Successful Marketing On A Tight Budget

If you need to market your product but your budget is of the shoestring variety, there are still plenty of ways you can get your product or service noticed without spending a lot of money.

Efforts To Change a Brand’s Focus to Target New Markets or Change the Image of a Brand Are Called Brand Repositioning

Target your efforts toward a specific audience that you have determined is your main customer. Identify other businesses that feed into yours and market to them as well as to your direct customer. For instance, if I have a home business creating interior wall d├ęcor and signs, I might determine that my service and product is used in conjunction with other home decorating services. By marketing to other businesses that also deal with home decorating, they will recommend me when their customers need specifically what I do.

Customer Engagement Is a Great Way You Build up Your Brand Image

When making a call on a potential customer, make sure you present a professional image of your business. Dress appropriately and be prepared with a short summary of your business and how it can be used by the potential customer. Remember, you have to tell them how your service will be valuable to them. Leave something behind with information about your business and how to reach you.

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Consistency and Creativity Are Great for Marketing Your Products

Make regular, repeat marketing visits as a reminder about your business. Take a treat to encourage them to see you. Morning donuts are inexpensive and can get you some talk time. If you want to be especially clever, you can find a local bakery that has a computerized machine that will print your logo onto a sheet of edible “paper” made of starch and sugar. The paper can be cut and placed on cookies or a cake to make your company’s logo and name memorable and delicious.

Find Ways To Cut Down On Marketing Costs Without Compromising Quality or Efficacy

Instead of paying the entire cost of a trade show booth, team up with one of your associated businesses that compliments yours and share the cost. You both benefit from the savings and get the marketing exposure. Complimentary businesses like a bakery and a wedding planner could benefit from sharing a booth at a wedding show.

Take advantage of free bulletin boards around town but target places where your potential customers will most likely see your information. If you’re marketing a medical appliance item, a pharmacy, hospital, or medical clinic bulletin board will target your audience. Don’t forget about church or community center bulletin boards.

Focus On Your Smaller Audiences: Advertise Locally First, Before Moving on To Global Marketing 

If your local community center offers adult education classes, offer to teach a class having to do with your business. For instance, if your business is custom drapes and curtains you might conduct a class in the use of a variety of window treatments available to solve interior decorating problems. If you’re a landscape architect or gardener, you could hold a class on using native plants for landscaping. This gives you credibility as a subject matter expert.

Advertising in small local newspapers that target a particular audience may get you a better result for the dollars spent than an expensive ad in a larger publication. If you have a business that has a service for senior citizens, you may consider placing an ad in a local publication that is directed toward seniors and retirees.

When your budget is tight you must make sure your efforts are focused on getting the most for your time and money spent. Take the time to evaluate your audience and make your plan.

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