We never put you on the Do Not Call List. What’s a regulation?  Our marketing practice was to lash back at anyone who made our job that much harder. The consumer was the target; businesses took too much effort, and not many knew how to play the hierarchy game. We didn’t really have to scam you with free offers, some people would just be talked into submission. More so, the people who wouldn’t listen to our pitch about free island resorts, debt consolidation, and the coveted free subscription to Vogue magazine. Telemarketing and advertising is and always has been a craft only a few could master, a religion of rejection and repetition.

The interviewing process to a potential sales job is very unlike interviews you’ve had before.. 

You read a sample script, if you can read it without stumbling too terribly, you have the job. If you have additional swagger, you may be a favorite of one of the managers. The favor of the manager is important, as they will throw a couple of dollars on a “spiff.” A spiff is a quick cash payout as an incentive for the agents to sell more. The practice may be unethical, but obviously it does not hurt the pockets. The spiff is what controls the floor, especially when it hits the double digit range.

The telemarketing job floor is overwhelming at first. 

Rap music or Top 40 music is blaring to increase morale, telemarketing agents are anxiously fighting for their sales jobs over shuffling papers. Occasionally someone would have a rude call and scream some obscenity after hanging up the telephone. The telephones were of the noise reduction variety, so the clients couldn’t hear the antics. 

But over all of the deafening sounds there is the sales job Floor Manager hyping us into a calling frenzy, living or dying on leads. After all, leads generate money, and in telemarketing the pay scale is around the same. Sell a lot of products; offer free offers and incentives and you’ll be taken care of. If not, you should look for another job. It is very simple.

The most important part of the sales job floor would have to be the enormous bulletin board in the exact front of the room. 

It came to be known as the “Celestial Wall”. The name of the top earners for the sales company, usually a nice young lady or a guy from the wrong side of the tracks that usually possessed beautiful telephone voices for the telemarketing company. They can sell you air from space. These agents are trained just like everyone else; but people like these have it in their blood. There is not a slip in their pitch, and will answer every question you could ever have before you could answer. They aren’t necessarily lying to you; they’re mostly just skimming information, and talking fast.

There are not as many scams or frauds as people would think.

Some of these offers are free, with an added subscription fee. You’d be surprised how often people will let you talk when you mention free Wal-Mart gift cards. One particular practice that sticks out is how you are trained to speed up the process in this potential paragraph, placed directly in the middle of the pitch that states that they’re three-dollar shipping and handling fee is actually the first installment on your $19.25 a month subscription to “The Rewards Center”, or whatever colorful name the business came up with.

Most people think that telemarketing jobs would pay their agents terribly, or at least employ the same shady tactics as they do their customers. 

This is not entirely true. If you were on one of the lower levels of the bulletin board, this is most likely to happen to you. If you do play the game and really pick up the tips from the seasoned pros, you can potentially make a lot of easy money from peddling the free offers for the tropical island resorts, Wal-Mart gift cards, and the debt consolidation. Some even offer services for the disastrous housing market.

Although some practices are indeed shady, and there are rampant exhibits of favoritism, the telemarketing and other forms of advertising are not as cut-throat as they seem. 

Whether telemarketing is ethical is up for debate, inbound or outbound call center inner workings are a sight to be seen. Most people would not even realize the person who is trying to pull them from a mountain or debt or trying to plan that perfect island vacation is in sweat pants and hoods, trying to interest you in financial savings while throwing a complimentary free gift card or any other free offer.

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