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Top 9 YETI Competitors In 2023

Want to know more about YETI competitors? YETI is the leading manufacturer of ice chests and coolers, but it is also one of the most expensive brands. The high price tags make it cost-prohibitive for many potential customers who might be satisfied with less expensive products.

If you are into the outdoors and would love to enjoy some camping and hiking, you will want a good cooler. These coolers keep your food fresh, drinks cold, and everything else cold that needs to be kept cold. But what is the best cooler? We have spent some time researching this topic so that you don’t have to. We rank the seven companies similar to YETI.

Who Is YETI?

Yeti is a popular brand of coolers and other products. The company was founded in 2006 by brothers Ryan and Roy Seiders, who were inspired by their own love of fishing and hunting. The brothers believed that there was a better way to transport food from the field to the table, so they created Yeti Coolers.

Yeti Coolers are built for long-term use and effectiveness. They have strong walls that assist preserve ice defrosted for way too long than other types. Yeti Coolers also have a locking system that keeps everything inside safe from bears or other wild animals.

Yeti Coolers has grown into an international company over the last decade. It now sells coolers and accessories like tumblers, growlers, and water bottles. The Yeti Cooler is sold online at retailers worldwide, including Amazon, Walmart, and others.

YETI’s total revenue for the last twelve months was $212.6 million. From December 2017 through December 2022, YETI’s net profit to the firm approximated $98.4 million. From December 2017 to December 2022, YETI generated an average taxable profit of $57.763 million for the firm. Going to look back five years, YETI’s net revenue to the firm reached $212.6 million in January 2022.

Top YETI Competitors And Alternatives

Yeti is a premium brand in the cooler market. It significantly increases coolers that hold your drinks cold for long periods. Yeti has existed for many years and displays no indications of disappearing very soon. But there are other brands out there that also produce high-quality coolers that could compete with Yeti’s products.

Let’s take a look at some of the top companies similar to Yeti and see how they stack up against each other:

Source: Business Insider


Thermos is the original vacuum bottle, created in 1904. They have been making innovative products that keep food and beverages hot or cold for over 100 years.

The creation of Thermos began with a simple problem: how to keep coffee warm without burning a hole in your pocketbook. In 1904, Sir James Dewar invented the first double-walled vacuum flask to solve this problem. His invention was called “Thermos”, from the Greek word for heat, combined with the Latin word “vas,” meaning container. Sir Dewar’s original flask was made out of glass and steel. Still, it wasn’t until 1913 when John L. Siefert introduced the iconic design we know today – an aluminium vacuum container with a screw-on cap.

Thermos continues to innovate with its wide range of products that include travel mugs, insulated tumblers, and bottles for kids and adults alike. Thermo Fisher Scientific reported $2.215 billion in revenue for the three months ended March 31, 2022, down 5.22 per cent over last year. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s total revenue for the year ended March 31, 2022, was $7.603 billion, down 4.05 per cent from the previous year.


The RTIC 30 Can Soft Cooler is a great alternative to Yeti, with a comparable design and similar features. RTIC is the company that brought you the most affordable Yeti alternative on the market. Their coolers are built in the United States and come with a quality guarantee.

The RTIC 30 Can Soft Cooler has a hard plastic bottom, and its durable construction makes it perfect for outdoor adventures. You won’t complain about your items leaking when you unzip them because it’s leak-proof. If you love going camping or hiking this summer, this cooler will be perfect for you.


There are several options available if you’re seeking an excellent water bottle. But if you’re looking for a great one, a few options stand out from the crowd.

Pelican is one of those options. The company has been making durable plastic water bottles since the 1960s, and it’s now considered the gold standard for such products in the world of outdoor gear and accessories.

Pelican water bottles are so popular with outdoor enthusiasts because they’re incredibly tough and reliable. They can survive repeated drops on concrete without breaking or cracking and be subjected to extreme temperatures without becoming warped or compromised by heat or cold.

The durability of Pelican water bottles makes them ideal for use by anyone who wants an easy-to-carry container that will survive the rigours of everyday life while still keeping your beverage safe and cool at all times.

Polar Bear Coolers

Polar Bear Coolers is another one on our list. They are a family-based company that focuses on producing high-quality freezers for outdoor lovers. They also generate various other products, such as drinkware and camping gear.

Polar Bear Coolers were founded in 2011 by two brothers who wanted to create a cooler that could keep ice frozen for days at a time. The company has since expanded its product line to include several different styles and sizes of coolers. And many other items such as Tervis tumblers and insulated lunch bags.

Polar Bear Coolers come in many different sizes. From small personal-sized coolers to large commercial-sized coolers that can hold up to 100 pounds of food or drink items. Their most popular models include:

The Polar Bear 60qt Cooler. This is a 60-quart cooler with wheels and a locking lid. Which makes it easy to transport your drinks and food. While at the same time keeping them cold at the same time! The wheels make it easy to move around while the locking lid. It keeps everything inside safe from bears, thieves, and other animals looking for an easy meal!


