What Are High Income Skills? The 3 Most Important Skills To Learn

A high income skill is any skill that anyone truly can learn that will allow them to make ten thousand dollars or more per month from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their home wherever that might be. If you master the following three skills well, you can have a lot more gold coins coming into your bank account with less effort. We want to talk about what we call the major three high income skills.

Copy-Writing: The Specific Content Of a Field Is Referred to as the Field Content and You Can Earn Well by Mastering It

Copy is the words, the messaging, the words that you say, your Facebook ad, your Google ad, your social media poster, caption on Instagram, your Instagram story. It’s all the words that you choose and those words either get people to do things and give you money or it gets them to do the opposite.

Most people learn copywriting on their own, often in college dorms by reading about it online (or in books). It isn’t difficult to learn, but may require that you are interested and have the patience to churn out quality content. Most people probably can’t handle the pressure of copywriting, even if they can write.

If you are well-read, and like creative writing, then this is one skill that you should focus on. Honing your writing skills will pay in the long run.

Closing Deals Is an Incredible Skill That Not Everyone Can Manage

It’s the number one of all high income skills. Closing refers to converting people from prospect to customer – whether it’s closing on the phone, closing from the platform to an audience, closing on stage, or even closing a video on an Instagram story.

Closing is the ability to persuade someone to do something you want, despite any obstacles your way. It requires a lot of creativity, knowledge of human behavior, and frankly – charm. This skill is used on a professional level in many different fields. For example, lawyers are able to close deals by convincing people to hire them, or convincing an organization to agree to a settlement. Sales people can persuade potential clients to give into their impulses and make a purchase. If you are a good close, the world is your oyster.

Speaking Skills Help You Express Yourself Better and Connect With People

man standing infront of group of people
Image Source: Priscilla Du Preez

Speaking the words: it’s how you express your tonality, your energy, your persona. Right now, in 2021, video is 80% of the Internet and that figure is only expected to increase.

If you aren’t speaking on video expressing your business, getting your brand and your name out there on video, you will be left behind. You will be Block Buster in a world of Netflix. Let’s not let that happen so we really want to get good at this high income skill of speaking.

It’s a very lucrative skill if you can learn it. The great thing about speaking is that speakers are made not born so there is no need to worry if you think you’re not a very good speaker right now.

If you think you’re not good at storytelling or you’re uncomfortable on camera, you should know it isn’t indicative that you’re not good at speaking. It’s probably that you are unfamiliar with speaking and all you need is to simply practice it.

Other Skills To Look Into

  • Networking – If are a social person, you can make a lot of money by using your connections. Many people focus all of their energy into being the middleman of major deals by networking. They simply find someone who needs something (anything), and connects them with the person who can provide that service. They earn money very much like a broker, because they are given a finder’s fee for connecting two sides of a deal.
  • Video Editing – Like we’ve mentioned before, the internet is full of video content. The majority of videos available online undergo some form of editing. If you can master the art of video editing, there is potential to earn a lot of money by editing other people’s videos.
  • Coding – The world is changing, and everyone is embracing technology in their lives. Coding is a highly requested skill and it can translate into App development as well. If you have a knack for programming, this is a skill you should focus on.

Final Words

Developing high income skills like the ones we have mentioned in this article can help you advance any career. Even if you don’t already have a job, developing these skills can help you earn money in many ways.

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