive advantage for customers.

Strong Brand Identity – Brand Legend

A brand legend is the story of its creation and operation. When faced with a choice between multiple brands, a consumer is focusing on the brand with the most reliable history, presented with a compelling image, distinctive image, and unique characteristics. The most famous brands in the world, like Coca-Cola, even publish brand books that describe the brand’s history.

Mistakes to note

The main branding mistake is ignoring the importance of all of the above components. For instance, if your company logo is ineffective, it cannot properly reflect the brand values and motivations the brand aims for will not be successful.

Strong Brand Identity – Recommendations

  • The title should be short and straightforward to accurately reflect the brand’s content and provide understandable information to the audience.
  • The right, non-annoying colors and fonts have a positive effect on user awareness. Ignoring it or considering it a minor issue is one of the biggest mistakes in business.
  • When a brand is advertised in a social space, it is best to do so with branded photos and videos. In modern realities, companies make a much more reliable and positive impression on consumers.

Branding is company’s face, so if you are going to run a company for a long time without branding, it will be very complicated to achieve the goal.

Author: Nino Gogitidze

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