10 Top Onlyfans Earners in 2024 | Find Age, Followers, and Money

Top Onlyfans Earners

If your heart desires to watch some exclusive content, the Onlyfans app is your best place to visit. With multiple creators, a variety of content and thousands of subscribers, we believe that you will find your perfect match. However, did you ever wonder how those top onlyfans earners would be making from their account by sticking your mind to their nude pictures and stuff? You will be shocked to find that these onlyfans top earners would be making millions of dollars each month. 

This precise article will explain some basic details about the top 10 best highest paid only fans earners, and you will find the complete details about them. Let’s take a look!

Table Representing The Names, Ages, Monthly Subscription Fee, Monthly Earning and Number of Followers of Top Onlyfans Earners:

The below table represents complete details about individual celebrities, and you can read about them easily. At the top of the list, we have the name Balc Chyna, the top name in the list of top-only fan earners in the current era.

But that is just a start; you will know complete details about each personality listed in the table in the latter section. Let’s start explaining!

#NameAgeOccupationMonthly Subscription FeeEstimated Monthly EarningNumber of Followers
1Blac Chyna35Model, Reality Tv Star, influencer$19.99$20 million16.3 million
2Bella Thorne25Singer, actress, model, influencer Free$11 million24.3 million
3Cardi B30A Hip Hop Star$4.49$9.43 million81.7 million
4Tyga33Hip Hop Star$20$7.69 million21.8 million
5Mia Khalifa30Influencer, a Media Star$12.99 $6.42 million22.7 million
6Erica Mena35Former Model, TV Personality$25.99$4.49 million5.3 million
7Gemma McCourt23Content Creator, Influencer$30 $2.3 millionOver a million
8Pia Mia26Actress, Singer, InfluencerFree$2.22 million 6.2 Million
9Safaree Samuels 42Businessmen, Hip hop artist$15 $1.91 million3.2 million
10Milda Mondal24Model, Content Creator$20$1.5 million1.1 million

1: Balc Chyna

At the age of 35 years, Balc Chyna is the top name in the list of onlyfans earners in the current period.

She is a USA model and you might often see her on your Tv Screens as an actor, influencer and content creator.

Top Onlyfans Earners

With a total subscription of 16.3 million followers, she might not be the top celebrity in the line of followers. But she is a top earner with $20 million in earnings per month. 

2: Bella Thorne

The second name in the list of highest-paid fans is Bella Thorne. She is young and has a masterpiece body at the age of 25.

top onlyfan earners

She is a young influencer, singer, and actress who earns $11 million per month. And guess what? She does not charge any subscription charges from her OnlyFans subscribers. 

3: Cardi B

Well, who hasn’t earned the name of famous Hip Hop Star Cardi B. This star has a total of 81.7 million followers, and she charges $4.49 monthly subscription fee from her OnlyFans subscribers. At the end of the month, she is one of those biggest fans who earn $9.43 million per month!

4: Tyga

Tyga makes you feel like 33 years of age can’t go to waste when spent wisely. He is a hip-hop star with 21.8 million followers and charges $20 per month subscription fee at OnlyFans. He earns a total of $7.69 million at the end of every month!

5: Mia Khalifa

If you haven’t heard the famous name of Mia Khalifa, then what have you heard all these years? She belongs to a Muslim culture but is still famous for creating exclusive content for her fans.

top onlyfans earners

With 22.7 million followers, she charges $12.22 from every subscriber and her total net income at the end of the month is $6.42 million. She also offers discounts to her long-term visitors. 

6: Erica Mena

A young face with a lot of attraction, Erica Mena makes almost $4.49 million per month from her onlyfans account.

She, at the age of 35 is a successful former model and a Tv personality. Also, she has 5.3 million followers and a monthly subscription fee of $25.99. 

7: Gemma McCourt

Hardly you will see any top earner on Only Fans like Gemma McCourt who earns this amount of money at the age of just 23 years.

She is a content creator and an influencer who charges $30 per month subscription and earns $2.3 million every month. 

8: Pia Mia

Another younger actress is one of the highest paid on onlyfans celebrities, and she does not charge any subscription fee from her followers.

But even with that, she is one of those high earning onlyfans accounts who earns $2.22 million every month. Besides, she has 6.2 Million followers online. 

9: Safaree Samuels 

This guy looks old enough at the age of 42 years. Yet, he has 3.2 million followers and he asks for $15 per month for subscription fee.

Overall, this dude makes $1.91 million from his account on OnlyFans. There are a lot of other people like him making a significant sum of $$ through onlyfans. 

10: Milda Mondal

The last one on the list of our top highest-paid onlyfans creators is Milda Mondal. She charges $20 per month and has a fan following of more than 1.1 million people.

Also, she earns almost $1.5 million from her Onlyfans account every month. She is young and even at the age of 24, she is this famous. 

So, Who Makes The Most Money On OnlyFans?

Right now, it’s Blac Chyna who is making the most money from OnlyFans. She earns approximately $20 million every month which turns to $240 million every year.

So, she is one of the most earners and top highest paid only fans creators. 

Last Words:

Undoubtedly, Onlyfans holds a new world where you find everything about the latest and exclusive content from your favorite creators. They present themselves so that you may enjoy it. Some charges you feel but some offers free content. So, we’ll be glad if this informative article has been helpful by any means. If you have any questions, you may contact us. Also, keep visiting for more latest news and updates on a variety of topics.