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The Most Powerful SEO Tool – Get Rankings on Any Search Engine

If you are managing a business or you are promoting a brand, you’d want to be visible to people and at the same time, know about them and of course their standing in the corporate market. At that time you need the most powerful SEO tool to get you higher rankings in search engines. It is reported in Bloomberg, that out of 10 start-ups, at least 8 quit in the first 18 months. This is due to multiple reasons like an improper business model, lack of exposure, or inadequate research.

In the present generation, the internet plays a major role in determining whether a business will be successful or a failure. But, the technology and internet are growing at a really fast pace. Any and every small and medium business, if they are into digital marketing needs to know about the various digital marketing tools used to leverage his/her presence on the internet.

There are two ways to solve this:

One way of doing that is getting trained on every tool present and then using them or hiring multiple people who are experts in them and use them. This will cost a lot of finance and manpower which is certainly not desirable.

Another way of doing this efficiently is by using online marketing tools that provide you the access and usage of a wide variety of digital marketing tools under a single roof. There are multiple similar service providers all over the internet but you wouldn’t want anyone of them but the best of them. You need the most powerful SEO tool to get you higher rankings. Well, we have got your back.

According to a survey, about 80% of people referred to a website ‘SEMrush‘ as their preferred tool for managing SEO for their website. Many SEO analysts use SEMrush for:

  • Keyword Research
  • Site audit
  • Keyword ranking
  • Backlink source
  • Site Positioning
  • Content creation with keywords
  • Competitive analysis

SEMrush background:

Let us see a bit about SEMrush and its history to know about it before we start using it. SEMrush started sometime in 2008 with a very simple but important mission. A mission to make online competition transparent and fair. Its main aim was to create a platform where anyone and everyone gets an equal opportunity to operate.

In just a few years, this small company developed itself. That happened in a way that now in 2021, everyone is looking for them and using their services. This customer base ranges from small businessmen to large multinational companies. This miracle happened because they dared to experiment and put in constant efforts to improve their services. And as a result, they are now one of the best competitive research tools for digital marketers. They are also trusted by big companies like eBay, Disney, Hewlett Packard, Amazon, and many more.

Why Would You Use SEMrush? – The Most Powerful SEO tool.

These area few uses and advantages that SEMrush has to offer:

  • Find and resolve issues on the website.
  • Check website performance.
  • Useful when understanding keyword rankings for a website.
  • Improve the SERP ranking of the website.
  • Track the analytics and lead to success in a social media campaign.
  • Monitor the brand’s reputation among users.
  • Make it easy for any search engine crawler to visit the search engine.
  • User-friendly interface leading to a better experience for the user.

So, now we have understood what is SEMrush and what are advantages of using SEMrush. Let’s see how to use SEMrush?

Finally, you made your website and it looks and works great. But deep down, you know that just having a website isn’t enough. You need to be at the first few results if not at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

It is said that the best place to hide a corpse is on the second page of the google search engine. This is because 80% of the visitors never visit the second page. And on top of that 95% of the visitors never look past the first 5 search results in the SERP. So, your website must remain at the top of the search result page at position one. As position one is the result that almost 98% of users click on.

There are two ways by which you can get visitors to your website.

The first is paid, where you pay the search engine to direct visitors to your page. And the next is organic visitors. These are the people who came to your website after following a search term and clicking your link. Today, we will take a look at the latter part and how SEMrush helps you improve it. And a part of it will involve paid visitors as well. At first, SEMrush helps you with a 14 days’ trial subscription.

This offers you limited tools but you get an idea of what is possible with this service. In the paid version, it offers 3 types of plans. People can choose the best one that is suitable for them or their business. The best part about this is that, in a single dashboard, we get every necessary detail. Let us share with you an example of how easy it is to use SEMrush. If you want to do the analysis of your website or even any other website, just signup to the SEMrush website and enter the root domain into the search box and click next. It will check the domain and shows you the overview of the website.

What Does the SEMrush Dashboard Show?

  • Organic search keywords for a website: These are keywords that direct traffic freely towards a website
  • Paid search analytics: This is a tool to analyze traffic sourced from paid ads.
  • Backlinks and their performance: Incoming links to your website from other websites.
  • Keyword analytics: This is a tool to help you decide on which keywords to use in your content.
  • Display advertising and related information: All you need to know about how the competition is using display ads.
  • Any referring domains: A comprehensive list of all domains that link to your domain. 
  • Media Ads: This is for social media marketing management.
  • Landing page performance: Analysis of your main page’s metrics.
  • Sample text ad: To help you create more appealing promotional ads.

In short, SEMrush is a powerful and versatile tool that helps you know everything about any website in detail.

The Most Powerful SEO Tool – How to Find Keywords Used on a Website

To find the keywords used on a site and their performance, you can use the main dashboard of SEMrush. Once you search the domain of the website you are looking for, the dashboard opens up. Then look for the heading ‘organic search’. Click on it and you can see all the keywords and their performances for the website. A few fields in keyword reports:

  • Keywords: List of keywords that the website contains.
  • Position(Pos): Position of the keywords on the website.
  • Volume: Total number of users who reach the website using those keywords.
  • Keyword Difficulty (KD): This is a complex term. It essentially means the difficulty in ranking the website using that particular keyword.
  • Cost Per Click(CPC): Average earning with each click of the keyword.
  • URL: The URL of the page which is linked to the keywords
  • Competition(Com): Similar to difficulty, but with a wider range. This defines the results related to that particular keyword.
  • Results: Number of times this keyword appears in search engine results.
  • Trend: Trend of that keyword concerning others.

