What Are The Marketing Software Landscape Tools That You Need?

The marketing software landscape is vast and the choices are numerous. There are many ways in which a marketing software package can automate your marketing. 

There are three ways that are not commonly thought about but can have a profound impact on your ability to increase sales.

First, the marketing software landscape refers to the integration of business needs and technology. Marketing automation software automatically streamlines marketing procedures by creating automatic, easy workflows depending on specific predetermined sets of rules. That pre-set criteria may either be pre-determined by the vendor at the time of sale or flexible, such as those determined by the business needs.

Second, the marketing automation software landscape is directly associated with marketing content management. Content management facilitates the sharing of information and facilitates the management of data. It also enables collaboration between marketing teams, customers, and other external parties. A good content management system would allow collaborative editing and distribution of marketing content.

Lastly, and probably one of the most important aspects of the marketing automation software landscape, is channel selection.

Choosing the right channel can have a big impact on your revenue levels. In a nutshell, there are four types of channels – direct selling channels, value-added channels, personalization channels, and channels that offer advertising space or are otherwise part of the larger advertising landscape. Marketing automation software can be used to integrate channels in your CRM so that when a new marketing campaign is initiated, the appropriate channel is selected, and then the campaign is launched.

There are two particular examples that are often overlooked within the marketing software landscape. 

One example is the rise of chatbots. These chatbots are artificially intelligent conversational assistants that can effectively handle marketing campaigns. The other example is the rise of web analytics platforms that allow businesses to monitor, manage, and analyze web traffic. The rise of chatbots and web analytics are the two important pieces to the marketing software landscape.

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