Vital Tips for a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing can be used to drive massive traffic to your offers but not everyone is successful. Use the following tips to improve your advertising efforts.

Meet the needs of your viewers. Your audience arrives at your videos by searching for a solution to their questions. Make sure you produce videos that address the questions of your audience. Your video should always answer a specific question or questions in your niche. This will drive satisfied viewers to your offer pages.

Make your videos easy to distribute. Give others the chance to market your videos for you. Let them have the ability to embed the videos on their web pages, social network sites, blogs etc. This can drastically increase the number of visitors to your website or offer.

Why Video Is So Powerful

Online Video marketing is a hot trend right now… However, don’t simply make videos for marketing without developing a successful video marketing strategy. You should always plan your video development and have a very well thought through video deployment strategy. This makes your videos unique and stand out from all the poor videos you find on the internet these days. This is a very good video marketing tip you should follow.

Use current video file formats. A lot of times people just deploy videos immediately after producing them without thinking much of the formats they use. Don’t make this internet video marketing mistake. Formats such as WMV, MOV and RealMedia files are outdated. Use formats such as SWF, FLV, MP4 etc. These are the formats used by many video sharing sites today and it also makes your video portable. This will mean many more people will be able to embed your videos on their websites, blogs, social media pages or even email them to their friends. This surely makes for a successful campaign.

Optimize your videos for search. This is a very important video marketing tip. Your videos should always be optimized for the search engines. I can’t go into details of how to optimize your videos for search engines but you can find a great resource for that here. This is a really important step in any successful video marketing campaign. How else will the people interested in finding your videos find them?

Always Use call to action. When the purpose of your video marketing campaign is to drive traffic to an offer other than just branding, then including a call to action in your video is a must. A site like Youtube uses frames from 1/2, 2/3 and 3/4 of your videos as a thumbnail. Place calls to actions which should usually be a watermark over a portion of the video in these time intervals so that people who see your video will instantly see your call to action. Also place a call to action at the end of your video.

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