The accounting industry may be undergoing some significant changes. A State of Accounts Report showed that 37% of small- and medium-sized businesses think that the service is being automated to such a degree that it’s possible they may not need an accountant in 10 years. This finding makes it all the more important for CPA firms to innovate and improve their accountant marketing strategies. We asked the experts to share unique marketing ideas for accounting firms that can help boost their brands and stay relevant. Here are the top 25 accountant marketing ideas from the pros.

1. Hire an Expert to Improve Your Digital Marketing

Never underestimate the power of marketing yourself on social media platforms. If you haven’t already done so, set up a Facebook page for your business and start sharing helpful tips with your followers. Then, boost traffic to those posts by teaming up with the pros at Hibu. They are one of a select few, officially-badged Facebook Marketing Partners in the US that also specialize in supporting small businesses.

Hibu offers social campaign creation, management, and monitoring, and they’ll even run social advertising campaigns for you. As a full-service digital solutions provider, they also offer website design, search engine marketing, and optimization, display advertising, digital listings management, and other services that will boost your online presence.

Jeremy Levine, Fit Small Business

This is the first of our accountant marketing ideas, but it’s a good one.

2. Offer Free 10-Minute Consultations

CPAs should establish themselves as thought leaders in their industries. You don’t have to be working for a huge accounting firm in order to make a name for yourself. When people are searching for a CPA, it is often difficult for the individual to determine if they actually need a CPA and also why they need a CPA. Ten-minute consultations take just a little bit of time and can be an excellent tool for building rapport with potential customers. These consultations will often turn into paying customers, so it can be an extremely cost-effective marketing tool that most CPAs can handle on their own without hiring outside help.

Alexandra Bohigian, Marketing Coordinator, Enola Labs Software

3. Speak at Industry Events

One of the best ways to connect with new clients is at industry events. Even better than attending an event is securing a speaking spot. When you’re the one on stage, you’re automatically considered an expert in your clients’ minds. It allows you to stand out against the sea of CPAs and accounting firms. But don’t expect to speak and have the phone start ringing with new clients. During your presentation, offer to share a white paper or research your company has produced that digs deeper into the topic. Have a way to collect attendee information and send them this content piece in the days following the event.

Offer to walk their team through it, or discuss how it relates to their business and what you’ve seen other companies in their industry do that has worked. Finally, have an event follow-up plan in place to keep the conversation going.

Erica Stritch, VP of Marketing, RAIN Group

4. Identify and Proactively Reach Out to Industry Influencers

The best way to bring in new customers is through word of mouth and those who are already predisposed to trust you. Many marketers think those relationships only happen by chance, but actually, outreach is key here. Identify your industry influencers and proactively contact them and offer to write for their blog. Offer to let them try out your service, etc. Make sure it’s genuine—I’m not talking about paid advertorials focused as endorsements! You want to show them how great your product or service is so that they naturally recommend you as a believer in your company.

Carrie McKeegan, Co-Founder, Greenback Expat Tax Services

5. Let Clients Schedule Appointments Online

Someone looking for an accountant is probably already overwhelmed with questions. Two you can take off their mind right away are “When are you available?” and “How long does an appointment take?” Square Appointments is an online booking tool that makes it easy for clients to schedule an appointment without a phone call or email. They simply pick a time based on your availability using a cloud-based calendar and can even choose predetermined appointment types (like a free consultation). Square Appointments is also free for individuals and lets you accept payments online or via a credit card with a free Square account.

Maggie Aland, Fit Small Business

6. Market Your Expertise Beyond Just Books and Taxes

Every CPA or bookkeeper has more work than they know what to do during tax season. To avoid this, I’ve used my background as a former CFO to market myself as an “Outsourced CFO.” This is a service that a business should be used year-round to manage their financial position, not just to prepare taxes. I position myself as an expert in business finance and planning, not just accounting.

Mike Goossen, CPA, CFO, CEO, Columns 4 Success

7. Show Your Expertise with Podcasts…

Small business owners run into CPAs all the time but have no way to measure their expertise. What better way to demonstrate a firm’s expertise than by having a podcast. Podcasting has taken over the digital landscape for the past several years. It has seen a 10%-20% steady growth with 112 million Americans listening to podcasts in 2017. Capturing a fraction of loyal podcast listeners can work wonders for a business. Podcasting is a great centerpiece when it comes to education, lead generation, content, and social media marketing.

