The Hidden Secret to Duplication in Network Marketing

Every person who’s been in network marketing knows the concept of duplication and understands that duplication in network marketing is necessary in order to have a growing and thriving business and subsequently a hefty paycheck from their company. And although every distributor “knows this,” few distributors achieve any success duplicating their business because of the fundamental error in what they are led to believe.

Every new distributor in every network marketing company is told something similar, and it goes like this:

“You just have to find two people (or three, or four, or five or whatever)….”

“You just have to find two people, and you’re set.”

So once you’ve found your two or three people, you’re set for life. That sounds easy to most newbies.

The Reality About The Difficulty Level of MLM 

But the reality is that most people find their two people and end up quitting or becoming inactive within one year. Here’s another mountain to climb, anecdotal evidence suggests that the average distributor in network marketing introduces 1.7 customers or distributors into their business in their network marketing career. Since 1.7 is less than 2, already most distributors will never be “set for life.” Thus, MLM gets a bad name. Yet still, millions of people around the world pursue the dream.

How To Be Successful In Network Marketing?

Here’s the truth about duplication in network marketing. In order to duplicate your business and have it grow on its own, your business has to have more than two distributors. That’s simple mathematics. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that in order to get paid several hundred or even several thousand dollars a month consistently with your company, you will eventually need more than two distributors other than yourself.

So fundamentally, the statement or belief that “You only need two distributors and you’re set” is completely inaccurate. Or actually, it is only half-true.

You can make a decent income in network marketing with two distributors if they are “heavy hitters.” But heavy hitters are hard to find unless you have some great contacts.

So here’s the key. In order to be successful in network marketing, you have to do this:

“You need to find two people (or three, or four, or whatever) that want to find two people and will not quit until they’ve found them.

You have to find two people that want to find two people that want to do the business and will not quit – no matter what. You should be asking this question to all your prospects. 

That is both the challenge and the reward in network marketing. Because once you find two people that want to do the business and will not quit no matter what, then your business will begin to duplicate and grow on its own.

So you have to find two people. Not just any people that buy your product or sign up. Those folks are valuable, but they may or may not help you duplicate.

You have to find the right two people.

Network marketing (MLM) is not a scam, but it is also not the easiest job in the world. Anyone who tells you that you can get rich quick and easy is either still under the illusion of that false promise, or desperate to make their dreams come true. Do not make the mistake of joining a multilevel marketing network without realizing the tactics required to be successful within its system an that duplication is not easy in network mare. It is not hopeless, but be warned that there may be easier options for you – it all depends on who you know and how well they can participate in the network.

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