Useful Marketing Ideas for Non-Profit Organizations

Good marketing strategies can greatly benefit your non-profit organization. Well-done marketing for non-profit organizations increases consumer participation and satisfaction, empowers donors, staff members, and volunteers, and tangibly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the non-profit’s services, creating an overall stronger organization.

Here are five strong marketing ideas that will quickly increase the strength, efficiency, and value of your not-for-profit organization.

Develop and Distribute Marketing Materials

Design and create eye-catching marketing materials that visually transcribe the services, benefits, donation opportunities, goals, and values of your non-profit organization. Your organization’s name and logo should be clearly visible, and all written information shared on your materials should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. These marketing materials can include brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards, counter displays, wall posters, pens, and notepads, etc. Depending upon your printing abilities and available funds, you can either create these materials in-house or have them created for you by a local or online printing service.

Once you have developed these materials, begin distributing them locally. Give stacks of flyers and counter displays to willing businesses and eateries. Post flyers in public places and hand distribute or mail flyers, brochures, and postcards throughout the surrounding communities.

Create and Maintain a Professional, Eye-catching Website

A creatively developed, well-built website satisfies any non-profit’s modern-day need to maintain a strong web presence. Your website will likely become the center of interaction between your non-profit organization and its current and potential members, volunteers, and donors. The organization’s cause and mission, goals, and values, activities, and all other useful information should be properly placed, well showcased, and easily accessible to the viewers. The website should also be kept timely up-to-date with news, event information, blog links, recent photographs, etc. Rememeber that you are marketing for non-profit organizations, so keep the information on the website relevant.

Reach Out to Your Constituents Through Social Media

Using social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, and Yelp is a low-cost, extremely effective way to reach out to current and potential members, volunteers, and donors. Use the media outlets to make direct connections between your organization’s internal staff and those who are equally as passionate about the causes or services that the organization values or provides. These media platforms should be used to share current events and goings-on within your organization and should provide potential members and donors easy access to in-depth information about opportunities offered by the organization, should they want to participate or donate.

Marketing Should Be Seen as a Way To Communicate With Current and Prospective Constituents

The age-old adage “Communication is Key” stands true. Your constituents rely on communication with the organization for empowerment and encouragement to further their efforts with and within the organization. Conversely, your organization must rely on communication with its constituents to determine the overall value of your organization and the goods or services it provides. Are consumers satisfied with your goods or services? Are organization staff members and volunteers satisfied with what they are receiving in exchange for membership and engagement with the organization? Are donors satisfied with the value and levels of service being provided in conjunction with their generosity? Research and maintain prospect and customer databases and use them to find the answers to these questions through special mailings, surveys, follow-up telephone calls, etc.

As you gather the answers to these questions, do not remain idle. Use this valuable information as a resource that leads to organizational improvement and enhance your marketing for non-profit organizations . See where services can be fine-tuned or diversified, where service or good quality can be improved, where constituents can be reached easier or quicker, where organization alliances can be made, etc.

Publicize and Emphasize the Importance of Patrons’ Efforts

Everyone enjoys a little recognition. Make known the importance of your constituents’ efforts and donations and your gratitude towards them for these efforts and donations. Doing so provides your patrons a sense of trust and appreciation and motivates them to remain engaged with the organization.

All non-profit organizations are astutely aware that their target consumers must be actively involved in their efforts to accomplish their goals- make sure that the target consumers and constituents understand this, as well. Every so often, distribute and publicize messages of gratitude and encouragement. Both the non-profit organization and its patrons will be better off because of it.

In conclusion, remember that not-for-profit does not mean that your organization mustn’t gain any profit at all. The fulfillment of your organization’s goals and missions – especially when due to a strong marketing strategy; is a large profit in itself.

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