Successful Vendor Event Guide: An Easy Method Of Increasing Profits

Operating a business is not always a simple task, despite what some people may think. You will think it is easy until you get involved in it. The major aim of starting up a business is to expand its market to increase sales which will earn you profit. A business is only considered to be a success when it is able to earn profit otherwise it is not. But how do you earn that profit? Well, the answer is simple. You will earn profit for your business when you have a maximum number of customers who will buy your products while also reducing expenses. When the expenses are more than sales, then there will be no profit. The most difficult part of the entire process is how to get the customers. The number of customers you get into your business will depend on your marketing techniques. Poor marketing will earn you fewer customers. There are several marketing methods you can choose for operating your business and one of the best in attracting customers is organizing a vendor event.

wwWhat is a Vendor Event?

A vendor event is a show organized for people and organizations whose major aim is to generate business connections that will increase its volume of sales. It can also be referred to as direct sales even where you get the sales directly from the customers without an intermediator. The events can have different formats depending on your choice as a business person and also the type of commodities you want to sell. It can take the scope of small business meetings to international fairs. What matters is you need to have vendor ideas for events for you to successfully run such events.

Genius Vendor Ideas for Events That Will Promote Your Brand

Keeping in mind that the major purpose of the event is to promote your brand, it will be unwise to set up such an event without basic ideas on how to operate it. That might cost a lot for your business. Instead of helping you to promote your event brand, it will create a negative attitude for your brand in the market. That will make your competitors grab the opportunity with both their hands to promote their businesses.

Therefore, before you set up such an event, ensure you have basic tips on how to operate it. That will ensure the event serves its intended purpose of promoting your product. Below are some of the basic ideas you need to have for a successful vendor event.

No Charge to Charge at the Vendor Event

When you are preparing for such an event, you must keep in mind that you are looking for a market for your products. Therefore, it is your first time to meet and interact with some of the prospective customers. You don’t need to charge them for any service you offer because it’s where you are trying to lure them into your business.

It is obvious that a lot of interactions happen in such events such as taking videos and photos and also exchanging contacts. All these are being done by smartphones and therefore, the phones may go off. You take that opportunity to offer free phone charging for them. That is a good strategy that can help you trap most of the prospective customers into your business.

Meet Their Needs

If you are able to meet the demands of the customers, then you are good to go. One of their needs we have mentioned before was to help them charge their phones. Apart from that, there are many other services that you can offer them.

You can also offer bottles of water because people are going to get thirsty from talking all day. You can also add snacks and soft drinks such as soda as some will prefer that over water. That will attract more people to your booth and give you a good opportunity to convince them.

Provide Some Fun

As much as the event is meant for business purposes, it should not be strictly for that as it may sound boring. Remember you want to attract more people to your booth so you can have an opportunity to convince them. Also, there may be your competitors around. In that case, you have to look for a way to attract more people and outdo your competitors. How do you achieve that?

A fully packed item is not going to attract the attention of anyone. You need to come up with new ideas to entertain and attract people. You can even come up with dance competitions and giving out prizes. That way, your booth will be full of people within a short time. You can also consider some useful items such as power banks and phone covers. You can also play their favorite songs to continue entertaining them even as you continue with your marketing mission.

Go Large with Your Vendor Event

Even as you carry on with the event and the entertainment part, consider the things that also expand your marketing. For example, when giving the prizes, you need to brand them most attractively. You can wrap the prizes in bags branded with the name of your business or product. That will help in spreading the name of your product because wherever the people with the bags will go, everyone who sees the bag will be aware of what is written in it.

When you are branding the bags to carry the gifts, ensure they are large and conspicuous. That will ensure that it attracts attention and can be easily spotted.

Give Good Swag

When you are branding your product or the prizes, don’t just brand it for the sake but make sure the brand is of good quality. The secret is trying to be creative with what you offer. For example, when you are selling pens, Brand the box in such a way that no one will believe if it is only pens that are inside that box. The prospective customers will get impressed and will always want more from your business.

