Top 10 Lead Generation Growth Hacking For Startups

Educated and fervent youth is highly leaning towards entrepreneurship, as a result, we’re seeing a rage of startups all over the world. From now ubiquitous Snapchat to Uber, all the multi-billion companies started off as startups. Apart from the general aspect, it’s a given, their marketing and Lead Generation Growth Hacking tactics were exceptional. So much so that it made them stand out from the crowd.

Growth and marketing are at the heart of every startup.

Lead Generation is one important aspect of marketing that helps in the growth of a startup, as a result, every startup needs some essential Lead Generation Growth Hacking tips.

Top 10 Lead Generation Growth Hacking Techniques for Start-Ups:

Hack #1: Host A Webinar That Will Result In Lead Generation For Your Business

A Webinar i.e a seminar on Web can do wonders for your Startup and can work brilliantly in your favor. It gets a useful message in front of an audience who actually indicated interest when they registered. Moreover, your leads are likely to take you more seriously if you host the webinar and link it directly to your content.

In this way, you’re basically providing value before asking your leads to register. According to Adobe, the average attendance duration for a 60-minute webinar is 54 minutes. Stay time (duration) is influenced by the ease of entering into the webinar, the topic and whether or not attendees stick around during the Q&A.

How to host a successful Webinar for maximum Lead Generation?

  • Create several blog spots and generate viable content based on your webinars.
  • Create informative question and answer (Q&A) content that will garner attention.
  • Choose a reputable, reliable and a trustworthy Webinar hosting platform. Some popular webinar hosting platforms include Adobe Connect, WebEx, AnyMeeting, GoToWebinar.
  • Promote your Webinar on various platforms, that too in advance. Create compelling content, catchy hashtags, highlight date and date to ensure high attendance.

Hack #2: Allow Login Using Google, Yahoo, And Other Common Email Accounts.

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It is unlikely that one doesn’t have a Google account today. Google sign-up creates a simple and flexible sign-up flow rather than tediously filling out complete information in the forms as all the essential information is already stored in trusted sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook et al.

For example, you can simply sign up with Facebook to join Pinterest.

Another astonishing success if that of Flickr’s, whose subscriber base is over 112 million due to the sign-ups shortened through Yahoo accounts.

Hack #3 Give Yourself Social Proof for Lead Generation

A stalwart in the field of Internet Marketing, and a TEDx Speaker, Tom Hunt suggested,

Email the competitors of someone that you already work with and say “We just got awesome result X for your competitor Y, would you also like result X?”

And if you don’t have any customers yet? Give away your product/service for free until you get result X for someone and then reach out to their competitors to get them to pay.

And BOOM… you have your first B2B client.”

Hack #4 Offer Coupons To Increase Sales And Lead Generation

In 1887, Coca-Cola became the first product to attract customers via coupons.  In its first year, the company sold, on average, nine glasses a day. By 1913, Coca-Cola had redeemed 8.5 million “free drink” coupons. Today it’s one of the world’s most recognized brands, with a market cap over $1 billion.

Coupons are used in such a way that they come across as attractive gifts offered to the customers and results in extensive Lead Generation.

Hack #5 Invest In Customers Through Referral Programs

The best way to generate leads is through the customers who are already investing or buying your services and products. People are more likely to trust a new organization or a Startup if referred by a trusted peer or friend.

Hack #6 Identify Which Websites Your Audience Are More Likely To Visit

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By using various ways like surveys, polls et al, it is imperative for a Startup to identify which websites are most visited by their target audience. Leveraging websites or web pages where your target audience spends their time is a great strategy to attract leads and accelerate Lead Generation.

Hack #7 Adopt Instantly Gratifying Features Like Live Chat And Chat-Bots

In this age and day when everything is easily and immediately available at one’s fingertips, no one really wants to go through the complete website, searching tediously for viable information.

This prompted various giant organizations as well as Startups to adopt live-chats, for example, LiveChat et al, to increase their Lead Generation. All the customer need is to enter a query, and boom, a satisfiable answer is available immediately.

A recent study by ‘LiveChat’ found that the demand for live chat has grown tremendously, 43.41% to be exact.

Hack #8 “EEE” I.E Exciting, Enticing, And Exclusive Offers

Providing something valuable, let’s say, discounts and other attractive deals to the first time users in exchange for email signups is another excellent Lead Generation Growth Hacking tactic.

Even high-end clothing lines like Armani, Burberry etc, widely use the same tactic to generate Leads.

Hack #9 Using Blogging And User-Generated Content

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It’s a fact one cannot repudiate that consumers trust their fellow consumers. A Startup can use it for their own benefit, by using content created by their customers, be it in the form of reviews, social media posts and blogs.

Hack #10 Use Pop-Up In An Effective Manner

To quote Michael Hyatt, an author, blogger, and speaker:

“Your email list (if tapped the right way) is more relevant than the number of visitors your website gets, followers you have on all your social media accounts, and more important than the number of comments you get on every blog posts.”

More often than not e-mail listings end up upsetting your audience. Rather than driving more sales, as intended, it might repel the customer. To overcome this, the way is to introduce pop-up. However, make sure that these pop-up must not cover the content and should be non-intrusive.

All the aforementioned hacking tactics can be used by the Start-Ups to accelerate the Lead Generation by promoting their brand, product or services. These lead generation techniques can make one’s Startup stand out from the norm. Given, that these hacks are implemented in a proper manner, there’s no stopping the Startup from generating maximum leads.

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