Michelle Ngome, Connection Enthusiast, Line 25 Consulting

8. …or on YouTube

While I feel a multi-pronged approach is necessary for any marketing campaign in order for it to be successful, a good place to start would be videos describing different tax situations and what they mean to small businesses or individuals in your state and municipality. I recommend creating a YouTube channel for the videos and featuring the videos in blog posts that elaborate on the content in the video. If you live in Alexandria, VA, you could do a video on property tax rates in Alexandria, or the tax benefits of a Virginia529 Invest plan.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to produce the videos; if you use a 4k smartphone for the video, which you or an employee probably already have, you can then buy a good lavalier mic and a ring light on Amazon for around $150.

Geoff Hoesch, CEO, Dragonfly Digital Marketing

9. Create an Advisory Committee Involving Long-Term Clients

Consider establishing an Advisory Committee made up of a few long-term clients and trusted business associates who you can use as a sounding board to fine-tune your firm’s strategic plan, marketing strategy, and potential new service offerings. Make it worth their while by having meetings at nice venues and at convenient times to minimize the committee member’s business or family inconvenience.

Blake Christian, CPA, Partner, HCVT

10. Use a CRM to Keep in Touch with Clients

It can take a long time to build a relationship from first contact to the steady client. Utilize a customer relationship manager (CRM) such as Freshworks CRM to easily stay connected to each client, and keep track of special notes or important information in their individual profiles. Freshworks CRM also allows you to use rules-based lead scoring to help you prioritize which leads to follow up. The “Sprout” version of the software is completely free, and plans with more functionality (such as email tracking and custom reports) start as low as $12/month. Start a free account today.

Allison Potts, Fit Small Business

11. Be Creative with Your Marketing at Networking Events

Small CPA/accounting firms typically rely on networking as one way to build relationships and meet new clients. A unique marketing idea is to use personalized stickers to leverage the space on the back of your business cards to showcase a particular service or to attract the attention of a specific target market. The trick is to include a call to action. So for example, you could say “Download your free copy of ‘8 Ways a CPA Can Save You Money.’” Or, maybe share the three ways your CPA firm is radically different from other firms and offer a complimentary consultation. The advantage of using a sticker is that you can vary your message depending on who you are networking with and test various actions to see what spurs the most interest.

Sheryl Johnson, Founder, BD-PRo Marketing Solutions

Given the firm’s extensive knowledge of marketing ideas and dealing with accountant firms, take their advice.

12. Use Your Current Engagement to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

For smaller firms, the expansion of services is no longer a novelty or a luxury—it is an absolute necessity. When you are gathering information from your clients to prepare their tax returns, you should ask them for their top goals and concerns for the year.

Chris Jarvis, Author, Speaker, and Founder, Jarvis Tower

When we asked further about their accounting marketing ideas, he responded that we should ask the following. Are they interested in:

  • Adding a new owner, partner or investor in 2022?
  • Do they want to sell the company in the next three years?
  • What are their three biggest financial concerns for this year?
  • What is their growth goal?
  • Have they updated their estate planning in the last two years?
  • Do they understand the opportunities under the new tax bill?

Once you know what your customers want and need, the next step is to respond to them. You want to piggyback on your trusted advisor status and focus on educating your customers. You are not going to turn your tax preparation staff into gifted writers, so don’t try. By partnering with a gifted writer in the financial services space, you can offer a weekly newsletter, a monthly webinar, and quarterly live events where you connect with your customers.

13. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

More than 50% of people now access the internet through a mobile device. Accounting firms must have responsive websites that have all of the same functions on the go as they do when people are at a desktop. Accounting firms must ensure that their landing page includes contact information, the major services they perform, and some kind of call to action such as scheduling a consultation. A clean, actionable website is one of the most powerful attractors for prospects to engage with a business, and accounting is no different.

