Top 7 secrets of Engaging Content

Talking about digital marketing is unthinkable without content. The 21st century is the era of the digital world, in which content is at every turn. Companies today cannot succeed without creating quality content. Content is the power by which I can convey my voice to you, and you in turn can make your word heard by everyone anywhere in the world.

How old is the content?

Content marketing is nothing new.  it has been around for centuries under different guises. In 1895, the tractor manufacturer John Deere published its own magazine, “The Furroe”. In 1900, the Michelin tire manufacturer created a catalog that provided travel advice for French motorcyclists. In 1966, Nike printed and published a 19-page booklet about disgust and essentially made jogging a sport in America. Since then, the company has sold a lot of athletic shoes and hence content marketing has proven itself successfully.

Content creation tactics to attract potential customers are not new, but the concept of content marketing is growing in popularity today, as it has also become an independent direction.

What is the advantage?

Racing content is unlimited because today it can be delivered indefinitely via digital channels at any time. Companies are trying to make content marketing a key part of their marketing strategy. What is needed for this?

Content assessment

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To keep your resources relevant and the company able to deliver quality content to the audience for a long time, first determine if you are doing the right thing and rate the content you create on 7 key points.


As Shakespeare said, the audience is very fluid and will always be so. The companies can instantly lose the audience’s attention if they provide unconvincing material. In short, the main condition for the success of content is the creation of convincing and reliable information. Content created for serious purposes and requiring criteria other than entertainment for the audience must be supported by compelling arguments.


Content is only valuable if a large number of users are informed about it and keep sharing it among others. The main question to ask at this stage is “Will my target audience share this material?”

Helpful or funny

Content is useful or ridiculous if it goes through “what then?”. You can create engaging, fun content or a game that conveys important messages to the user.


This is a very subjective concept, if a content creator finds something interesting, this does not mean that the specified topic is interesting to the target audience. So carefully study the target audience and discuss things from their point of view.

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Understand what motivates users to show interest in your company’s content, explore which links will help you make your content more interesting and engaging.


Digital marketers are asking too much. This applies not only to the introduction of all kinds of innovations, but also to the conduct of various marketing campaigns in the footsteps of innovations. Of course, this also includes content.

You should look for a difference in perspective. You don’t need to come up with something unique, the main thing is an idea that you can implement yourself. If an existing idea has been voiced, content creators should strive to distinguish it from its predecessors.

Corresponds to the brand

There are times when unusual ideas for content arise between the client and the agency using the method of  Brainstorming. However, that may still lead to zero progress. Why does it happen? Usually because the group forgets about the brand. Companies spend millions on brand promotion, but there is a specific list of possible actions.

Creating relevant and engaging content and delivering it to your target audience is changing the management of search engines and the growth of social media share.

Author: Nino Gogitidze

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