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Viralyft Review: Social Media Growth Agency

We understand how badly you want to grow your social media accounts, but we strongly recommend that you check out reviews of social media promotional services before considering them. It will not only save you from scammers but also help you protect your social media account. We’ve done all the work for you. This is the most comprehensive Viralyft review you will find on the internet. This review contains everything you should know about Viralyft and our views on their services. So read up and decide for yourself whether you need the help they can provide you with. 

What is Viralyft? 

Viralyft is a group of experienced influencers and marketers with a mission to help content creators grow on social media. The company also claims to help content creators to become the ultimate in the digital world. 

From YouTube to Instagram, Viralyft makes it easy for content creators to reach their true potential. Quality without compromises is their motto. Viralyft believes that everyone deserves a chance to shine on social media. 

And the best part about the company is that they believe in accessible pricing that allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of becoming social media famous. There’s a package for every client’s budget; whether a thousand likes, views, plays, or just a few. 

Viralyft has delivered a total view of 2.9B and a 75% engagement increase since inception. The company boasts 100k satisfied customers and 3.2k positive reviews. 

What does Viralyft offer?

1. Instagram Service

Viralyft provides the real Instagram followers you have always wanted. But that’s not all. At Viralyft you can buy real and high-quality Instagram likes and views. This service is available in various packages, including high-quality followers and premium-quality followers. Viralyft Instagram service comes with the following benefits;

Extreme engagement

Viralyft does not just offer high-quality Instagram followers for Instagram but also has services to help get more engagement. You can buy high-quality likes and comments using the different Instagram packages from the site. For example, you can consider buying followers and likes for one post. Buying followers with other engagement metrics can create a much better outlook for your profile.

Good cost

The company’s Instagram packages are cost-effective. In fact, the company offers entry-level packages for clients who have limited financial constraints. People who desire a large number of Instagram followers will have an option that meets their needs. This is something you wouldn’t find in many social media growth companies. 

Best approach

Viralyft has been in the field of social media marketing for a large number of years now. They have seen Instagram grow, and expand into the big phenomenon it has become today. They also have a complete idea of how the algorithm behind Instagram changes and adapts. Because of this, they can find the best possible approach through which you can get a maximum number of Instagram followers.

2. YouTube views

There are also YouTube views services available for YouTubers. Here are some of the things you stand to gain when using Viralyft YouTube views. 

Only Real accounts

Viralyft is not like other YouTube growth companies sending engagements from fake accounts. Instead, this company has a good saving process through which they can filter out any spam accounts which have not shown the right amount of credibility and legitimacy on YouTube. Hence, they can organically improve the presence of their client’s YouTube channels through real interaction. 

Targeted Audience

They can also make your profile visible to a particular target audience. The target audience is defined after thorough research, and then, Viralyft makes sure that your content suits your needs. Such organic promotion will naturally place you higher in the YouTube algorithm and give you more traffic.

3. Facebook Likes

Facebook pages are an excellent way to attract people to new businesses. And fortunately, Viralyft sells Facebook Likes at affordable prices. Their Facebook Likes comes with these benefits;

Attractive and Best Value Plan Choices

The value of their Facebook plans is affordable and best suited for new businesses. The plans start from just 500 likes for the Facebook pages to 20000 likes from a single plan. The prices are suitable for new and old businesses. The flourishing business can take the bulk of 20000 likes to get a stable engagement for just $347.

New start-ups looking for a cheaper solution should buy Facebook likes for $18. They get 500 likes from around the world as a kickstart for their page. These worldwide likes widen the gaze of users from around the world toward the specific page.

Zero Data Theft

The chances of a data leak on Viralyft are impossible, considering how concrete the plan is for the services. This zero data theft policy not only keeps old customers but brings new people to Viralyft.

Delivery of Real Likes

Viralyft delivers only real page likes for the pages of businesses and people. All the page likes are from active people and not the bots on Facebook. These are not the bulk accounts of Facebook as these are actual people who find interest in the page. Thus, only increasing the number of likes without any engagement is not effective.

4. Spotify Plays

Viralyft provides services for Spotify as well. Music industry creators who buy Spotify streams from Viralyft get a great reach for their music. The benefits you stand to get from Viralyft Spotify plays services are;

Varying Spotify Plans

Viralyft offers variant plans to buy Spotify plays for different price ranges. There are plans for both Spotify followers and purchasing Spotify streams on this website. Buy Spotify plays plans start with 1000 Spotify plays and move up to 500,000 from one package. If a person wants to buy Spotify plays, they do not have to order multiple plans.

Just ordering one plan is enough to start at an affordable rate. Every plan comes with all the benefits of Viralyft. So, the benefits do not change with money spent on the plans. Starting from new customers to old users, all clients benefit from the plans.

Worldwide Support

Monthly Listeners like this will be potential fans on Spotify for future songs posted. As Viralyft provides worldwide services to buy Spotify plays, there will be people from different countries who like such songs, and they will follow the creator too. This makes worldwide likes beneficial, providing great exposure to their songs.

How to get started with Viralyft

To get started with Viralyft; 

  • First, visit their official website
  • Choose the growth package you’re after.
  • Enter your social media details.
  • Complete your order and checkout.You can make payments via Visa or MasterCard.

Viralyft claims to have your order fulfilled within 1-10 hours of purchase.

What Do We Like:

  • Secure Checkout
  • 24 hours support
  • Flexible Payment methods
  • Fast result 

What Do We Not Like:

  • No Free Trial

The company does not offer free trials to its clients. You have to commit your money before using any of their services.

  • More expensive than other companies

When compared to other companies, Viralyft services appears to be more expensive than the others. For example, the least price you would find for the Viralyft Instagram service is $2.89. Meanwhile, other companies have Instagram plans as low as $1. 

Customer Feedback

Emily Says:

I always thought this was a fake claim made by viralyft until I saw it myself. I bought YouTube views and likes for engagement. And got my video trending under comedy on youtube. Vitalyft is absolutely the best. 

Nick Says:

At first, I was a bit concerned if the packages here would be effective. Now I have felt the change in my Facebook engagement. It is as easy as paying with two clicks and all the likes and followers are going to be there with you within a day. 


Q. Do Viralyft do custom orders?

A. Viralyft entertain custom orders from their customers. Many times, their customers may have large orders or need something tailored to their requirements. All you need to do is reach out to them with your request and they will do their best to accommodate your needs. If they can create a custom package for you, they will do it. 

Q. Do they offer any deals or discounts?

A. The answer is yes and no. They do have discounts and sales from time to time. But you should not expect them regularly. 

Final Words

So far, Viralyft has proven to be a credible and reliable social media growth company. They make growing a community so simple and quite affordable. Above all, they deliver as promised. So we recommend Viralyft to you. 


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