Top 3 Jobs for Marketing Majors

College students attend college with the hopes of being hired for a great job. Most college majors want to be hired for their ultimate careers. But, all of those moves begin with knowing what careers are available. Marketing has been changing and so do marketing techniques. Nevertheless, marketing majors will find there is always a market for their skills.

The top three jobs for Marketing majors are:

Job #1: Work for the Government

Marketing is not just for sales and PR anymore. In fact, there is an increasing trend toward using Marketing majors in government positions with the Commerce Department. Graham Snowdon of The Guardian this year states, more and more marketing majors are pulled towards jobs in Commerce as the government tries to build a brand for them. Within this branch of the government, you will find careers by helping the commerce department make their cities, towns and countries, business Mecca and tourism platforms. The bottom line for any industry- private or public- is to make money. Marketing majors will develop plans that increase tourism in specific areas. Likewise, they will work with local governments to create brands for towns, cities, and the like.

Marketing graduates can look for great jobs as speechwriters, and candidate relations specialists. Specifically speaking, politicians often need individuals to write their speeches and addresses. They may have agendas to fill, but no one wants to openly admit their own agenda. Thus, Marketers are tasked with creating a speech that sells the politician to a target audience. Still, even before speech writing is necessary, they find careers as candidate relations specialists. In this role, a marketing major is charged with “building” the candidate. They will not only teach candidates how to promote themselves but what to wear and do in given situations.

Job #2: Retail Services for marketing majors

Many Marketing majors find lucrative careers in Product Management. What is product management, exactly? Well, when a company or a brand has room to offer advertising space, they need to learn which products are best for them. Marketing majors are given the task of analyzing a company and weighing the products of others against what that company wants to achieve. In the end, they can find a very good career in Product Management. In fact, The Dallas Morning News newspaper is currently hiring for a Product Manager today!

Job #3: Traditional PR and Sales

Notice that I have listed traditional jobs, last. PR and Sales’ jobs are no less glamorous, and they still have great careers. Simply put though, marketing majors are not “inside of the box” thinkers, so neither should their jobs. Still, PR and sales make an excellent career choice for marketing majors. Firms like Kellogg’s and Nabisco consistently look for marketing professionals who can redefine their brand and make their mark on consumers.

Marketing majors are in demand today. Attaining a degree in marketing can have great promise and an even greater future. Try not to think outside of the box and just, use what is learned in college.

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