Tremendously Helpful Tips to Make Money Blogging

Are you having a terrible time trying to make money with your blogging?
Your pain may feel overwhelming if you’re trying to pay your bills through your blogging efforts while making pennies each month.
Before your savings dwindle to dangerously low levels understand that you can ease your pain and dissolve your suffering by following a few basic fundamentals.
Imagine the joy of building a freeing, inspired lifestyle through your blog?

Money Responds to Your Money Beliefs

If you follow each tip below religiously but ignore any limiting beliefs you hold in regards to money, you will scare off money; whether through your blog or offline channels. Face, embrace and release screwy money beliefs like:

  • Having an intense fear that you will lose all of your money
  • Believing that you compete with other bloggers for money
  • Feeling that money is a finite, limited energy

Meditate Daily to Become Aware of Your Money-Limiting Beliefs

Consider using EFT to uncover, embrace and release your low energy feelings around money.
Meditating and doing EFT helps many uncover and release a few wicked money-limiting beliefs that need to be cleared before.
Do the inner work to clear out money-repelling energies so you can allow in the profitable ideas, influential bloggers, and prospering circumstances to boost your blogging income.

1: Discover Why

Before you make money, ask: why are you blogging? Tie the reason to something fun and free to increase your blogging profits. When you blog predominantly for fun, the joy of pursuing your fun is the reward.

If you devote most of your energy to having fun and helping your readers you will detach from blogging money outcomes. In essence, when you’re not super concerned with *getting* the *giving* (creating valuable posts, promoting blogging leaders, etc) becomes easier. The “givers” of the blogging world become the richest bloggers on earth.

We advise my readers and clients to choose a fun, freeing blogging driver. If you love to talk about basketball, create a basketball-themed blog. Or if you love pets maybe you can start a pet-themed blog.

Following your passion purifies your blogging driver and inspires you to persist through the peaks and valleys every blogger experiences.

2: See Your Ideal Reader in Mind

Visualize your ideal reader in mind. Many bloggers see an individual who wants smart blogging tips. Your ideal reader can find you through your blog, through guest posting, through blog commenting,, and through the social media channels you use. Keep your ideal reader in mind to better address their needs.

By addressing their needs in great detail you will be able to create eBooks, courses and services which loyal readers will readily buy, boosting your blogging income.

3: Address Pain Points

Address your reader’s pain points to run a profitable blog. Observe your last 10 purchases. Why did you buy what you bought? You likely addressed a pain point to end some form of suffering.

Suppose the last purchase consisted of lunch. Your pain point was hunger. You spend whatever money you have, to experience the relief of eating a nutritious, satiating, wholesome lunch. 

List your reader’s pain points to better solve their problems. A personal development blogger may spot these reader pain points

  • Problems with your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Money issues (not having enough, working too hard just to make end’s meet)
  • Relationship problems with parents and/or relatives

Build every one of your blog posts, products and eBooks on these specific pain points. Gain the trust of your audience by easing their pain. People will gladly subscribe to your list and pay for anything you have to offer which dissolves their specific pain.

4: Align Your Blog

Align your blog top-down to speak a loud, clear message to your audience. Every element on your blog should align fully with your core message. From your domain name to blog name, to tag line to posts, pages, ads, and opt-in forms, every single item should relate to your brand. Lining up every element on your blog maximizes your income earning potential because you won’t confuse your audience. They will see you as an expert in one niche and will gladly hire you or buy your products.

5: Publish In-Depth Resources

Publish in-depth, thorough resources to share value with your audience.

Money responds well to massive value. If you Google any competitive search term you’ll see helpful, comprehensive resources on page 1. Write 1,000 to 3,000 word posts to boost your profits. Pull back on posting frequency to ensure you’re publishing resources.

6: Optimize Posts for SEO

Optimize posts for SEO to:

  • Rank well on search engines
  • Target your traffic
  • Boost your earnings
  • Spend time learning about the in’s and out’s of SEO.

Use the Yoast plugin to create optimized, readable posts. Target your readers to speak to 1 specific person who needs your blogging products and services.

Moz is a tremendous resource for tightening up your SEO game. From free tools, a helpful blog and robust premium products you will better understand SEO by reading Moz regularly.

7: Profit through Passions: Make Money Blogging About What You Enjoy

Open your blogging income streams based on your passions.

Do you enjoy mugging for the camera? Consider creating video courses.

If you like writing, self-publish eBooks to Amazon or establish a freelance writing business. Make the joy of practicing your skills your ultimate reward. Then, you will detach more from money outcomes so you can devote virtually all of your energies to creating a fantastic product or service that leads to increased blogging profits.

8: Build an Email List

Grow your email list. If readers can easily access your posts expect:

  • More traffic
  • Increased social shares
  • More blogging income

Building your email list is the most simple way to make it easy for people to read your posts. Don’t believe the lie that the money is in the list. The money is in the relationships you build with list subscribers. Share valuable, problem-solving content through emails to gain the trust of your audience. Feel free to promote your products or services to your email list if you regularly over-deliver on the content-creating front.

9: Add Income Streams Every 3 to 6 Months

Learn one income stream inside-out over 3 months. After diving fully into an income stream for 3 to 6 months add another stream. Continue adding streams to increase blogging earnings. We regularly add and study blogging profit streams to boost our overall online income. To date we’ve profited through:

  • Freelance writing
  • Audiobook, eBook, Paperback sales
  • Sponsored posts and affiliate marketing
  • Advertising revenue and paid links

Some income streams require minimum research. You can learn all about how to place sponsored posts in a few days but it’ll take you months to understand how to run a profitable blog coaching business.

10: Learn from the Masters Who Make Money Blogging

Study successful bloggers. Read their blogs. Follow their advice.

Prosper by following the leader. Patiently learn from the best bloggers to boost your blogging profits. Darren Rowse and Zac Johnson are two blogging icons to follow. Follow these pros to learn how to effectively monetize your blog over the long haul. 

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