7 Tricks that Will Increase AdSense Revenue

We all know that making money on the Internet is not as easy as affiliate marketers make it sound. Oh hey just work for 20 minutes a day and you will make like $5000 a month. Seriously? Lying to people who understand how advertising/affiliate programs work on the web is one thing, but lying to people who have a minimum amount of knowledge is just wrong. AdSense haters degrade the service and swear that it’s horrible. The truth is, it’s a perfect start for beginners. Also by optimizing their ads properly, even intermediate bloggers can increase AdSense revenue and make decent money.

Having a bigger brother holding your hand is a safer feeling than hustling to find advertisers. Don’t take this the wrong way, private advertising is great. However, it’s very time-consuming especially when you’re starting out. You have more important things to worry about. Like…writing content? When it comes down to it you obviously need the traffic and that only comes through your own marketing efforts. But some publishers have the traffic and still don’t see the kind of money they expect with the AdSense advertising program.

Do you want to increase your AdSense CTR and revenue? If you said yes, then here are 7 AdSense Tricks that will increase your AdSense income without a fail!

1. Blend Your Ads With Your Website

Make your ads a part of your website. You don’t need to frame it or make it look like obvious advertisements. Just blend with your website template. Make sure to optimize your ad colors and make your ads have the same color as your website template.

2. Spotlight Your Ads

Make sure to draw people’s attention to your AdSense ads. It doesn’t mean that you should tell them to click your ads. No. There is a good method to spotlight your ads so that people naturally put their attention to your AdSense ads. One good method is by giving section tags such as Premium Advertisement or something else and giving your ad blocks a good color background. The color should be well-mixed with your website template.

3. Stop Putting Ads In Out-Of-Reach Place

You’ll never increase AdSense revenue if your readers can’t find your ads. Some people will tell you that your website should focus on the content. It is true. But, you are creating a website in order to earn from it. So, it doesn’t hurt you to put some ads on it. However, it is a mistake if you put your ads in bad places, i.e. on the spots that people will naturally ignore. So, aside from your content, you have to place your ads in the visible spots such as in your first paragraph. It will blend with your content and will give you a better click-through rate.

4. Don’t Separate Your Ads From Your Content

Remember that your ads must be a part of your content. Although you place your ads above the fold, people will ignore your ads if they are separated from your content. So, for example, if you place a big leaderboard ad above the fold just before your article title, people will tend to ignore it because it is obviously a banner ad. But, if you place a 300×250 ad inside your content, people will tend to click on it because they unconsciously think that it is part of your content.

5. Don’t Make Lots Of Out-Of-Topic Posts

Stick with your website niche and create articles around the keywords related to your niche. It will help Google to place the most relevant ads on your website. If you can’t stick with your website topic, chances are that Google will place irrelevant ads on your website. And it will mean big things. The more relevant your ads, the more people will click on them. Relevancy is important to boost conversion rate. If you have irrelevant ads, it will render your conversion down to almost zero.

6. Find High-Paying Keywords

You can use Spyfu.com to find high-paying keywords related to your niche. It will help you to display ads with high CPC. Therefore, you will get a higher commission when people click on your ads. Finding high-paying keywords is important if you want to boost your AdSense revenue.

7. Don’t Clutter

Just because you want to earn from your website, it doesn’t mean that you have to clutter your website with tens of advertisements on each page. To maximize your revenue, it doesn’t mean to place lots of ads on your website. You just need to place some ads on your website but place those ads efficiently. Apply those tricks and within several months you will see an increase in your AdSense revenue. Just don’t forget to keep adding more traffic to your website. It will help you to earn even more.

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