Top 10 Mobile App Development Strategies That Can Propel Your Business

You are not alone in frantically searching for the mobile app strategies. Most of entrepreneurs are in the same boat. The success of an enterprise mobile app development depends on some things. Being the entrepreneur, you need to consider all of these aspects before going to the developers for your ambitions project of business app development.

In this blog, we share with you how you can make the right mobile app development strategy to propel your business.

First of all, you should ask yourself some vital questions.

What is the aim of your mobile application?

In 2017, the total number of mobile app download was 197 billion which was 149 billion in the year 2016. Market gurus have predicted that by 2022, the number of complete mobile application download will surpass the magic figure of 352 billion.

This graph is clearly stating the rapid emergence of the mobile application. Now, let’s come back to your app. If you want to reap the benefits of this emergence of the mobile app, you should be very clear and specific about your aims. What is going to be the aim of your app? The answer to this question will set the tone of your app as well as your development process.

Jumping over the development without any clear vision can be disastrous.

How should I get most out of the mobile app development process for my business?

A clear vision will help you define the success of your mobile app development in terms of the users, money, subscriptions (paid and non-paid), customer visits, etc. You should always remember that the success indicators should directly relate to your aim. Otherwise, your goal would be useless.

What your app will do?

Setting out the features of your app is essential. You should center on the primary or the crucial elements of your mobile app. For instance, take into consideration the principal features of Amazon App – buying the products, product reviews, etc. This question will help you define how your primary elements will execute your business goals.

Who is going to be the primary users of your app?

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Every successful app began with the aim of addressing some sorts of problems for its users. Sometimes the apps users are even not aware of their issues until the app helps them realize there was an alternative. You must have set out the aim for solving a possible issue; your users are those people for whom your intention will solve the problem. By identifying your target users, you will be able to identify target users; it’s demographics, its common interests, and trends.

Which platform will be most suitable for your targeted mobile users?

This question will help you decide which type of platform or Operating System you should employ for your app development process. Sometimes, you may want to concentrate on the kind of device or OS that can enjoy the advantages of the characteristics native to it.

Otherwise, you may want an app that would be able to run on all the primary devices. There are three significant processes of application development- native platform, web, and hybrid framework.

What will make your app stand apart from your competitors’ apps?

Your aim should solve a problem that your target users may experience. Most of the app developers believe that they are the first one to do it. However, this is far away from reality. You may not have any direct competitors, but you must have some competitors at least.

Before your app, the users would solve their problems in some ways. Well, these ways are going to compete with your app. Hence, you should consider all the possible alternatives to your app first. Next, you should think of the features that the choice could not provide. It will help you define the potential value of your mobile enterprise app.

Once you have found out the answers to these questions, you are ready to work on your mobile application development strategies. Now, let’s focus on:

 Types of Mobile Application Development

  •  Native Development
  •  Web Application
  •  Web Application

 10 Mobile Application Development Strategies

  •  Scalable App Development Process
  •  Data Security
  •  Integration with Back-End Systems
  •  High-Quality Experience
  •  Acceleration of Technology with API
  •  Cloud-Based Mobile Development Technology
  •  Plenty of Customization Options
  • Combination of Mobility & other Tech Trends
  •  Mobile Application Monetization
  •  Focus on Continuous Improvement

Types of Mobile Application Development

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As it has been stated earlier, in most of the cases, we utilize any one of the three major platforms – Native, web, and Hybrid for developing a mobile application.

Let’s have a glimpse of these three platforms.

Native Development

You can code Native app development with a specific programming language; for instance, Objective C for iOS, or Java for Android. Native apps can provide users with the fastest performance as well as a height of reliability.

Examples of Native Apps: Google Maps, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Web Application

This process applies HTML5 for mobile web application advancement for different purposes. After the venture portable application improvement process gets finished, you can put the web application all alone server, or pick any outsider facilitating administrations.

Examples of Web Application: Google Docs, Netflix, etc.

Web Application

Hybrid app development combines all the major elements of native and web application. In most of the cases, native apps are designed for computing devices while hybrid apps are preferable for mobile computing.

Example of Hybrid apps: Instagram, Uber so on.

10 Mobile Application Development Strategies

Source: ChromeInfo Technologies

Scalable App Development Process

When a Mobile Application Development Company moves past building five to ten mobile applications, it searches for programming devices to scale its advancement endeavors. Stages give modules to help essential administration components, for example, testing, application variant control, application lists, execution investigation, security, and lifecycle the board. In contrast to the inflexible stages of yesteryear, the system measures versatile advancement stages, offer gauges based interfaces and work with numerous front-end structure strategies.

Data Security

Security has emerged as one of the critical points in the recent time, whenever it comes to mobile application advancement in particular. The sweet and adorable period of BYOD finished. Ventures can never again feel guaranteed and self-satisfied about information security by relying upon a free way to deal with big business portable security alluded as Bring Your Device or BYOD.

Developers presently need to consider coordinating better and more extravagant security apparatuses inside the versatile application or convey distinctive layers of access to essential business information. While the first alternative is tied in with making inbuilt security component, the second choice is progressively about taking care of authorizations to get to the information. Be that as it may, these ways to deal with versatile application security are fundamentally not the same as prior methodologies like BYOD.

