The New Best Source of Marketing is 200 Years Old – and Can Cost Nothing!

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Forget the newsletter, folks. Or the flyer or brochure.

There’s a new invention on the market, and it’s been around for almost two-hundred years. It’s called a newspaper. Everybody knows what it is. Everyone has read one. We’ve all bought one.

But what almost nobody knows is that it’s available for you to use for the first time in history.

The short-run newspaper has never been offered to the general public before. Why? Because the cost of set-up alone made it unprofitable for web-press printing houses to sell this kind of product. They made no money doing it. They only wanted the huge jobs. As a consequence, though the gigantic corporations and newspaper publishers have enjoyed the benefits of only pennies per copy for decades, it has never been offered to the likes of you and I, or the small business, or the church or charity or organization or even for reunions, anniversaries or whatever you want to use it for.

One guy from Canada now prints his comic book on newsprint, another lady back east prints sewing patterns. Churches, Shoe stores, Non-profits, Grill stores, Fixture stores, Bars and Restaurants, Book stores, Christian organizations, Hair Salons, Jazz singers and, yes, even Internet companies are finding the power of the short-run newspaper in their communities. The list of users is growing daily.

New technology, combined with the tools of the internet, is now allowing these short-run newspapers for anyone to use. 

They have the same benefits that have always been available to a newspaper, extremely cheap costs and larger and more professional format than a newsletter but with an incredible bonus.

Newspapers allow the selling of advertising. People are used to it. People know that advertising is what supports a newspaper. And people will pay for it if they believe in the topic your particular newspaper is espousing. And though the large daily and weekly newspapers are closing their doors faster than you can count, the “niche” newspaper is growing and is welcomed almost universally in cities and towns all over North America.

People still love to read, they’re just picky on what they read. 

If they sit down in an easy chair at night, they want to pursue something that is of interest to them. They want something saturated with news articles on things they care about. That’s the future of newsprint, the “theme” oriented newspaper, not the variety pack of the Daily. If you’re a pet lover, you’ll probably pick up a copy of “Pet’s Life Quarterly.” If you are a Christian, you’ll probably pick up a copy of “The Christian Family News.” The same is true for almost any topic imaginable.

One church in Colorado prints 10,000 newspapers for their local community. They distribute it in libraries, businesses, car washes even door to door. They charge $100.00 for an average ad. They not only pay for the print cost of the newspaper entirely, but they always have extra money as well for causes and programs they sponsor. It’s a win-win on every level, including that the community is supporting their missionary work at absolutely no cost at all to the church. The church is promoting themselves without spending a dime, and are even making extra money.

There’s no concept in marketing that even comes close to this remarkable scenario. 

And it’s only because the short-run newspaper is now available for the first time ever to anybody. They normally print flyers. This year, they printed 10,000 eight page newspapers at a fraction of what the flyers normally cost them, with tons of extra room for product information. But, they also went and got a few friends to put ads in their newspaper, too, and it cost them almost nothing. Their next issue? They’ll make money doing it.

Again, they are promoting themselves in the most professional way imaginable, and paying next to nothing to do it, and eventually even making money as well. That’s powerful stuff, people.

There really is nothing else available that contains the benefits of the short-run newspaper. And now it’s available to all of us.

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