What Are the Three Major Distribution Strategies?

The question is as difficult to answer as it is important.  While certain companies have been making television advertising their bread and butter for years, other companies have only recently entered into this arena. In today’s world, with more channels available through satellite and cable providers than ever before, it is becoming increasingly difficult for even the biggest and best companies to dominate all of the major distribution markets. Below we will outline three distribution strategies that companies use on a daily basis to ensure they are successful in reaching their audience.

What is Traditional Media?

This method includes nationwide advertising campaigns that target millions of households. Many of the larger companies in the TV industry spend millions each year on television advertisements, in order to promote a program or to get viewers to remember it. While these television ads are extremely effective at bringing viewers to their programs and advertisers to them, some experts believe that the saturation of the media market has led to a reduction in effectiveness and a general lack of success for what are often considered to be traditional marketing methods.

The use of promotional items is a major distributon strategy

For example, rather than placing a television advertisement on a product that is not relevant to the audience, such as in the case of a food product, consumers are more likely to take home promotional items that are relevant to their needs. These promotional items are often referred to as incentive products, and they have proven to be quite successful for what are considered to be traditional media. This form of distribution has yet to reach its full potential, but it is an interesting phenomenon that is quickly changing the face of how we distribute media.

The Internet and Social Media For Marketing Efforts

There are now websites that allow users to search a large database of shows, movies, and music available for sale or rent. The amount of internet usage for what are considered to be traditional media has increased dramatically over the past few years, and the number of potential customers continues to increase as well. For this reason, television advertising campaigns that target audiences through the internet are less effective than they used to be.

The Internet major distribution strategy 

Distribution strategy is an important question that must be answered before companies can decide which format they will utilize in order to reach their audience. In the last decade, one of the most lucrative home entertainment formats has been the DVD. However, as consumers have become more desensitized to watching television, they have grown less willing to spend the money necessary to purchase a new home entertainment device. This has led a growing number of companies to look towards alternative distribution formats, and what are the three major distribution strategies they are using?

Nowadays major distribution format is the Internet. The growth of the world wide web has allowed companies to offer their customers access to a wide variety of media on a global scale. The popularity of websites such as YouTube and Hulu proves that consumers are willing to pay for streaming content that they can access anywhere, anytime. If a company has developed a compelling online campaign, then they may choose to launch a television advertising campaign as well. Internet distribution is advantageous because it allows a company the opportunity to create a large customer base without paying a high amount of money to do so.

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