Top 6 Marketing Lessons Learned. What to Do Now?

Keep in mind these marketing lessons when you are planning and developing strategies for marketing.

1. Approaching Friends and Family

UM thinks that this is one of the training that most MLM/ direct selling/ referral companies train others to do. We really think this is unethical and can cause people to avoid you when you try to contact them again. UM felt unethical when this was one of the first marketing lessons some teams/workplaces are suggesting. How can you approach your friends and family with products that your not even sure about yet? How can you approach others with a business opportunity that you don’t even know half of? 

Now once you know more about the company and have more faith in the products, it won’t hurt you to mention to aunt Sue who has eczema that there is a great lotion she should try. Or mention to the mom at the park who is looking for something to do in her spare time, the business opportunity that you can help her with.

The point is the timing has to be right and there has to be a connection there. That’s how marketing and targeting works, invest your time.

Uncle Tom and Neighbor Sue down the street are not right for your business, even if they seem interested, are they someone you want to work with? Do you think they are going to really build up this fantastic business and are going to make you a great downline, chances are they will not?

2. Approaching any stranger that comes within 2 feet of you

Look,not everyone is right for your business. That’s one of the marketing lessons that is hard to fathom for many.’Not everyone wants your special non-toxic cream or your juice that will give you years back in your life. The fact is no one really cares about your business until you show that you care about them. A while back someone was passing out flyers, business cards, approaching every mom with a stroller at the mall, talking to others that a person normally wouldn’t be talking to. The person did not get anywhere with that. It was horrible to see him get out of his comfort zone and how unethical they would have felt for doing that. The great thing about this whole experience is that you can make a great friend. But that friend might not join your business, may never buy your products. But that is your friend now and you might like to keep it like that. 

When you approach strangers, you are not only jumping out of your comfort zone, but you stepping into others-and they don’t want you there.

Build relationships with others, if it turns out that they are interested in your business great, if not, well then at least you now have a great friend

3. Buying Leads

UM doesn’t support buying leads. We think they are a huge waste of time and money. Most of them are wrong numbers, they have been called several times already about other business opportunities, or they are just not business material. The people who stand by this may have filled out a questionnaire with more information on working at home, but that does not mean they are right for your business. The cheaper the leads the worst they are, but even expensive ones are not great.

4. Most ads have little impact on the customer because they are driven by informational motives

Now many network marketing company reps are going online and posting their ads under their business opportunity sections. This is great exposure, except that many other individuals are doing the same thing. By the next day, your ad is no longer on the front page. Some sites don’t mind you doing this, and others will consider it spamming. There is a thin line on the difference. You just have to read their rules and follow them. UM thinks paid advertising can work if you have the right ad and you have the money to spend on it. But there are so many other ways to advertise for free that I don’t recommend spending a lot unless you have it.

5. Educating yourself on becoming a better Network Marketer

According to studies, 97% of Marketers (MLM’s, referral, direct) fail in this business. They struggle, spend tons of money, and eventually their momentum goes down and they are done. Why not spend some of that money on your education. Learn how to become better in marketing. If you want to be in the medical field, you go to school, if you want to do anything, you would usually learn how to do it, right? To learn how to do marketing. Most people that join want don’t know the foggiest thing about how to do this business. So you become one that does. Read books on marketing. To learn how to sell, even if you did not consider an MLM, there are great ideas and how to’s in books about MLM’s. Educate yourself and see what comes out of you. 

6. Write articles that relate to your business

The last of our marketing lessons is to create relevant content. If you own a pet store, write about something related to pets. Maybe the dog food that most pets prefer, or the natural way to get the bugs away from your pets. The people that read this are the ones that will be most interested in your business. You will get much success marketing your articles of interest online. 

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