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Top 10 free  Business Listing Sites in India

To take your business to the next level, you must give it as much exposure as possible. One of the platforms that you can use to do that is listing websites. Business listing directories enable users to easily find your business and provide better credibility for your business. 

Customers using search engines to find a product or service will likely trust a business in the directory listing sites. However, with so many directories, you will only enjoy the benefits of listing if you use the best business listing sites in India. If you are unsure which ones to go for, we will give you our top 10 recommendations. But before we do that, here is everything you need to know about business listing in India.

What is a Business Directory?

A business listing directory is a site that lists businesses depending on their categories. It works in the same way as the yellow pages, albeit online. Businesses are listed alphabetically on the business directory and categorized by their niche, activity, size, and location.

When directory users search for the product you are selling, your business will be listed there, including its location and contacts. This makes it easier for your business to be seen and for users to find what they are searching for.

Benefits of Adding Your Business to Local Business Directory

Here are some great reasons to add your business to the local listing sites:

More exposure

This is perhaps the top reason why you should list a business. This also comes with other benefits, such as:

  • More traffic to your site
  • Better ranking on search engines
  • Customers trust you or your brand.
  • Improved revenue/sales

Excellent Source of Business Information

With business listings, you will have your business information in one place. This makes it easier for customers searching for your products to find you. It also makes it easier for you to keep your information and even update it at the click of a button. Since the information is available 24/7, you can update it anytime and from anywhere.

Free Advertising

Once you create a listing, this will be added to search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Therefore, when customers search for your goods and services, Google and other search engines will recommend your business. The directory will also give your customers more information about your products and services.

Factors to Consider When Finding Indian Business Listing Sites

Before you choose a site to list your business, consider the following factors:


Be sure to pick a business listing site that is relevant to your business and its industry. It doesn’t make sense for you to list your IT business in a directory for hotels in India.  So, you should ensure that the directory you are listing your business caters to the needs of your target audience. 


Does the business listing site have good reviews from other users? This can give you a better idea of how good it is at generating leads and bringing traffic to your site.


A business listing site is only good depending on how much people trust it. If it has a high authority, it will help to boost your credibility too. Therefore, consider the domain authority, traffic, and trust that people have in your target authority.


Business directories are either free or paid. You will, therefore, need to do a cost-benefit analysis to determine if to go for a free or paid service.

Requirements For Listing in a Business Directory

This is what you will need to list your business in a directory in India:

  • Original Business name or title.
  • Address
  • Phone numbers

To help improve your ranking on social media, you will need to add:

  • A logo or an image of the business
  • Business Tagline
  • Description of the business
  • Category
  • Customer reviews
  • Hours of operation

Steps in Submitting Your Business  To Directories

Follow these steps when submitting your business to a directory:

  • Choose a directory that is relevant to your business.
  • Provide the information detailed above
  • Verify your listing. You will get a code to help you do that.
  • Update listing. Ensure that your information is always up to date. Update the directory if you change location, working hours, or any details.

.Top10  Business Listing Websites in India

Here are the top 10 business directories in India:

  1. Google Business profile
  2. Bing Places
  4. Yelp
  6. Yellow pages

FAQs on Business directories in India

Some of the questions that are commonly asked on listing businesses In India include:

What is the difference between a business listing and a business directory?

A business listing lists your business in a list of other businesses in your category. A business directory requires you to submit your domain to a site so that they can update your information. 

How do I add my business to a business directory?

  • Choose  a directory for the category where your business is
  • Decide the structure you want for your listing
  • Prepare information about your business and brand
  • Pick a website where you want to be listed
  • Apply for the listing 

How much does Google My Business cost?

Listing your business on Google My Business is completely free.

How do I add my business on Google My Business?

  • Go to Google My Business and tap on get started.
  • Search for your business name and its address on the search bar
  • Include the business address.
  • Confirm if your business information appears as you would like it to. If it doesn’t, tap on Add your business and write the necessary information.

How long does it take for Google to verify my address?

After uploading your video, it takes 5 days. Once you get verified, you will be notified.

Final Thoughts

Adding your business to a business directory is important to building your online presence. When listing a business on local sites in India, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by alternatives. With so many options, you may be unsure which sites to list on. We recommend using this guide to help you make the right choice.

But no matter which directories you choose, always ensure that you list your business on Google My Business. This is the most reputable business directory worldwide, and you cannot afford to miss on the local listing site.


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