Telemarketing Nightmares

Telemarketing is a method used by many companies to reach a large number of people by directly marketing to them. However, telemarketing workers will tell you that there is nothing glamorous about the job. People often hang up on telemarketers once they know who is speaking, and many never pick up their phones. So why do businesses still subject their staff to this nightmare?

Direct Mail, Telemarketing, And Catalog Sales Are All Common Examples Of Direct Marketing

Despite the public opinion of telemarketers, the method has proven highly effective. This holds true even when compared to other forms of direct marketing such as direct mail and catalog sales.

Even if the telemarketer is not able to make a direct sale, the effect of brand awareness is inevitable. With the advent of caller ID, when telemarketers call someone, their number is automatically stored in the potential customer’s phone. Many people give a call back at a more convenient time if they are interested. This is a problem for telemarketing staff if their commissions are target based. Some businesses work around this feature by tracking incoming numbers and matching them with outgoing calls. This makes sure that the staff member receives their well-earned commission if their client calls back at a later time. 

Tips For Successful Telemarketing

Try to target your potential clients at what is likely to be convenient times. If you are getting more responses during the mornings, then direct your telemarketing team to make calls during the early hours. People are less likely to hang up the call if they are not inconvenienced by it. 

Also, proper training on how to handle the phone calls is important If the caller does not disclose who they are early on, they may be perceived as deceitful. Surely, that is not a trait that you want associated with your brand image. However, there is an art to introducing yourself on the phone. It always helps if the caller asks whether the potential client has a few minutes to spare. They should have a script ready with all the information that needs to be conveyed, and it should be straightforward and to-the-point. 

How To Handle Nightmare Calls

It is not uncommon that people who receive telemarketing calls get very annoyed by it. Especially if the calls are made at an exceptionally inconvenient time, some potential clients will respond to the polite questions of a telemarketer with extreme rage. These are the most difficult calls to handle, and require a lot of patience from the caller. 

The most important thing that the telemarketing staff needs to know, is that they should always be patient with the recipients of their calls. Under no circumstances should anger be reciprocated, and rudeness should only bet met with politeness. Callers should remember that they are the ones who called the other person at an inconvenient hour, and they have interrupted them from whatever they were doing. Even if this is your job, you should try to view things from the other side. More often than you’d think, people are shocked by the politeness of a telemarketer and may even apologize. Their feeling of guilt may even prompt them to listen to an entire sales pitch happily. Staff should be trained to understand that they are ambassadors of the company’s brand image and must withhold standards at all costs. 

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