Tabitha Jean Naylor, Owner,

14. Co-Sponsor Local Events with Good Clients

One of the most effective marketing techniques can be sponsoring events that a good client also sponsors. For small CPA firms, brand name recognition is non-existent, so don’t assume people know who you are. Small CPA firms typically rely on word-of-mouth advertising and referrals. So ask your clients what and when they are sponsoring events and try to get a booth near them. When someone they speak with asks who they use, how they do it, etc., they can just point to your booth and say, “That is my go-to CPA firm.” That is instant credibility.

David Gosselin, Partner, DBBMcKennon, CPA

15. Easy Accountant Marketing Ideas: Use LinkedIn for Business-to-Business Marketing

LinkedIn is the least tapped in terms of leveraging influencers. With over 13,000 connections myself, I’ve become a bit of an expert on the platform and see this as a big opportunity for 2021 and beyond. Secondly, the platform is ideal for business-to-business marketing. There is no other platform that can target prospective customers with ads based on employer, job title, location, and other key factors. Lastly, the platform is ideal for generating awareness and credentials via thought leadership (posting updates and writing articles on LinkedIn Pulse). I’ve written extensively on digital marketing and LinkedIn specifically.

Kent Lewis, President, and Founder, Anvil

16. Bring Your Website into 2021

Having a website is a no-brainer for today’s small businesses. It’s time to ditch your brochure website, that is so 2000. In order for your website to be a successful component of your business and digital marketing strategy, you need to step up your game. It’s true—clients and prospects won’t be satisfied with just another repetitive CPA website. Aside from ensuring that your website is responsive, scalable, UX-friendly, and can prove ROI, you also need to invest in optimizing content.

Samantha Russell, Director of Sales and Marketing, Twenty Over Ten

As SEO continues to evolve and Google rolls out even more algorithmic updates, achieving top listings with local search results means transforming how you create content, optimize your site, and track performance. As a small accountant or firm, one of the best marketing ideas is a strong local SEO strategy. It will be key to generating new business.

17. Host Financial Planning Seminars

If you’re finding it difficult to acquire new clients outside of tax season, consider hosting a seminar or even a series of classes that teach potential clients tips and tricks on handling their money. Ultimately, the goal of the seminar is to gain new clients, so while the seminar may focus on how attendees can better manage their money, make sure to also incorporate how you can help them. Offer them enough tips that they can benefit from attending the seminar, but not so many that they don’t need your services at all.

For example, focus on budgeting and general financial planning, and then let them know all the benefits they can get from choosing you to handle their taxes, which is much more complicated. While this is a much more involved way to market your business, it will likely yield some great leads.

Jacob Dayan, CEO and Co-Founder, Community Tax

18. Partner with a Financial Advisor

CPAs are among the most trusted advisors. One area where CPAs have not penetrated well is wealth management. Why? Most financial advisors are simply salespeople looking to sell something to a client, and that could negatively impact the relationship between the CPA and their client. If a CPA finds the right advisor, they can add significant value to their clients, and in turn, their clients will refer more people. As a fiduciary, it is my responsibility to do what’s in the best interest of my client.

When partnered with the right advisor, the CPA can provide a more comprehensive service to their client and even increase their engagement with that client by creating greater dependence as well as increasing revenue. One important thing to consider when partnering with an advisor is how they will communicate their ideas and strategies to both the CPA and the client.

Dan Timotic, CFA, Managing Principal, T2 Asset Management, LLC

Given that he is a CFA, he knows just what an accountant needs in terms of marketing ideas.

19. Request Testimonials from Your Satisfied Clients

Small accounting firms should focus on testimonials to acquire new clients. This strategy is proven to increase conversion rates and trust. Ask customers to leave a genuine review on your service and compile them for future visitors to read. This social proof aids in converting leads because they can see other businesses have experienced positive results.

Carmine Mastropierro, Owner, Mastrodigital

20. Choose the Right Platform to Promote Your Business Online

When seeking services like accounting services, we want to connect with people—not companies—so make it more about them than about you. Marketing of your business can best be done through thought leadership that is accomplished via content marketing. Establish a strong presence online in places where your target audience is likely to be, and likely to be looking for, the information you have to provide. For instance, if focusing on accounting for individuals/families, this might be Facebook. If focusing on accounting for business, this would more likely be LinkedIn.