Integration with Back-End Systems

It is important to consider that mobile app development for an enterprise requires the correct setting. If you utilize a site to place things in the shopping basket, you anticipate that your mobile application will have that equivalent shopping basket data so that you can submit the request at whatever point and wherever you are prepared to do as such. With regards to coordinating client confronting applications (and internal ones as well), IT divisions regularly face an unpredictable, expensive, and tedious errand.

High-Quality Experience

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Apart from having a decent look and feel, we expect that mobile applications will be natural, accessible, and able to offer the right content. Is it accurate to say that you are planning applications that interface with back-end frameworks? Is it true that they are secure with single sign-on? Is it safe to say that they are aligned (i.e., client, accomplice, provider) with the undertakings that should benefit the clients? Miss one of these and you hazard being disregarded or erased.

Acceleration of Technology with API

Mobile application development process demands quick advancement over an assortment of target gadgets and channels. An API-first methodology guarantees readiness and adaptability. By utilizing an inventory of portable REST/JSON APIs, you can discharge the application engineer from the worry of information stockpiling and recovering frameworks of record, while verification and security arrangements can be actualized all the more flawlessly: that quickens portable development.

Cloud-Based Mobile Development Technology

Earlier, the IT industry needed to buy and convey the majority of the innovation to keep up cell phones and to send applications. Today, an organization can utilize cloud-based solutions for:

  • Application testing
  • Mobile application advancement stages
  • Undertaking application coordination

The most recent advancement of mobile app development for business has enabled an organization to anchor, convey and refresh applications for its representatives. IT additionally approaches very accessible framework and dispersed information stores to scale the accumulation and handling of versatile and IoT information.

These measurable stages enable IT firms to buy what is required and scale organizations as needed. Portability has the chance to change our organizations, however just if an organization develops to versatile business forms.

Fortunately, the majority of the innovation an organization needs to portable empower a business are accessible as a lot of particular stage abilities which you can send on-premises or in the cloud.

An organization can utilize a blend of cloud and on-commence programming to versatile empower applications and administrations. With innovation arrangements promptly accessible, organizations can concentrate on the necessary procedure of characterizing the work processes that should be versatile allowed.

Plenty of Customization Options

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In any business, the convenience of the mobile application over the business verticals and workers of various jobs and obligations shifts all things considered. Typically, the versatile use with every one of its highlights and passageways for multiple data and procedures can’t serve every one of the clients similarly.

Top administration workforce won’t utilize the venture application in the same way from an expert in charge of advertising or item advancement. So the mobile apps for businesses with numerous verticals and distinctive must be given several layers and customization choices to make a similar application helpful to everybody in the organization.

The combination of mobility, cloud, the Internet of Things, and enormous information is going on crosswise over enterprises. Take a gander at social insurance, where a specialist can remotely get to quiet data from sensors that screen important signs and correspond that information with data about medications for better findings and results.

What’s more, social insurance specialists can associate with one another and their patients through remote video conferencing, utilizing based area administrations.

Mobile Application Monetization

Mobile applications are getting to be large organizations. In-application buys and promoting is something that organizations can strategize before propelling the portable app. Brilliantly organizing your mobile applications makes the immense chance to change over guests to purchasers.

You can start freemium applications where central administrations are free while every propelled highlight will be chargeable. The key is to disperse the application limits so that the clients lean towards the sentiment of utilizing the chargeable highlights. This invitation to take action should indicate interconnected stresses accordingly inciting clients to buy the whole bundle eventually.

In-application promoting no uncertainty brings income, however, can pester clients if not executed legitimately. Portable advertisements permit application organizations to win without asking cash from their clients, expelling the cost boundary to acquiring the application and allowing free downloads.

The mobile application development organizations’ objective is to produce an enormous client base and accumulate important data to pitch to different brands that pay them to put focused on advertisements in the versatile application.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

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The primary focal point of mobile application development is accomplishing most extreme downloads, yet an application isn’t fruitful except if it drives client commitment. Engineers should work with the end customers at the structure stage to all the more likely comprehend the highlights that are most sought after. This can be conceivable with the inbuilt investigation of the Mobile applications.

It can even help Mobile App Developers comprehend the client encounter over the whole application lifecycle and to gauge selection and commitment. Testing and Analytics both at the plan and introductory sending stage will direct organizations analyze information and convenience related issues previously the result is poor rating and awful notoriety.

A lot of the instances of versatile mobile application testing is the recurrence of utilization, maintenance, crash announcing, gadget type, and so on.

Additionally, an association ought to institutionalize its application advancement devices for better coordination among the engineers. The portable application system is fundamental for ventures concentrating on client procurement and maintenance. Their objective isn’t simply giving data about the items, however a need to interface with the clients to comprehend and convey what is popular.


In conclusion, Best Mobile App Development Company can allude to the advancing patterns in app development to detect the upcoming difficulties for the developers. In the future, we can expect enterprise apps to deal with purchaser applications. The organization utilizes, and the customers can utilize the equivalent application with various passageways or layers.

On the off chance that it comes, genuine organizations will appreciate further access to buyer information and pertinent bits of knowledge to drive their business much more precisely. All things considered, now it is only a plausibility we can depend on for what’s to come.

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