Top 5 B2B Healthcare Marketing Trends In 2022

According to HITMC: Around 72% of potential medical buyers start with an internet search, and B2B buyers are somewhere from 60% to 90% down the purchase cycle when they decide to get in touch with a vendor. Marketing trends keep evolving, and the only way to keep up with them is by changing yourself. So, here are the 5 latest b2b healthcare marketing trends to help you generate more reach and leads.

Website Development

For any b2b healthcare marketing company, the first point of contact to the potential clients is the website, and that makes web development a very crucial b2b healthcare marketing tactic. Creating an outstanding website is the virtual a way of putting your best foot forward.

An impressive web presence is vital for search engine rankings and providing relevant information to the potential clientele. Your website must communicate about your excellent b2b medical products and services through the development and design.

Landing pages work as a catalyst for lead generation with the help of digital marketing techniques.

When a business from the b2b agency searches for a keyword, it must be directed to a page consisting of relevant content. A well-designed b2b healthcare landing page motivates clients to receive the targeted messaging and reach the point of the call-to-action.

For optimum results, the following pointers must be intrinsic to your healthcare b2b marketing strategy:

  • User-friendly and Personalized UX: Intuitive design that enhances user experience.
  • Minimalistic design: Drives higher engagement without distracting the users and loads faster.
  • Chatbot: Interaction with bots on website decreases bounce rate and improves engagement.
  • SEO driven content: Helps get the website rank on SERP
  • GDPR compliance: Makes sure your website meets current best practices and conforms to the regulations.

Even if you launch the best social media campaign or a digital campaign, the role of an efficient website is irreplaceable. Your b2b healthcare marketing campaign becomes a success only when the patients navigate through your website, and it’s converted into leads.

Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is an indispensable part of your b2b healthcare marketing plan. Building an online reputation is important for any b2b agency as it helps them reach people where they spend most of their time. Digital marketing has to be a major fragment of the marketing strategy of your b2b healthcare marketing company. Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are two focus areas of marketing any b2b agency.

SEO is the process of increasing your b2b healthcare marketing website’s visibility. It is a time-consuming, slow and steady process of creating backlinks that strengthen your domain authority and rankings in the search engine results.

On the other hand, SEM is a paid promotion strategy. It is one of the most effective methods to grow your business in the competitive market scenarios. With so many businesses emerging every day, its never been more essential to promote your b2b business online. And SEM is the practice of marketing your b2b healthcare business using paid ads appearing on SERPS.

The basic difference between the two is that SEO is an unpaid form of advertising that aims at organic reach, whereas, SEM is a system where you pay Google to show your ads for keywords you bid for.

Digital marketing involves multi-channel operations(Social Media, Search engines, Google AdWords).

From LinkedIn to YouTube, each online platform must be tapped to get leads for generating sales for b2b healthcare business.

If you funnel down in the digital space, you will find out that content is what drives results for healthcare marketers. So, being contemporary and innovative with the content is the utmost important thing. As of now, the most popular form of content is videos, especially those having an element of storytelling.

Storytelling is an immensely powerful tool to connect with your potential audience. As b2b healthcare marketing professionals, voice out your brand values. It helps your brand position itself as unique and more human.

Content Marketing

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Content marketing is the technique of using content (text, audio and visual) to expand the audience, increase the brand’s popularity, and get leads and sales by appealing to other businesses.

Content marketing applies to all kind of businesses, however the application changes for b2b healthcare marketing business. For b2b healthcare marketing, the content strategy has to be less personal and more value-driven. Since it is based on the relationship with other business buyers, it is more focused on lead generation than brand building.

The goal is to provide information in a way that it leads to the desired call-to-action.

Often, products and services of b2b healthcare companies may seem complicated at first glance. The reason is that B2B products and services are created for selling it to different businesses with a much bigger requirement. And this is exactly where content marketing becomes a useful tool to make them look simple and understandable.

Being relevant and engaging is the first and foremost rule of content marketing. Create content that interests your target businesses. Talking about content for the b2b healthcare marketing industry, blog posts loaded with information and infographics receive the maximum impressions.

Also, make sure to make the optimum use of social media. It is an impactful way of spreading your reach through a multitude of channels. For b2b businesses, LinkedIn is the most persuasive platform to increase conversion rates. Contrary to Instagram that has a millennial audience, LinkedIn consists of working professionals who scroll through the app for job or business purposes.

B2B Healthcare Marketing Automation

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When there are countless ways of marketing digitally, the next step is obviously to find ways to automate a few of them.B2b marketing automation is a new trend that has been embraced by many in the healthcare industry.

There are many  b2b marketing software, both online and offline, that reduce the need for human efforts. You can easily automate follow-up emails, digital ads, create social media posts, and schedule to post them. It saves a lot of time and effort.

Currently, the application of b2b marketing automation in this industry isn’t rampant enough, however, it’s going to rise at an exponential rate. For instance, a lot of b2b healthcare companies rely on referral marketing for new leads, and it is indeed a very cumbersome and a mundane task. With the help of marketing automation, the list of tasks required in referral marketing operation can easily be automated.

This practice reduces the requirement of hiring personnel for the same purposes and executes the tasks more efficiently.


In times like Covid19, the ideal way to stay healthy is to stay at home. So, to stay relevant to contemporary times, there is an urgent need for healthcare professionals to be active digitally. Telemedicine is an excellent way of doing it.

Telemedicine is about getting healthcare services without being tangibly present with the doctor. Its the healthcare service that could be obtained on video conference. From old patients to the younger ones, telemedicine is the saviour of b2b healthcare marketing businesses.

It is not a system that is going to leave after the COVID crisis, this digital trend has come here to stay for years. With a forecast of more video devices to enter the market in the coming times, there are no doubts about telemedicine becoming a massive trend in the coming years.

To make telemedicine a core part of your b2b healthcare marketing business, your focus must be on using content marketing to provide relevant content to the potential clients. Understand their business problem or obstacles, if any, and provide them with a unique solution.

As a b2b marketing strategy for your telemedicine service, Pay-per-click advertising would be the most effective way of promoting it. Use paid ads on different platforms(including social media platforms) with the right set of keywords and boost your sales.

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