Stand Out

If you want to attract more people to both then you need to stand out. Standing out does not just mean speaking to the crowd. You to come up with some colorful branded display that will be able to attract the attention of the crowd.  Once they find their way to your booth then you can get a chance to convince them to buy your commodity.

If you are not good at branding the display, you can get assistance from companies that offer such kinds of services.

Offer Free WiFi at Your Vendor Event

Your major aim in setting up that event is to attract more people to your brand. Therefore, you need to do all it takes to find something that will attract a large crowd to your booth. With the advancement of technology, the majority of people have smartphones which they use to access the internet for various purposes. Some access the internet for entertainment, for business purposes, and others for business purposes such as to make orders of products.

Keeping that in mind, providing free Wi-Fi is a wise idea that can help attract a large crowd. Purchasing data is quite expensive especially for the youths. Therefore, if your products are majorly for the youth, then that is the best time to grab that opportunity. They will get crowded at your booth to use the Wi-Fi and that will be the best opportunity to entice them to purchase your products.

Augmented Reality

Tech is an excellent way to make your booth stand out. It is also a brilliant way of convincing people to give you, their details. You need to set up an augmented reality around your booth. You can also provide AR items for people to try and find. By getting the users to sign up via an app in order to do so, you get a chance to collect their emails as you give them some entertainment and something memorable to do.

You can, later on, use their emails to contact them and inform them about your products. That way, you expand the market for your products which will increase your sales.

When planning to organize a vending event, you must also look at the location where you will host the event. Whether is well accessible or not to ensure a maximum number of people attend the event.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Vendor Event Venue

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Choosing the venue is one of the factors that will have the greatest impact on your event. Things such as the date of the event, catering options, and the attendees all are affected by the venue you choose for the event. Below are some of the guidelines on what to consider when choosing the venue for such events.


The location of the venue you choose for your vendor event will have a great impact on the people attending the event. It will determine the number and the composition of the people in the event.  For a local event, you may look for a venue that is within a reasonable distance from most of the attendee’s homes or places of work.

You also need to monitor the movement of the majority of the attendees. If most of them will be traveling from out of town, you need to choose a location near their hotels or an airport.

Even as you choose the location, there are other factors you need to consider such as the availability of enough packing space, transportation, and traffic. Ensure there is enough parking space for the attendees, no traffic congestion, and also choose a location where they will spend less on transport.

You also need to get in touch with the venue provider to avoid last-minute inconveniences.  Changing the venue or postponing the event should be the last thing you should think of because it will make the majority of the people lose morale for the event. You can also find a way of making your attendees punctual for the event. You can provide them with a mobile event app which is essentially standard these days. If the venue for the event is within large institutions such as campus, it is wise to provide maps with pins to help the attendees to navigate conveniently.

Capacity and Minimums

You need to know the room capacity of the venue and compare it with the estimated population you expect to attend the event. You need to ensure that the population can comfortably fit into the venue without causing any discomfort. You should not choose a venue that is too small as that will make some of the people leave the event because of factors such as congestion and unfavorable weather condition. It is very difficult for someone to leave the comfort of their homes to attend an event only to be rained on or sit in the hot sun. You must, therefore, try hard to make the attendees comfortable. You can also negotiate with the venue providers if they can provide WiFi to keep them busy and not get bored.


You should consider if the venue you choose for the event has a kitchen and whether it can provide catering to your event or not. You can also consider the cost of such catering services to ensure you don’t go out of your budget. If the venue has no kitchen facilities then they must have a connection with food providers. In that case, you need to check the type of food they provide prior to the event. You also need to check if their foods are well cooked or not. If their food is not good enough according to the standards you want, it may create a negative impact for your attendees and therefore it is wise to look for other food providers.

Let Them Get Hands-On

Another way to make the day more fun for people visiting the event is to let them be hands-on with things. If you are promoting a product, make sure they have the opportunity to pick it up and play with it. If you are promoting an app, a giant interactive phone running a mock-up of your software is a great way to draw people in. The more interactive you can make your booth, the more people will stop by.

