The Barriers of Entry into the World of Marketing

As you enter into the career world of marketing, can you honestly say that you stand out? Of course, you would like to think that you are different from the hundreds of other marketing graduates competing for the job of their dreams, but does your resume show that? What can you offer a company that no other marketing graduate with minimal to no experience can offer? And if you get the job, how will you continue to benefit that company?

How To Get A Job In Marketing With No Experience

Many enter the marketing field due to their desire to be creative and produce innovative ideas that could be brought to reality.  Some marketing graduates choose to minor in Information Technology with an emphasis on graphic and web design. This makes the competition more fierce. 

There are many companies that are looking for potential marketing employees that can do more than just marketing. Many marketing jobs that we’ve come across will require that the candidates have some experience or knowledge in HTML or design and layout to some degree. This tells us that more and more employers are looking for employees who can multitask between several jobs or that can be cross-trained to perform other duties.

For students who are currently pursuing a degree in marketing, we strongly suggest that you think about picking up a minor in design to give yourself an edge on the competition and add some extra experience to your background.

The World of Marketing Is More Than Creativity

As you start your marketing career, we suggest that you keep in mind that marketing is so much more than being creative. To name a few, you must also be good at copywriting, editing, proofreading, setting and maintaining goals and benchmarks, knowing how to work on a budget, and most importantly, learning how to produce results with your marketing strategies.

Producing results is a significant part of a marketing career because that is why marketers are hired. We are hired to get the word out about a company, product, a vision, etc., in the most effective and efficient way. If we don’t produce the expected or anticipated outcome from the marketing strategies, it is up to us to conduct post-marketing evaluations to determine what went wrong and how to make sure the same thing does not happen again. 

The Marketing Department Is Always First To Be Blamed

Understand that whenever the outcome is not what was anticipated, the blame always falls back on the marketing efforts. Whether or not it was actually a marketing mishap that caused the negative outcome depends on what the marketing professional can prove. Using response rates, surveys, previous data, statistics and any other type of numerical findings from marketing research, the marketer will have to defend their strategies and determine if “yes, it was an issue with the marketing” or “no, the marketing was not the problem.” Always be prepared to defend your strategies.

Become A Useful Resource To The Company By Staying Updated

To make sure that you are always beneficial to yourself as well as your employer, stay on top of the marketing trends and get familiar with both traditional and non-traditional marketing tactics. That is very important because no company wants to hire or continue to employ a person who is not familiar with the latest social media marketing trends.  Join marketing groups on LinkedIn, read blogs on marketing, do anything to stay updated. There is so much going on in the world of marketing, and things are always changing.

A career in marketing is both fun and rewarding; however, we have to constantly remind ourselves that we are in a very competitive field as marketers. To remain above the competition, we have to go above and beyond the norm.

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