Tips to Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a subset of advertising, which is essentially the business activity aimed at promoting a particular product, idea, or service to the public. 

Marketing is generally understood to mean the process by which a business makes its products and services known to the general public. In advertising, on the other hand, marketing simply refers to the act of coming in contact with the public and making a business transaction. So, marketing and advertising are not the same thing. This is an important distinction when building a digital marketing strategy.

Marketing as a whole refers to the study of marketing research, analysis, collecting data, preparing and formulating a marketing strategy, and communicating the marketing strategy to the targeted market. 

Marketing is an essential element of any business venture. Without a marketing strategy, a business will fail to develop and maintain a strong clientele. Marketers must also determine how to reach their target audience and formulate a message that will resonate with these consumers.

Although there is no definitive definition for marketing, marketers generally agree that it is an integrated set of internal processes, tools, and strategies that support the achievement of marketing goals. 

In order to define marketing, one must take into account the definition of marketing itself. Marketing is defined by Jon whale in his paper, Applied Research in Marketing. Marketing is a process by which the public is made aware of new products or services. The process of marketing is also called salesmanship or marketing manship, since it is the craft or skill of selling to the public.

One may wonder how marketing research helps promote new goods and services to the market. 

The marketing research done by marketers helps them to understand what consumers want, what they need, what they are looking for, and what makes them tick. 

This knowledge provides the foundation for the creation of marketing strategies, which help a business make its products or services more accessible to the consumers. Research conducted by marketing experts helps marketers come up with realistic ideas about the customers’ needs, which then become the basis for marketing activities. As we all know, advertising is a crucial component of every business, so it is only right that marketers use the best tools at their disposal.

The term ‘green marketing refers to those marketing practices that aim at creating a safe environment for the users of the product or service. 

Green marketing usually involves the use of naturally-derived ingredients in the manufacturing of the product or service. Many people do not know that natural ingredients are very powerful weapons in the fight against environmental pollution. They have the potential to significantly reduce the amount of pollutants entering the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, people who engage in green marketing usually try to use as many organic and renewable resources as possible.

A marketing consultancy firm defines digital marketing as, “the application of online marketing principles to the design and creation of websites, emails, and other digital media.” 

Since the internet continues to be the dominant medium for buying and selling most products and services, it has become extremely important for marketers to get a hold of the right track and keep it. By working with a digital marketing consultancy firm, marketers can increase the chances of success in getting their messages across to their target audience.

It is very important for marketers to build brand awareness as they need to establish a sense of loyalty among their customers. 

Therefore, a great way to enhance brand recognition is to incorporate social media marketing into their marketing activities. Most businesses today already use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon, to share information and engage in conversations with their customers. By tapping into the social media community, marketers can easily promote their products and services to a much larger audience. In fact, social media engagement has even been found to be more effective in increasing revenue than paid search marketing.

When integrating a digital marketing strategy into your sales process, make sure you involve your sales team in the process. 

They can help you understand the goals you wish to achieve, track the performance of your content, and measure the effectiveness of your website and social media pages. A sales team that is actively involved in the process provides the most benefit to a business. With a cohesive digital marketing strategy, you can expect to see improved profitability and an increase in traffic as well as customer satisfaction.

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