Keep Clutter-Free

When you are managing your booth, it is very easy to let it get messy very quickly. A messy booth looks unprofessional and also detracts from your brand. Attendees’ eyes are always are drawn from your beautiful logo to all the trash around your booth. It really creates a poor impression.

You need to keep everything around your booth clean and tidy and your booth will look great all day long. That is because people always like a clean place.

Why You Should Run a Vender Event

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There are several ways of creating a market for your product but have you asked yourself why most people prefer vendor events over other means? The purpose of organizing a vendor event is to create connections for your business. Below are some of the reasons why businesses are addicted to vendor events.

Maintaining connections

With the evolution of technology, many opportunities continue to be created with more business ideas. That means as a business person, you may face a lot of competition in the market because your customers can get exposed to a better product than yours. That can easily make you lose your customers.

You should, therefore, find out what to do to make your customers stick to your products. That means you should also work on developing emotional connections with your customers. That can be achieved by inviting them to vendor shows. That will give you a chance to interact with them which helps in building your relationship.

In the event, they also get a chance to ask questions where possible. You can also get a chance to demonstrate to them the use of some products and also make improvements where possible.

Making Connections

By organizing vendor events, you increase the passivity of people recognizing your products even those who have never interacted with your business. What you need to do is to make the event as attractive as possible. That way you will be able to attract more people into your booth and convince them to purchase your products hence create connections for your business.

Increase Brand Recognition

Organizing vendor events makes more people aware of your sales which increases your sales volume. Once you have made the event as attractive as possible, more people will be attracted to it which will increase your brand recognition. You can also give out gives in bags branded with the name of your product. Wherever your customers will go with the bags, they will make more people aware of your products.

How to Organize a Successful Vendor Event

Organizing a vendor event is one step and making it successful is another step. It is easy to organize a vendor event and if fails to be successful. It is not an easy thing to organize such an event and it requires proper preparations. Here are some of the things you need to do to make the event successful.

Create a Vision

Vendor events can be amazing money makers when well organized. Having a target of what you want to achieve will help you get the best out of the event. Also, you will always work hard to achieve that target. You should build the whole journey of what you want to achieve in advance. Before you set your vendor event, you need to explore the target market and identify the key players in it. Dive deep into start-ups and new solutions emerging in the market. You also need to build a strategic plan on the mutual profit that could be generated throughout the event.

Choose Top-Notch Technology

With the advancement in technology, the efficient event relies on efficient technology. Using manual means to operate an event is outdated and may not be successful as you expected. Therefore, you need to ensure you use the latest technology to run such events. That way, you will be sure to earn many customers and make more sales. The following are some of the ways you can use advanced technology to organize a successful vendor event.

  • Email marketing- Email is the best channel to start your communication with the customers especially when you are planning a large scale vendor show. That will enable you to collect relevant data to ensure you organize a successful event.
  • Website building- This will help you to translate the vision of your event into a digital format. Shop around website builders that have pre-made templates. You need to pick the one that fits your event.
  • Lead capturing-Make it simple for your vendor event participants to connect to their prospects throughout the event. Mobile apps that can support instant lead capturing and contacts retrieval will be a great fit here.

Build an Advertising Strategy

The aim of this event is to enable you to connect to as many customers as possible. Depending on your goal, you are free to choose any advertisement channel. All you need to ensure is that you choose one that will reach out to as many customers as possible. You can also encourage vendors to participate in promotion using theirs on social media pages, contact bases, and websites. Joint advertisement can also be a wise idea. That is because it can make your brand go viral in a short period.

Reach Out to Vendors

If you are not new to vendor shows, you need to start by tapping into your existing contact base. It is important to create a sense of community, so inviting people who already know each other is a great start. If it is your first time organizing such events, you should focus on the industry leaders to help you build an event community faster.


Vendor events have become the most common means of marketing businesses because of the impact it has created in the past. Many businesses have become successful through it. If you are still doubting it then you can give it a try.

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