Linda Pophal, Consultant and Owner, Strategic Communications, LLC

21. Online Accountant Marketing Ideas: Learning Platforms

Many CPAs, from individuals to large firms, should consider creating live webinars and on-demand online courses on a host of topical accounting and tax issues with an online learning platform like ours to help establish their brand. Our community includes tens of thousands of corporate finance, accounting, and tax users who are the ideal “prospect” target for CPA firms. When one of our users attends a webinar or takes a course where the CPA and/or their firm’s brand and contact information is on the materials and mentioned during the presentation, it provides both brand exposure and, at times, direct lead generation for them.

Look for a platform that’s free for your firm to participate in to keep the cost of using this strategy to a minimum.

John Kogan, Co-Founder, and CEO, Illumeo, Inc.

22. Always Include a Headshot with Your Testimonials

Hopefully, you are already asking every single one of your clients for a testimonial. But make sure you are also asking them for a photo that you can include alongside their testimonial. It doesn’t have to be a professional headshot—in fact, a more “real” photo helps to add validity to your testimonials. And don’t bury testimonials on a secondary page of your website. The photos and quotes need to be front and center on your homepage.

Rally Stanoeva, Head of Marketing, Rewind

23. Nurture Your Other Trusted Advisors

How often do you ask someone that you trust for a recommendation? Just think how many times you were asked to recommend another professional—whether it is a lawyer, an insurance agent, or even a mechanic. Most small- and medium-size businesses rely on referrals from their trusted advisors. So it is important for professional services companies like accountants to take care of companies that also provide professional services to your target audience, e.g., lawyers, insurance companies, and other outsource services like HR and IT. Develop a nurture campaign for other trusted advisors—get to know them and then they will recommend your services to their clients, and vice versa.

Jennifer Garcia, Partner, and Head of Account Management, Red Bamboo Marketing

24. Amortize Your Cost of Trade Shows and Travel by Meeting Prospects and Referral Sources

The backstory: a CPA client at a small firm told me he would walk various trade shows in industries relevant to his practice, stop at exhibitor booths and try to get someone to speak with him about accounting. When we asked him how that worked for him, his response was, “Not so well…,” which begged the question, wouldn’t you want to know in advance you had meetings set up with exhibitors ahead of schedule so that you wouldn’t have to “ambush” people in their booth when they are trying to connect to attendees (and not you!)? Unsurprisingly, he said, “Yes!”

What we did: he planned to attend the ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas, so we developed a database of email contacts of prospects from the published exhibitor list, with a focus on companies in the Metro-NY/tri-state area. Then, we created an email noting the CPA was attending the show and did the prospect have time to meet for 15 minutes at their booth or for breakfast/lunch/coffee/drinks, or, if they weren’t planning on attending the show, would they like to set up a time to chat at their convenience. Finally, we sent out 120 emails and secured seven meetings for the CPA at the conference and one meeting with a local prospect prior to the show, which resulted in a $30,000 engagement.

All of this was done without a single phone call. Just a well-written, approachable request-for-meeting email.

Marcia R. Golden, Managing Partner, DJD Golden

25. The Last of Accounting Marketing Ideas: Segment Your Marketing Campaign Based on Your Clients’ Lifestyles

Tax advice is needed year-long for individuals, especially those of high net worth and entrepreneurs. So don’t just assume that your marketing campaign should be held at “tax time” to bring in more customers. Rather than think of individuals collectively, break down your marketing initiatives by lifestyle or life-changing events. For example, marriage brings about the union of two people who are in love and will be financially bound together, even if both maintain their separate bank accounts. So perhaps you want to “team-up” with other businesses marketing to the newly engaged, be it wedding planners, bakers, florists, travel agents (honeymoon), and more, to host a day-long seminar for brides and grooms to be. CPAs may even want to weigh in as far as wedding expenses/advice.

Samuella Becker, CEO and Founder, TigressPR

Over to You

The effects of a great accountant marketing strategy and new ideas for CPA firms extend beyond collecting more leads that may or may not become a client. Instead, a great marketing strategy helps build long-term connections between your firm and other individuals as well as businesses that can help sustain your business even as the demand in the market changes. Hopefully, the aforementioned marketing ideas are helpful to you as an accountant to build your campaign strategy. These accountant marketing ideas are from experts in teh industry, so you’d do well to follow in their footsteps.

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