Igloo is also a great option if you want to get a cooler that will last you for years. The Igloo Sportsman 50 Cooler is a large and sturdy cooler that can keep ice for up to 2 days in 90-degree weather.

It has a sleek design with easy-to-use latches and a lid gasket that ensures the lid stays closed when the cooler is full of food or drinks. The Sportsman 50 Cooler comes in multiple colours and two sizes: 35 qt, which costs around $50, and 50 qt, which costs around $60 (you can find it here).

The biggest difference between the Sportsman 50 and YETI coolers is their weight — Igloo coolers are significantly lighter than Yeti coolers, so they’re easier to carry around even when empty.

The Panga bag from Yeti’s price is $299.99, while the Igloo backpack’s price is a mere $79.99. The Marine Ultra Cooler from Igloo is one of the greatest freezers for sailing and catching fish in 2020. The cooler is pretty light, rust-proof, Ultraviolet resistant, and roomy.

With over 500 products like the Marine Ultra Cooler, Igloo will be Yeti’s main opponent in 2021 and well beyond.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask offers the same product, a different design and different company names. They have the same quality as Yeti but at a lower price point. The only difference is that Hydro Flask uses plastic instead of stainless steel for its products.

Hydro Flask has been around since 2009, but they weren’t well known until recently when they got some exposure from outdoor companies like Patagonia and REI.

The biggest difference between Hydro Flask and Yeti is that Hydro Flask uses plastic instead of stainless steel for their products. Many people feel that plastic isn’t as durable or long-lasting as stainless steel, so they won’t buy them because they don’t want to replace them often or after just one use.


Engel is one of the main YETI competitors, but they don’t have the same brand recognition. Still, Engel has some good products. The Engel DeepBlue 25 Cooler, for example, is a top-of-the-line cooler with a price tag to match. It’s made from stainless steel and can hold up to 25 cans of your favourite beer or soda (or whatever else you’d like to keep cold). It also comes with an integrated waterproof Bluetooth speaker perfect for outdoor parties.

Engel has other coolers available as well. For example, the Engel DeepBlue 45 Cooler is similar to its predecessor but slightly larger and capable of holding up to 45 cans. The company also sells smaller versions like the Engel 40 Quart Cooler that are more suited for personal use or picnics with friends and family.

Ozark Trail

Yeti’s main opponent is Ozark Trail. Both firms make slightly elevated coolers controlled by the same parent firm. The Ozark Trail brand has been around for many years, but it’s only recently that the company has begun to market its products.

The best way to tell the difference between an Ozark Trail cooler and a Yeti is by looking at the price tag. If you see one cheaper than what you’d expect from Yeti, then it’s likely an Ozark Trail model.

Ozark Trail coolers have a similar design and construction as Yeti coolers. They’re made with thick insulation and heavy-duty handles and latches. They also come in sizes ranging from 30 quarts up to 135 quarts — though they don’t have as many sizes as Yeti does (Yeti makes coolers between 10 quarts and 45 quarts).

Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler

The last on our list is The Coleman Steel Belted Cooler. The company has been around for a long time, and it is my favorite cooler because it is very affordable; you can get a good deal on Amazon for about $60. The Coleman Steel Belted Cooler is made of steel with plastic linings and handles; it weighs about 20 pounds, making it pretty easy to carry around. It comes with a leak-proof lid and a drain plug, so you don’t have to worry about your food getting wet inside the cooler. I have used this cooler for years now without any problems.

The only downside of this cooler is that it doesn’t hold as much ice as other coolers like the Yeti Tundra 35 or 50, but if you’re not going on an extended trip where you need to keep your food cold for 72 hours, then this should be more than enough for you.

The Coleman Steel Belted Cooler comes in several different sizes, including small (35 qt), medium (65 qt), large (110 qt), extra-large (140 qt), and jumbo (240 qt).

How does YETI differ from other competitors?

Yeti is a premium brand specialising in making high-quality products for the outdoors. They are known for their coolers and tumblers, but they also make various other products, including backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, etc.

Here are several features that set Yeti apart from the competitive pressure:

Quality materials: The Yeti brand uses only high-quality materials like stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, and food-grade silicone rubber. As a result, their findings are supported and less likely to damage than other firms.

Insulation: Yeti is regarded for producing some of the greatest shielding available. Cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks stay hot for 6 hours with their goods. This means that you can go on adventures without worrying about having warm drinks or melted ice cream sandwiches at lunchtime!

Warranty: All Yeti products come with a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

Bottom Lines

Coolers come in a variety of sizes and styles. YETI is certainly a brand to consider if you’re looking for an upgrade from your standard 54-quart Coleman cooler. Built for durability and style, their line of products offers high-end coolers at reasonable prices. 

With so many competitors out there, you might be struck by sticker shock when comparing the different options. We expect that this guide will assist you in locating a cost-effective price point.


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