Telemarketing Companies Are Not Working, When to Stop?

There is really no formula or rule of thumb to follow in determining if enough is enough with telemarketing companies. Hence, this is not an easy question. There are a number of factors that we need to consider in order to derive the best decision.

Is there chemistry with your telemarketer? 

Even if the results are above average, if chemistry fails, no long term relationship will exist. Lack of chemistry can be manifested by poor and awkward communication or plain gut intuition. You just don’t like each other, period. Building a relationship with your telemarketer will be paramount in the smoothness and effectives of the campaign. When interpersonal relationships fail, the service should be put to stop immediately, can be one week, one day, or one hour into the campaign.

Is the campaign proven or a beta? 

If you have a proven campaign, it is important to realize here that you know exactly what to expect from your telemarketer. As long as your results do not represent an anomaly caused by an unusual variable of the telemarketing formula and you are confident your benchmark is real and all conditions are being replicated via identical variables of the formula. Beta campaigns are tougher, none of your variables are established and the sheer tweaking possibilities are endless. Not to mention, you don’t know if the campaign is not working or the agent is a bad fit. 

Our advice: continuous and intense communication with your agent until you get into a groove – begin to see sustainable returns offering acceptable ROI (Return-On-Investment). You can decide to stop however in a week for a proven campaign and two weeks or more for a beta campaign.

Is your assessment of success accurate? 

Prior to hiring telemarketing companies, you should already know how to measure if you are on the right track. You should set once and for all what are acceptable or unacceptable results for you. Simply put, high velocity campaigns are much easier; you can see appointments begin to flow almost as soon as you open the “faucet”. 

What about a campaign with a mission to schedule an appointment with a bank CEO or a Director of IT for a Fortune 500? It might take weeks to schedule an appointment and such a campaign will need to break down results/success into stages. How many calls made, how many info requests made? How many follow up calls are scheduled?

Do you really get involved? 

In the first place, even if this is not the only project you have for your business, you as a client should acknowledge the fact that this campaign is the life blood of your business. This will allow you to get your name out and spread good words about your company may it be a good or a bad call. Still, your prospects hear about what you do! So get involved! There are a number of instances when problems arise due to lack of client guidance, clients not seeing results. You get upset and want to stop. But only if the client speaks to his agent days after launching the campaign, his feedback would have been invaluable and adjustments could have been made. When both the agent and client learn to work together as a team, you begin to see results.

When to stop working with telemarketing companies ? 

Just answer all those aforementioned questions and you will know. Not so hard after all.

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