Three Innovative Examples of Mass Marketing

In Multi-Level Marketing, also known as mass marketing, you need to speak to as many prospects as fast as possible. Time is your most important asset. That is why it is important to understand the importance of lead generation tools and massive marketing applications. A good rule of thumb is that if you reach anything less than ten new prospects a day, you are doing something wrong.

How Social Media Emerged To Change Multi-Level Marketing Techniques

With the arrival of the internet and recent Web 2.0 technology, MLM changed dramatically. It was the first step towards social media networking. The ability to contact thousands of people with relatively simple and consistent actions is now an ability anyone can achieve.

It is important that one also needs to market and prospect your MLM opportunity to gather recruits offline and in town. Thus using social media will allow you to achieve the success that would be impossible for average network marketers.

The combined ability of content creation tools and millions browsing content makes social media marketing one of the greatest and lowest cost advertising there is in the entire world.

So, what tools are there? We will show you three different examples of mass marketing that are accessible via the internet. 

What Is Mass Marketing By Video?

Probably one of the most important to brand yourself on social media. As most people in this world become increasingly more visual and accustomed to instant gratification, video will be more and more important to use in your business.

One of the selling points of video content is that it creates instant personality. It shows your prospect that you’re a real person, not just another MLMer spamming them with hype. (If you do it right.)

Video marketing for MLM also allows an extra level of engagement. You can edit it to guide the viewer along and make them more attuned to what you are saying, which ultimately makes them a better and more qualified prospect.

Another good thing about video marketing is the sheer keyword advantage you have in search engines. For whatever reason, keywords in videos are given much greater attention when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The key is to make keywords that truly describe the video content and the name of the video to give yourself a powerful advantage. Use keywords that your target audience is using. Remember never to overdo it on keywords; if your keywords fail to be relevant in Google’s eyes, they will punish you for it.

How digital marketing articles 2015 onwards changed mass marketing

This is an excellent tool to use for mass marketing. Article marketing for MLM proved to be highly beneficial. You are going to need to strategize, however, to make it the most effective as possible.

Just having a blog is never going to be enough.

Article marketing also consists of more than just submitting your articles to online directories; it needs to also include a newsletter once you begin building a list of opt-in prospects. This newsletter needs to be informative and a tool to build your personal branding; this will add loyalty to your prospects.

It is twice as easy to retain a customer as the effort to attract a new customer. The solid relationships you form will be the most-needed effort in attaining your MLM success, whether it be recruiting or attaining customers during your prospecting.

Remember that all your articles need to add value. Rather than presenting your ad as a sheer advertisement, you will find people liking you more if you add value. This will create a following, and out of this following, you will find some of your readers will be evangelists of your teachings. This is when you will position yourself as an MLM guru, expert, or mentor, whatever your MLM title of preference will be.

How to Maximize The Benefits Of Your Marketing Efforts

While your articles and videos have the ability to reach an unlimited number of people, there are tools to ensure that your message reaching potential is maximized. These tools allow you to submit articles and videos to various directories all at once.

Normally it could take you an hour to individually submit your articles to just ten directories, despite the relatively simple and similar process they are to one and another. With an article optimization tool on your side, you can be working on your MLM article marketing, where your article is being submitted to hundreds of various directories across the internet.

The same applies to videos. With the right purchased tools, your video can be submitted to 30-40 various video sites. This creates a higher chance for your video to become more viral, and of course, allows it to have much greater exposure.

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