Things Retail Customers Forget but Expect Salespeople to Know

Working in retail requires a salesperson to have a great memory. Salespeople have to remember products, prices, promotions, and company policy – but according to customers, salespeople are supposed to remember things so unimportant that they’ve forgotten. In retail sales, salespeople are faced with angry customers who assume no responsibility and feel that a salesperson is responsible for everything that happens in a retail store. Following are common things retail customers admit to forgetting but are angry at salespeople for not knowing.

For Marketers, One Of The Benefits Of Having Achieved Brand Loyalty Is They Never Forget The Name Of The Product

People who work at an electronics store filled with thousands of different products may find that it’s hard enough knowing where everything is kept, but knowing the description of everything in the store and matching it with a name database might be asking for too much. Most are able to find almost anything in a store but would need to know the basics of the product to have a lead – simple things such as the name of the product.

It’s amazing how often retail customers set aside time to get dressed, hop in their cars, and drive to a retail store but haven’t taken the time to know or remember the name of the product they came into the store for. For example, customers never remember the names of movies they want to rent (back when people used to rent movies). These customers will usually get angry after they stop me for assistance, start explaining the actors and events in the movie and expect the salesperson to remember the name.

Their Receipt

What makes a salesperson know that some retail customers are just 100% irrational is when they come across an angry customer that wants to return a product but has no idea what they’ve done with a receipt. We can understand a customer being disappointed if the store can’t issue them another receipt, but they have absolutely no room to be angry.

Somehow a customer’s anger is supposed to make magic happen in the retail world, like make a salesperson produce a receipt from thin air. The time taken to be angry and fussed in a retail store would better serve the angry customer used to looking for the receipt.

Being loud doesn’t make someone correct; it just makes them loud and angry, and if a customer forgot their receipt, they only have one person to be angry with, and that’s their irrational selves.

Product Model or Number

Sometimes a customer will remember the name of the product’s manufacturer but will forget the model number or series name of the product – sort of like asking for a Ford car or a Toshiba laptop.

A common area in retail departments where this often happens is in the printer section. Customers rarely know which printer they’re looking for, forget ink cartridge numbers often, and will have no clues for the salesperson to work with all – except the manufacturer’s name.

Irrational customers will become angry if a salesperson can’t hack into their minds and find the exact model number or print cartridge they need for their printer. The angry customer will usually say with confidence, “Well, I bought it from here!” as if this claim will change anything. When asked when they bought the printer, you’ll find out that it was bought before you were even working there.

Without the product number of certain items, the salesperson will have no way of finding a product no matter how hard they try, and the angry customer will just have to stay angry until they find the number themselves.

Extremely rare features of a product beyond the unique selling point

A salesperson should be very knowledgeable about the products they sell in their retail department, but that doesn’t mean the salesperson has to know every single fact about every single product. If a retail customer asks a question that a salesperson doesn’t know the answer to, they act as though the salesperson were completely incompetent.

It’s not the salesperson’s fault that the customer read a very detailed blog about a product and forgot the very specific details. It’s very unlikely that a salesperson will know every detail about every product, but in retail, it’s the very least a customer expects.

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