The Secret to Successful Telemarketing – Small Tricks to Make Your Job Easier

Telemarketing is one of the most difficult jobs to try and make a living at.¬†Most companies give you from three to five days to prove that you can do the job and then you’re done. On to the next job. Tired of going from job to job teaching yourself shortcuts and tricks to get your quotas faster and easier can be beneficial for successful telemarketing.

Tip number one:

The most important thing to remember about telemarketing is that it is a numbers game. It’s all about contacting the people that are interested. To do this it is important to move from lead to lead as quickly as possible.

Tip number two:

A call list is usually the most popular method of contact for most companies. For the best results from a call list it is best to call the entire list three or more times.

Tip number three: Make the first call during the day when people are hard to reach. 

The reason for this is to weed out all the disconnected numbers. Since your best selling or appointment setting hours will be afternoon and evening you want to save that time for what is  called a “pure list.” This is a list that has been called once all the way through. By doing this you will save yourself valuable time with your contacts and be able to set up more sales or appointments.

Tip number four:

When making the initial first call, only allow the phone to ring three times, hang up and move on. Why three rings? Three rings is all it takes to find out if the number is disconnected. It’s typically all anyone needs to be able to get to the phone and answer it as well.

Tip number five (the best tip you will ever get):

For telemarketers that call the same lists over and over throughout the year, this is the best tip you will ever get on successful telemarketing: 

Save your lists. 

File them in some type of order. When you start the list the next time around, pull the old list out and prep your new, unmarked list by placing a check mark next to each address that scheduled with you the last go around. Take this one step further by asking for the name of the person that is scheduling. When calling them back, they sound like someone they are used to hearing from on a regular basis so it is much easier to schedule them from then on.

With these secrets of the trade you will be able to support yourself better. Work from home and be your own boss. Make your own hours. Anyone can do this. Like anything, if you want it bad enough, to work for you, you can find a way.

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