The Most Powerful SEO Tool – Backlinks of a Website

As the name suggests, backlinks provide a way for the users to visit your site from a different site through a link. Backlinks are important for a website as they help and support the website to rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP).

The backlink tool of SEMrush helps you determine which backlinks have no-follow attributes and which do not, so you’ll know whether they can transfer any link juice to your website. It works somewhat on a feedback system and google also gives priority to the website that has good quality inbound links.

This backlink tool will save you a lot of time. The feature is very essential for increasing your SERP. Because backlinks are one of the most important factors in ranking your website.

Domain Vs. Domain

It is clear from the name that this tool is used to compare two or more domains.

Competition is there in every field, even between brands and businesses. As several companies compete with each other, you need to stay on top of them.

SEMrush helps you compare different domains and their keywords and any other details that help you stay ahead of your competitors. You can think of it as your very own spy tool. It is best suited for individuals that provide similar products or services to focus on their customer base.

Advantages of Domain Comparison Using SEMrush – The most powerful SEO tool.

With this tool, you can compare up to 5 different websites at the same time. Organic search results, AdWords, product listing keywords, and their performances can be collected. You can find out about the common keywords between the sites and also the ones that are not that common.

The Most Powerful SEO Tool – Ranking

The rank of a website shows where they are in the online competition and that helps you improve the rank using various other tools. It can be termed as a progress tracking tool. SEMrush ranking tool can be used to know the website’s rank globally and also in a specific region selected earlier.

Traffic Analytics for That Website

The most powerful SEO tool has to be be strong in the analytics department. This is a tool that is introduced just a couple of years ago. Traffic analytics is an amazing tool that analyses the data from different analytic tools and helps you know the source of the traffic to any and every website.

The most important use of this tool is to analyze the data and devise an advantageous strategy for the business.

Also, it can be used to identify the sources of traffic for your website and let you decide which sources to work upon for better incoming traffic.

Site Audit for Better Performance

SEMrush’s site audit tool provides you a one-stop option to perform an on-site analysis on any website.

The advantage of using SEMrush in this job is that it is usually easy for the search engine’s robot to access, if and only if it is error-free. And SEMrush uses this exact process to find out any issues that the search engine might face with the website and shows it to correct it.

A few advantages of this tool are that it:

  • Can work even on the internal and external link the same way.
  • Helps you to locate any missing/defective tags and also add any link if it positively helps the website.
  • Make the important components of SEO for the website, namely, meta title and meta description clear and unique for search engines and even for users.
  • Locate and correct any errors on the website.
  • Can locate any duplicate or repetitive content (plagiarism).
  • Provides ALT tags for any images on the website thereby helping the website perform better on the SERP rankings.

Report Generating

All the features may be useful, but they can only show the details to you. But the details may need to be shared with someone else or documented.

Most of the SEM tools available don’t offer this option. But SEMrush introduced this ground-breaking option or feature, whatever you call it. The my report tool in SEMrush provides you with an option to organize all the important data in one place as a report.

Moreover, this report can be customized to make a beautiful and attractive report. The data is generated within the SEMrush tool using simple drag and drop widgets. This allows you to share the report outside the environment to your organization or personal usage. Once again proving that SEMrush is the most powerful SEO tool.

Position Tracking of Keywords

As its name suggests, position tracking allows locating the position of the keyword used on the website on a particular date or in general. You can check details for up to five URLs for a set of keyword or a single keyword and determine their ranking concerning each other.

You can also check the keywords used in organic search and paid search results. That’s why SEMrush is the most powerful SEO tool to get you higher rankings.

Brand Monitoring

It is mandatory and important for every website, brand, or business to keep an eye on its brand reputation.

SEMrush brand monitoring tool helps you to do this work easily. This tool scans the entire internet and provides information that can be used to determine the online medium where this reputation is dipping.

In short, a brand monitoring tool allows anyone to come up with new strategies to improve brand reputation.

Social Media Management Tool

The importance of social media is well known to most people. After word-of-mouth marketing, social media marketing is the most important tool for any business dealing with marketing.

Social media marketing needs a detailed analysis of visitor interaction and many other parameters. It can be pretty daunting for anyone doing it manually.

SEMrush provides you with the tools to do this automatically do this entire process and provide you with a detailed report.

This helps you to analyze and take the necessary steps to manage your social media posts and handles to perform the best. This is similar to traffic analysis, but with social media posts.


SEMrush, although it is a well-known and well-used tool by digital marketers and SEO analysts, the vast options on this website may be confusing for anyone who is not acquainted with these.

This post helps you know the basics of the SEMrush tool and help you improve the website or brand by using a variety of tools such as auditing the website, keyword analysis, position tracking, and even brand monitoring.

So, according to most experts, Semrush is the most powerful SEO tool to get you higher rankings.

This will help you get an advantage over your competitor and create a positive user experience.


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