Surviving Your First Month in Network Marketing

My fiancé and I joined our Network Marketing company to gain the financial freedom we dreamed of. However, the only training we initially received during our first month network marketing was a small pamphlet that showed us the basics of the business. Although our company later came out with an excellent training pack, our first month in the company was filled with confusion and making all the wrong moves.

However, we were able to overcome all the hardships in those first few weeks, learning what we needed along the way. I firmly believe that everything that we learned in our first month can be taught in just a few minutes.

To avoid quitting before you reap the great results of your work, follow these essential guidelines that we have discovered to help you survive your first month.

Get smart

Learn how to talk about your Network Marketing opportunity before approaching friends and family. A few badly chosen words can make people close their minds to the idea for a long time. In our company, we are given a CD that tells us exactly how we need to approach people so they don’t say “no” before knowing what they’re saying “no” to.

Learn everything you can about your company, its products, and the compensation plan. This can be easily done through your company’s training materials or by browsing their website. The more we have learned about our company, the more confidence we have in it. This confidence is crucial because it is visible to everyone we show the opportunity to, and it is passed on to our downline.

Get involved

If your business has weekly meetings, training, or online conferences, attend as many as possible. Also, get to know your upline leaders and sponsors because they want to help you succeed, and they can give you the advice and support you need in your first month. The leaders in our city are always there to give us a boost of motivation and invaluable advice.

Although we don’t always understand everything our up-line leaders do, we have found that it is crucial to follow them and learn from their actions. They have been in the business longer than us, and they know what they are doing. Your sponsor and up-line leaders are like your training wheels. During your first month network marketing, ask them to guide you and help you talk to your contacts. If you try to go forward without your training wheels in the beginning, you might fall on your face. But, after learning the basics of the business, you should be able to take them off and go anywhere you can imagine.

Get motivated: your first month network marketing is the hardest

If you want to start strong, take proactive steps to keep yourself from getting discouraged along your road to success. The principal way to stay motivated is to have confidence in your company, the industry, and yourself. Read and listen to motivational books and audio CDs to give yourself a boost of positivity. My fiancé and I try to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to reading motivational books. Most importantly, always keep your dreams in mind. Why did you join Network Marketing? You may need to remind yourself of this reason whenever you’re feeling discouraged.

Get realistic

No matter what anyone tells you, Network Marketing takes work and dedication. Your first month should be about learning the business and beginning to build your network. Don’t worry about registering huge numbers of people right now. In our first month, we thought we were going to enrol the world into our company. Now, our goals are closer to four people per month.

Not everyone you talk to is going to want to join your company, but remember this: You are only looking for people who are searching for an opportunity like yours. Don’t waste your time trying to convince anyone to join you, because that will only lead to frustration. However, most people when they say “no” simply mean “not right now.” You can always come back to these people later on.

Get out there

After learning what you need to about inviting people and presenting your company’s plan, it’s time to get active. The heart of Network Marketing is talking to people and sharing an opportunity. When you feel that you are prepared, take off those training wheels and start making some phone calls and visits. You may not do everything perfectly at first, but that’s ok. The only way to get better is to practice.

What amazes me most about Network Marketing is that anyone can succeed in it, regardless of their education or previous income. My fiancé and I are just English teachers and a Psychology student, but we have already made our way to the executive levels in our company. Remember that network marketing is more than just an opportunity, it’s a business. If you properly prepare yourself, you should have no trouble surviving your first month in Network Marketing.

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