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Travis County Tax Office

The Travis County Tax Office is dedicated to delivering a professional, efficient and courteous service to the taxpayers of Travis County. The Travis County Tax Office is responsible for administering and collecting property taxes, motor vehicle registration taxes, and conducting voter registration duties. Are you looking for an up-to-date Travis County Tax Office? Look no further. We’ll help you find all the information related to the Travis County tax office in one place.

What are the Activities Of The Travis County tax office?

Numerous state, county, and city functions are handled by the Tax Office.

  • Title and registration of automobiles
  • Provide state-issued license plates
  • Distribute signs for people with disabilities
  • Grant merchants, producers, and distributors alcohol licenses.
  • Receive real estate taxes, Justice of the Peace fees, county court charges, and state court fees and penalties.
  • Obtain voter registration data and educate volunteer deputy registrars

Their Commitment:

They promise to respect the rules and regulations that control their company and to give you reliable information and consumer experience.

There may be long queues at their offices because more than 100 individuals relocate to Travis County every day, but they assure you of the following:

  • Individual focus
  • Dedication;
  • A smile
  • Additional internet resources to help you “Be Done & Have Fun”

Licenses for beer, wine, and spirits

The government’s alcoholic beverage business is governed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). The TABC website contains regulations pertaining to county tax collector billings for permits to sell beer, alcohol, and liquor.

Payment methods

For Travis County and the City of Austin, they gather license fees for beer, wine, and alcoholic beverages. While each permission has a two-year validity period, you must afford to earn the annual liquor permit payments to keep your license.

Via mail

  • Accepting payments
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Personal or company check 

Mail-in payment

1. Kindly include the permission number and TABC fees on your cash deposit or money order.

2. Submit the Travis County Tax Office with your check.

Send your payment by mail to: 

Send your payment by mail 

to: P.O. Box 149324

Austin, TX 78714@ mail

Court fees, fines, and costs

This division helps the public adhere to court orders requiring prompt payment in favor of the County Courts at Law, Justices of the Peace, as well as civil divisions of the County Clerk and District Clerk.

You may typically find the unique cause (case) numbers assigned to each jurisdiction (court) on your citation, final decision, or any other court records relating to your case.

Provide a $2 administrative fee with every transaction (an organizational fee for the recovery of fines, taxes, reparations, or other expenses, as defined in Art. 102.072 of the Code of Criminal Procedure), but no more. A fee of $3 or a flat rate of 3% will be applied to any electronic payments made with debit or credit cards that total less than $100.

Property Taxes in Texas

In Texas, all counties have their own tax assessor’s offices that are responsible for calculating the value of all taxable property within their jurisdictions. Once the value has been determined by each county’s assessor’s office, it is then sent to the state comptroller’s office in Austin where it will be divided up among all counties based on population density factors. This happens so that each county receives approximately equal amounts of money from state sales taxes collected by retailers across Texas every year.

Travis County Tax Office: Vehicle registration

The Travis County tax office is vehicle registration, title, and personal property tax information source. You can also pay your taxes online or by mail. The Travis County tax office offers online services for vehicle registration renewal, title transfers, as well as checking the status of title applications. You can also make vehicle tax payments online or by mail.

Travis County Tax Office: Voter registration

The voter registration staff is available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 2433 Ridgepoint Drive.

Without a consultation, citizens and volunteer deputy registrars can vote in elections, check-up or leave off volunteer deputy registrar supplies, and handle voter registration operations at our head office during regular working hours. If you approach the voter registration section, kindly let the front door staff know.

Final Words

So there you have it: an introduction to the Travis County Tax Office and its special district taxes. We hope that this article has been informative and helpful to you, and if you know someone else who could benefit from reading it, feel free to share it with them.


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