The Distinction Between Network Marketing and Conventional Sales

Unlike conventional sales, as stated success is not measured or even contingent on a given day’s commission. 

In conventional sales the salesperson sells a certain volume and earns a specified percentage. This is straightforward, predictable and maybe the immediate compensation looks better on paper. In network marketing you could have a 0 sales day and it could be the day that plants the seed that makes your first several thousand dollars. On this 0 sales day you could meet someone that ends up being a successful recruit who builds that branch of your organization to great success. Perhaps that person you meet that 0 sales day introduces you to that person who, combined with your coinciding efforts, is the one you help to succeed in building that portion of your business to great success. (therefore ensuring your success) These scenarios could happen that month or in the future and you don’t necessarily know on a given day. It may be that this uncertainty makes people uneasy and apt to quit and traditional sales people shy away.

A different perspective- what if you knew everyday that everything you do in relation to others is planting seeds. 

If you have ever gardened you know that some seeds sprout and grow and some don’t- the way to ensure a lush garden is to continue to plant seeds and care for them. (care for seeds = follow through) You have to have the persistence to keep planting and caring for those seeds and the patience to watch them grow. The end result is a lush garden that continues to grow and by and by you reap the rewards.

Myths (or assumptions) and Truths about Network Marketing

One thing that bothers me is the assumption critics make about network marketing. Here are some basic Myths and truths demystify and decode network marketing.

Myth: All the money in network marketing is for the people at the top. People in their downline do all the work to finance the paychecks of the people at the top

Truth: When you are in network marketing you are at the top- you are the top of your team and earn income based on your team accomplishments. You earn overrides from your team’s accomplishments because of the time and effort you invest in training, supporting, guiding, and recruiting team members in your downline. These efforts take time,energy and resources- people often don’t recognize that there is hard work done to earn these overrides. What so many folks don’t realize is that the people at the “top” have worked very hard to earn the income they’ve achieved. Much of the work that they have done is establishing working systems for their downline to succeed through duplication. The top folks, who signed up on “the ground floor” when the company began also took a chance- if the company had gone out of business in the first few years they would have lost out. I have signed on with Discovery Toys as a solid and established company, that those long before me helped to secure.

Myth: “I am not a salesperson”

Truth: In network marketing is that you don’t have to be a salesperson. The skills of a good network marketing company are teachable. I believe in the quality and integrity of most network marketing products. Naturally, when you are with a network marketing company you network with others from different companies because it always helps to have consumer customers and it is a sisterhood-brotherhood. The products I’ve tried have been high quality. The logic behind this is that if they weren’t no one would sign up. There are many advantages to having someone share the products with you personally, in an impersonal culture. People hopefully sign up with a network marketing company because they believe in the products- this is what sells the products successfully which does not require sales ability. To be successful at network marketing the best strategy is to let the products speak for themselves. While sales savvy isn”t necessary, the person that will succeed needs to be sociable, congenial, listen well, friendly, very outgoing and kind. Anyone can acquire these qualities if they really want to. A good sponsor will train their team members in techniques that are simple and duplicatable.

Myth: Network marketing products are overpriced

Truth: I strongly believe that most network marketing products have superior quality. The company I very critically alluded to in the first paragraph due to business practices I don’t agree with has some impressive quality to its products. This company actually ensures that their vitamin supplements are pesticide free by purchasing surrounding fields around their fields to avoid pesticide run off. This same company’s cleaning products seem pricey but a $20 box of laundry soap lasted me a year when I was doing my own personal laundry plus a high volume of linens for my massage business.
They have a lifetime guarantee, have won safety awards and the average toy price is $15. They also last for many years of a child’s development ,as each toy is used in different ways for advancing developmental stages.

The quality of network marketing products needs to be superior or individuals wouldn’t sign up to market them. A major store chain can have products on a shelf and the people that work there don’t really need to care about the quality of the product or even know about the product. In network marketing a distributor markets the products to customers without retail overhead therefore the quality is often far superior for the price.

Myth: People in network marketing are pushy, use high pressure sales tactics and are deceptive

Truth: Individuals can be any or all of these things. A good network marketing company discourages aggressive tactics.

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